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AFSB Interview Questions, Topics and Tips 2022 – Crack AFSB Interview

AFSB interview is conducted by air force selection board for flying, technical and GDOC branch of Indian air force. Candidate who clears the AFCAT or CDS written exam is called to face 5 day AFSB interview. AFSB interview has two stages, i.e. Stage I and Stage II. Stage I consist of screening test under which candidate faces OIR test and PPDT. One who clears the Stage I test i.e. screening test remain at the AFSB centre for stage II testing which consists of personal interview, GTO and Psychological test. Candidates who do not clear the stage I testing of AFSB interview need to return back on the same day. Candidate who clears the stage II testing at AFSB go through a two-week medical check at one of the command hospitals. Candidates who apply for flying branch need to go through CPSS and PABT exam additionally.

In this article, we are going to discuss some important tips to crack the AFSB interview of Indian air force.

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Tips for AFSB Interview Screening Test

  1. Prepare for OIR test beforehand, the questions are very normal and with little practice you can clear it easily.
  2. Time is the biggest factor during OIR test, so make sure you have enough practice so as to attempt each and every questions.
  3. Attempt all questions as there is no negative marking in OIR test.
  4. During PPDT, watch the picture careful, write the story based on true and logical perception, do not deviate from the picture and write a story based on picture shown to you.
  5. Mark the number of characters, their mood, age etc correctly, provide a suitable title to the story.
  6. Write legible so that it is easy to read. Complete your story well within time, do not dive into too much details and keep it simple and short.
  7. Narration is very crucial, keep it solid, better command and control over your volume, accent, language and expression. All these factors are really important, remember first impression is the last impression.
  8. Most of the candidates totally forget about their body language while narrating, make sure you are sitting straight and not making uncomfortable body postures. Little bit of hand movements are okay.
  9. During group discussion, make sure you are calm and talking sense, don’t be under the impression that talking more and continuously will make you screened in. No, you need to talk in sense and with confidence, make sure everyone listen when you talk, do not speak just for namesake, give better suggestions to help the group and come to common consensus.
  10. During fist market situation try to sit straight and calm, wait for the correct moment and then share your thoughts, DO NOT JOIN fish market as no one will understand what you are saying even though you are saying worthy points.

Tips for AFSB Interview OIR Test

  1. Self Practice: There are no shortcuts when it comes to Officer Intelligence Rating test preparation, candidate has to go through the syllabus and pick the topics one by one and start preparing for it, more a candidate practice on the topics the better his/her performance will be. The questions asked in Officer Intelligence Rating Test are very basic and can be mastered with a little bit of daily self-practice.
  2. SSBCracK Exams OIR Online Coaching: SSBCrack has started an online program named SSBCrack Exams which provides online practice test series on OIR Officer Intelligence Rating test, aspirants can enroll themselves in this program to prepare well in advance and improve their chances to clear SSB interview. To enroll Click Here, SSBCracK Exams Offer OIR enrolled students:
    • OIR online full course and study material
    • Practice test based on OIR test conducted by SSB.
    • Scheduled national level mock test where you compete with other aspirants further you will be given high-end analysis and reports on your performance which will help you in improving your falling areas
    • Monthly general knowledge questions, current affair and all the possible SSB related news.
  3. Prepare from eBooks: Many publishers are available whic provides SSB interview related books or especial books for OIR test preparation are also available. Check this OIR Test Part 1 eBook
  4. Group Activity: Nowadays it’s possible through internet to find or form a group of people with common interest. You can also do something like that using social network or other medium and share knowledge with fellow “SSBians”.
  5. Understand types of verbal and nonverbal tests: These tests checks you’re logical and intelligence ability and what it requires, is your inborn intelligence and keen observance to solve the question and once you understand the logic of question it is a very soft cake for you to eat.afsb interview tips

Tips for AFSB Interview PPDT

  1. In PPDT, once the narration is started, assessors should not be interrupted by any of the candidates it will result badly for the whole group. It’s the group members’ responsibility to handle the discussion without outside help.
  2. Candidate should narrate his story with in one minute.
  3. If the group discussion becomes a fish market, a candidate should try to calm everybody down and continue the discussion in a well-mannered way.
  4. Don’t let the discussion go away from the discussion topic of PPDT, try to interrupt very carefully because interrupting in this kind of situation can go both ways for a candidate.
  5. Give chance or inspire everyone to speak and praise others point too if possible it shows a supportive nature in PPDT.
  6. In story writing, the story should be positive and must sound realistic. Avoid inhuman fictional possibilities in PPDT.
  7. Give a name to characters, it’s a good habit.
  8. The basic format of the story should be: a problem arises, the hero solves that problem, and hero feels happy about him solving the problem.

