8 Ways To Be As Mentally Tough As A Special Forces Commando

Joining the armed forces requires mental endurance exceptional from civilians. You need to be mentally prepared to put ‘Service Before Self’ and in worst cases, be prepared to sacrifice your life beyond the call of duty.

Being in the armed forces is one thing, but joining its Special Forces calls for you an extra mile. You need to be mentally prepared to be physically prepared. And in Special Forces, physical fitness, and mental stamina go hand in hand. While there are many ways to be physically tough through exercises and diet, there are few ways to be mentally tough like a commando which only Special Forces could master.

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  1. Being Prepared: The foremost thing before achieving something is to think you can achieve it. “Dreams don’t come true until you start dreaming” – this phrase holds a prominent value before going after something. So, unless you prepare yourself for something, you can’t get something. You may need to sacrifice something for it.
  1. Developing self-confidence and a positive attitude: Self-confidence and positive attitude go hand-in-hand in long run. Any hurdles in your path to achieve a goal should be positively looked upon as a way to succeed. If you are self-confident enough to bring about a positive attitude in yourself, you are already halfway there.
  1. Accept your failures: There is a pin-point difference between being self-confident and over-confident. You can master this only by experience – and experience never come easy. Experience holds the ladder of many failures and successes; and those who choose failures as success steps, are already mentally determined to achieve their goal. Accept your failures, learn a lesson from it, and move on. 
  1. Let go of things you don’t have a control over: Letting go is one of the hardest things one has to do after they have had many expectations from it. This could be anything like your chance to become a commando or a break-up with your girlfriend. This essentially doesn’t mean to stop trying if you fail once, but this means you don’t change yourself and your attitude trying to get something. You will be of nowhere then. 
  1. Don’t complain: This is the best part. Every time my gym trainer asked me to increase my intensity of training, I complained about not being able to do it. But every time, after trying it for a day or two, it came to me as easy as was the previous routine. The thing to focus here is to stop complaining and start doing. Every problem is not solved by mere bragging about it. You need to push your limits to achieve something and as the saying goes “No Pain, No Gain”, there should not be any complain either.
  1. Live for yourself: Do not do something only because you want someone to impress with it. Do whatever you are doing for yourself keeping in mind the goals and its outcomes. People will automatically get impressed with this attitude of yours. 
  1. Self-Motivation and Calmness: Motivation is not what anyone always gives you around. In cases, you need to be calm under pressure and be your own motivator. Thinking back to a previous failure can provide the motivation to keep going. In cases, time may also act as a motivator but it’s always better to be done before the time limit. 
  1. Stop Forecasting: Finally, stop publishing every high and low of your life on your social media profile. It will just be an entertainment to others will you will hardly feel better about it. If you want to share it with someone, do it personally. They may turn out to be the person on the same track and you can carry on the following journey together.

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