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How To Clear AFCAT Exam

AFCAT is conducted two times every year, and the right time to start the preparation is now. With the lowering cutoff, raising standard of the question paper and inclusion of EKT for Technical Students, AFCAT is no more the exam which you can clear with a week’s preparation. You must know the rising number of merit outs as well, so to secure your place later on in the merit list it is very essential that you prepare well to get good marks now, in the written test. Here are some guidelines on how to clear AFCAT 1 2015:


  1. Start soon, start now: As I mentioned earlier too, that the right moment to start the preparation for AFCAT is now. The best to prepare is to stop procrastinating and starting what needs to be done now. The saying might be old, but is true that once the time is gone it’ll never come back.
  2. Know the domain: Gather information about what all comes in the exam. If this is your first attempt, you need to be more cautious and check out in the notification about the syllabus of AFCAT. You can ask those who have already appeared, or refer to the material available on our site for the same.
  3. Previous year’s papers: IAF published old papers for AFCAT on its career website, also you can find it on our website. Refer to them to get a clear picture of what kind of question comes.
  4. Jot it down: once you get an idea of the domain and type of questions, you can start noting the important things in a notebook. This will save you from the hassle of running through various webpages, thick books in the end. Writing important points in nutshell is helpful always.
  5. Smart work: Smart work is a combination of Hardwork and clever work. The paper of AFCAT is objective, and the way the questions are asked is objective too. Unlike CDSE you need not study in depth and understand the concept. Instead you need to take a smart way, according to the types of questions asked and prepare accordingly.
  6. Reliable sources: Refer to the study material form reliable sources only. We at SSBCrack, try to provide the best possible study material with the lowest cost, you can give us a try. Also you can refer to other books like yearbooks.
  7. EKT: EKT was tough for people in the previous AFCAT’s. Merely because you need to understand basic concepts for solving it. Refer to a good book for EKT, because for Technical branch you need to clear EKT otherwise you are not selected for SSB even if you clear the main AFCAT paper.
  8. Keep calm and move on: Maybe you have faced failures in the previous attempts. But believe in yourself and move on. With your determination you’ll make it this time. This is a fresh attempt, put all your efforts and emerge victorious. Nothing can stop you.

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