Tips for AFSB Interview Psychology Test

  1. Listen and adhere to the instructions carefully and properly.
  2. Clarify all doubts you have before the commencement of each test.
  3. Be as imaginative and spontaneous as possible.
  4. Give your first reactions to the stimulus shown to you. Don’t think twice as there is no right and no wrong answers to the situations and everyone is likely to respond in his own unique ways.
  5.  Write your responses clearly, in a simple language.
  6. While writing responses your ideas must revolve around the situations or stimulus given to you.
  7. Be realistic and logical in your responses.
  8. Be attentive and alert and keep a track of time.
  9. Do not use coached/tutored ideas while responding to psychological test battery.
  10. Do not be unduly anxious. Keep yourself calm and relaxed.
  11. Do not hesitate on seeing the actual problem shown to you.
  12. Do not create mental sets about pictures during the run up to the SSB as it may restrict your spontaneity and creative imagination.
  13. Do not wear watch or look out for time, you may end up wasting your valuable time.

Tips for AFSB Interview GTO Task

  1. Have adequate general awareness and read current affairs.
  2. Perceive the problems posed correctly and assimilate all details.
  3. Be quick enough to think and write solutions. Avoid grammatical mistakes.
  4. Solutions should be logical and realistic.
  5. Be spontaneous and forthright in expressing. Participate actively in the group actions.
  6. In outdoor tasks, be energetic, participate willingly and contribute to the group activities.
  7. Understand the requirement of the task, plan and try to evolve / suggest workable ideas.
  8. Try to project / exhibit leadership qualities in implementing plans.
  9. Keep the group aim in mind.
  10. Be confident and develop perseverance in pursuing aim / goal.
  11. Be physically and mentally tough. Routine daily physical exercise must be taken well before coming for the SSB. Warming up before coming to GTO’s ground will certainly help. You can do some exercise in lines.
  12. Be effective in communication skill. Being conversant in English is always beneficial.
  13. Be well dressed in white shorts, T-shirt and PT shoes.
  14. Dress should be loose and comfortable.
  15. Ensure smart turn out (proper hair cut and shaved properly).
  16. Sleep early at night so as to remain fresh for the next days testing.
  17. Listen to opening briefing by GTO attentively and follow the instructions.
  18. Enjoy the tests, take them as group activity.
  19. Adhere to laid down timings and instructions passed by SSB students to you from time to time.
  20. Work hard, be active and put your best foot forward.
  21. Be positive, optimistic and friendly.
  22. Be your original self.
  23. Imbibe discipline in yourself, whether in lines, at work, in the ground or in the city / sight seeing.
  24. Carry out tests to the best of your physical ability.
  25. Inform Testing Officer in case you are not feeling well enough to go through the testing.
  26. Follow all the instructions as given to you before commencement of each task in the GTO’s ground.
  27. Respect others then only shall you get respected.
  28. Do not limit yourself to one type of media or TV channel. Explore various types of media and TV channel to acquire knowledge / general awareness.
  29. Do not try to copy or paste pre-conceived knowledge / ideas, utilize them to generate own ideas.
  30. Do not sit / stand back and wait for opportunity to come its way – grab the opportunity.
  31. Do not discard others ideas, evaluate and then follow / modify.
  32. Do not feel discouraged if unable to perform well in a particular task. What matters is overall performance in all the GTO’s tasks.
  33. In outdoor / physical tasks do not be reckless, take calculated risks. Remain bold and composed.
  34. Do not give up easily. Be resilient.
  35. Do not overeat prior to the task.
  36. Do not wear tight clothes / shoes.
  37. Do not smoke, drink and gamble during your stay with us.
  38. Do not damage Government property.
  39. Do not stay out after specified timings while on out pass.
  40. Do not indulge yourself in stealing / playing cards etc.
  41. Do not be over smart and do not put up a false front or mask your original personality.
  42. Do not be aggressive or short tempered.
  43. Do not be pessimistic or careless / lazy.
  44. Do not be foolhardy and do not take stupid / foolhardy risks.
  45. Do not pick up fight with anybody whether in the SSB or in the Selection Centre or in the city.
  46. Do not keep mobile phone, watch, purse, chain any valuable on your person when in tests.

