10 Must Have Bucket List Items For A Defence Aspirant

Hello, Warriors! Every one of us wants to do something thrilling, something adventurous at least once in our lives. And if you are a part of the Indian Armed Forces, then you have all the chances to make your wishes come true.

As the saying go- “Dreams don’t come true unless you start dreaming”, many have a variety of to-dos in their bucket lists-from clearing the entrance exam to the forces to killing at least one bad guy/terrorist.

A bucket list without a destination is like a bucket without a handle—it just goes nowhere. So, here are some items that you, as an adventure freak defence aspirant can add to your bucket list today:

  1. Joining the Armed Forces: If you haven’t yet made it to the Army, Navy or the Air Force, this is the first thing you need to add to your list. This first thing should have the highest priority and one must work towards it whole heartedly.
  2. Run a Marathon: Come on aspirants, brace yourselves up for this. 42.2 kilometers of non-stop running. Push your limits and discover yourself as to how far you can go.
  3. Bungee Jump from the highest peak: Nothing sounds more daring than to just lose yourself free and, just, JUMP. Just jump from the height having faith in just a rope tied to you. Jump, let it go. You will see yourself in a new light after this.defence aspirants
  4. Dive in an Ocean: We all have dived from varying heights in a swimming pool (had we?). How about climbing a cliff and then jumping in an ocean? As interesting as it may sound, it is as daring. Try at your own risk!
  5. Around the world in 80 days: If you say your father is in the defence and you love travelling, then this is the perfect item in the bucket list for you. Explore various places, meet new people and enjoy life in a whole new light.
  6. Scuba Diving: Flown from skies, conquered land, what next? Why not try exploring the seas? Oceans make up for earth’s 71% surface and 300% more life than on land. This means that you get to make new friends under water and who knows, you may also come across The Atlantis!
  7. Sky Diving: While a bungee jump gives you a gist of being under free fall, sky diving a three in one experience. You get to fly in an aircraft, jump from the sky and use a parachute. Sounds pretty cool, isn’t it?
  8. Volunteer for a good work: Being an officer is all about being a gentle and kind hearted person. Sponsor a child’s education, help someone in need or do whatever makes you feel good. The feeling after it would be unthinkable.
  9. Fly in a hot-air balloon: Ever thought of flying high in the sky with just a meter or two in length of walls surrounding you? Unlike aeroplanes, you feel like a free bird flying wherever you want.
  10. Keep visiting us: “At the end of the day, don’t forget what you are, the rest of the world will not; wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you.”-Tyrion Lannister But the point is, be you and keep visiting ssbcrack.com for more motivation.

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