Group Discussion SSB

75 GD and Lecturette Topics 2016

It is important to stay abreast with the latest national and international news if you want to perform well in Group Discussion and Lecturette during…

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indvidual lecturette tips ssb

5 Awesome Tips for Lecturette

Lecturette falls into the battery of group tests in SSB. It is basically a three minute talk, given by the candidate, on one of the…

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Lecturette and Recent Lecturette topics

Recent Lecturette Topics 2014

Lecturette is an exercise to check one’s speaking ability, voice, the amount of knowledge one holds on the chosen subject and most importantly confidence of…

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New SSB Lecturette Topics

List of SSB Lecturette Topics 2016

Hello friends this article is about various lecturette topics 2016. As each test in SSB is equally important same thing applies here. Generally topics for Lecturette…

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