Nepal – A Buffer or Biased Nation

Neighbors are the first helping hand. This statement states the importance of neighbors and means crucial in global affairs. India’s neighbors are having some issues these days regarding various causes.  The closest neighbor of India settled in the shadow of the Himalaya, has seen some tough circumstances and now heading to nations stability, both politically and economically. This year was not so good for Nepal. Firstly, the deadly earthquake hit the small nation, claiming several lives. India was the first to come forward to help. Then the political dilemma over constitution surrounded it.

Recently, Nepal has signed deal with china for importing fuels (gasoline). The decision made Nepal closer to china and India left the tag of sole exporter of fuel to Nepal. Currently, Nepal has just revived from the constitution fallout, and successful election of communist leader Bidhya Bhandari is showing fluctuations in the nation.

The country has been seen to have inclined toward China. As China is facing dire relations and situations with western powers, China is completely emphasizing on the dominating Asia. Recent engagement of china with US after the US ship was seen floating near the disputed island in  the South China Sea, led to the exchange of comments between both the super powers. With India bending toward the western powers, china is playing cards over close neighbors of India (Nepal and Pakistan).

Internal factors that govern the derailed stability of Nepal is the constitution, which erupted the disagreement of madhesis over the nationality, the selection procedure for high posts etc. Madhesis want proportionate representation in parliament and a distinct province consisting of 21 districts on the UP, Bihar border. They want some amendments in the constitution, which was released last month. On one hand Indian government was supporting the voices of amendments in Nepal’s constitution, China backed Nepal’s government on promulgation of the constitution. While the small nation was busy in controlling the crowd erupted in protest, china played its card and opened the border that was closed due to earthquake.

While several issues were raised related to the closing of Indian border blockades due to the regional tension in the Nepal. The border blockade led to fall in trade and business of the small nation. The fuel shortage in Nepal, for which blockade of land routes with India is responsible, led Nepal to lean toward a China signing deal. Nepal Oil Corporation and national united fuel corporation of china signed the deal. Normally, Nepal imports approximately 2200 tonnes of LPG. Along with this it also need about 15 lakh liters of petrol and 10-14 lakh liters of diesel every day. Earlier, when India was the sole importer of fuel for Nepal, it spent about Rs150cr every year to meet its fuel requirement.

With the emerging problems in Nepal, India and china are the only hands that Nepal can hold. India has been an old friend of Nepal but now some issues are emerging that can lead to its facing to china. China and India have good relations, but both the nations have some hidden causes of loose ties. Well, China is surrounded by many controversies and now Indian affairs are also under that list.

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