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5 Awesome Tips for Lecturette


Lecturette falls into the battery of group tests in SSB. It is basically a three minute talk, given by the candidate, on one of the chosen topics. Three minutes preparation time is also given just before the candidate is expected to deliver the talk. In order to read what lecturette is, please follow the dedicated article on the same on our website. In this article however we’ll be giving you five awesome tips for lecturette, which we hope will help you in this test:

5 Awesome Tips for Lecturette

  1. Read a lot: A key to success in this exercise is reading. Collect the topics which are expected to appear in this test. A major help can be a standard essay book. They generally contain topics of relevance, both for the lecturette and the Group Discussion. Reading will not only improve your knowledge, but also improve your English. So you’ll be able to communicate in a much better way, and express in a much better way. You can get the latest lecturette topics on our website. Reading a newspaper will also help because some topics are from the current affairs section. If you have read something about that topic then only you’ll be able to speak on it for three minutes.
  2. Be loud, but keep the rate of speech slow: If you speak very fast, you’ll finish your content fast. People who speak fast they tend to seek fillers in their speech, as they tend to finish their content fast. If your rate of speech is more than your rate of thinking, you’ll always get stuck in between. Once you are stuck it is difficult to recover. Hence it is advisable to speak slow. Also you must be clearly audible to your audience, for that speak in a loud voice.
  3. Eye Contact:  Eye Contact holds a very important role in effective communication. Imagine somebody telling you something and looking here and there, will you be still interested in what that person is saying? In lecturette too, eye contact is very important. If you lose eye contact, you lose your audience. Eye contact not only helps in communicating better, it also helps in boosting up your confidence. If you are reluctant in contacting directly in the eyes, try looking at people’s forehead.
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  4. Divide your speech: Once you get the topic, and you go aside to prepare it, divide your speech into parts. Your speech must have an introduction to the topic, a body and a conclusion. Make sure you give the conclusion in the last thirty seconds. This way you’ll not run short of content also, and your speech will look very organized.
  5. Think in English: The medium of speech is English in lecturette. However if you get stuck you may speak in hindi, but return to English as soon as possible. Many of the candidates, have an issue in speaking in English, as it is not their first language. To avoid getting stuck, think in English. That means whatever points you are thinking in your mind, think them in English, rather than thinking in your convenient language, then converting it to English. This will improve your English considerably.

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