Tips for AFSB Interview Personal Interview

  1. Be appropriately turned out for the interview.
  2. Look smart, cheerful and enthusiastic.
  3. Must remain happy and calm and respond politely to the interviewing officer’s welcome remark.
  4. Be audible but not too loud. Appear keen to speak and respond to questions.
  5. Sit straight and comfortably, do not fidget, do not keep moving your hands and legs.
  6. Acknowledge questions being asked by gently nodding your head and maintain eye contact throughout.
  7. If you have not understood anything, politely ask for a clarification or to repeat the question.
  8. Must be clear about facts and figures regarding your bio-data, marks obtained, ranking in competitive exams, dates, names of school / institution, teachers, friends etc. Avoid stating “I do not remember” and respond as far as possible.
  9. A large number of questions are normally asked at one go in a sequence. Try and remember all these questions and attempt to answer them in the same sequence. If you fail to recollect all questions, finish those you remember and then request to clarify for anything, left out.
  10. Prep well in general knowledge for the interview. You are expected to be aware about current events if asked.
  11. Talk about hobbies, participation in games & sports, adventure activities and any other interests. You must have adequate technical knowledge about your hobbies and games you play. You shall get some questions on these.
  12. Utilize your time while waiting for interview by reading newspapers and journals available in waiting room.
  13. Watch TV News for updating yourself in candidates lines / waiting room.
  14. Remain relaxed and at ease throughout during the interview.
  15. Listen to complete questions before attempting to reply.
  16. Be truthful and honest while replying to questions.
  17. Do not be shabbily dressed.
  18. Do not be under stress during interview.
  19. Do not discuss the questions asked by interviewing officer.
  20. Never lie or put up a false pretense.
  21. If you are well read it is an advantage. If not, do not pretend to have read books/magazines and newspapers which you have only heard of.
  22. Do not reply as has been told to you by the candidates interviewed before you. Their questions may have had a different perspective.
  23. Avoid guess work. Better be polite and say I don’t know, sir, I shall find out”.
  24. Avoid being rigid, restorative, argumentative, overbearing, complacent and stiff, throughout the interview.
  25. Don’t keep mobile, watch etc on person during interview.

Tips for AFSB Interview CPSS Test

  1. Be a Good, Attentive Listener: Being a good and attentive listener is the most important quality for development of psychomotor skills. The instruments are explained in complete detail containing each and every point needed to qualify the test. Hence, the candidate should listen to the officer with an attentive mind and understand every detail that is given. Once, this is achieved, half the battle is won. This is useful in both Apparatus Reading Test and Plane Position Test in which candidates are supposed to read and understand the instruments on-board the aircraft.
  2. Play Computer Games: Everyone loves to play computer/mobile games and if you are a gamer, then bingo, you got this one. Research shows that people who play 14 hours of computer games continuously has shown a significant increase of upto 25% in decision making ability. I’m not asking you to play games for the full day, but, play games that challenge your brain. My personal favorite game for brain exercise is ‘Duet’. You can get it on Play Store. This is helpful in the Light Control Test in which you’re made to sit infront of a CRT monitor and asked to fly a plane (pun intended).
  3. Meditate and Exercise: The best way to make a good coordination within your body parts is to control your brain-the center of the body functions. Conquer this, and you would’ve conquered the coordination between your limbs. Do meditate two times daily for 20 mins. If not possible, meditating for 5-10 mins in the morning would be a good start. And yeah, do exercise for atleast 30 mins, daily to keep those muscles flexible and handy.cpss test
  4. Check on your diet: Eating food rich in fibre will help your brain get that extra energy in the long run. Also, try to limit the consumption of coffee, cokes and other caffiene related drinks. Get a good night’s sleep for atleast 6 hours. Drink water in regular intervals and limit intake of dietry supplements. For your vision, grab those carrots and take fish cod liver oil.
  5. Self-Introspection: As you all might’ve concluded from reading articles on ssbcrack.com that self-introspection is the key to success, it holds true here too. The assessor will observe only what you show to them. So, it’s a better practise to know well about yourself and show the best of your OLQs. It is never late to start. Do it now and be foucused! This is assessed in the written test. Maintain a dairy and jot down your achievements of the day, be it any smaller or be it not make any significant difference. At the end of the day, you’ll be happy of it and it’ll motivate you.
  6. Mental Practise and Preparedness: This is very common in the making of an officer pilot. Military pilot should have presence of mind and should be capable to withstand mental and physical strains at the odd time. Be mentally prepared for what you’re opting for and it’s consequences. With the induction of the Fifth Generation fighter aircrafts, it had became much more demanding of the pilots to take the right decisions quickly to avoid any loss of aircraft or in worst scenario, life.

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.
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