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7 Basic Exercises You Must Do Before Joining Indian Military Academy

It is imperative that Candidates desirous of joining the Indian Military Academy attain a certain degree of physical fitness, which will facilitate their smooth adaptation to the training schedule at the IMA. It has been observed that a majority of the selected candidates, particularly those hailing from urban areas, are in poor physical condition on joining the Academy, as a result of which they find it difficult to cope up with the training routine.
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Inadequate physical conditioning also inhibits the GC academic performance. Prospective Candidates are therefore advised to keep themselves in a good physical state, by following the under mentioned regime daily:

7 Basic Exercises You Must Do Before Joining Indian Military Academy

  1. Running (5 kms in 30 minutes): You can begin a running program by walking, or by using a run-walk combination. Walking begins the conditioning process necessary for running, just in a gentler manner. It will stimulate your heart and lungs and begin the process of toughening up muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, joints, and connective tissues. Walk with purpose; you should feel your breathing rate and heart rate increase so you know you are giving a good effort—without feeling uncomfortable.
  2. Skipping (10 to 15 minutes): It is one of the best cardio and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout.  Jumping rope is known to burn around 1300 calories/hour (now that’s high!). That’s an effective way to melt your fat, right?
  3. Push-ups (minimum 30 each):A push-up is a total-body functional movement that is great for increasing strength and has the added benefit of engaging the core and lower body. Since it’s a bodyweight exercise, it can be done just about anywhere—with a ton of variations to liven things up.
  4. Sit-ups (minimum 30 each): Situps are a multi-muscle exercise. While they don’t specifically target stomach fat (Note: neither do crunches!), situps actually work the abdominals as well as other muscles groups, including:
    • chest
    • hip flexors
    • lower back
    • neckOTA Chennai Role Climbing
  5. Chin ups (minimum 08 Nos.): These exercises work your entire upper body, especially the muscles of your back, as well as your abs and your biceps.
  6. Rope Climbing (minimum 3 to 4 meters): Rope climbing is a tremendous grip, biceps, and upper body builder that can benefit powerlifters, football players, strongmen, arm-wrestlers, and Olympic lifters.
  7. Basics of Swimming: Swimming is something you must consider if you going to join any military training academy. If you no experience in swimming you might have a tough time at the academy. However, nonswimmers will be taught swimming at the IMA. One of the biggest benefits of swimming is that it truly works your entire body, head to toe. Swimming:
    • increases your heart rate without stressing your body
    • tones muscles
    • builds strength
    • builds endurance
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