Compensation To Gentleman Cadet In Case Of Death During Training

We have heard the news of few deaths of training cadets at Indian Military Academy and OTA during training. In case you are wondering what compensation a gentleman cadet gets in case of death or disability during training, below are the official details.

Parents/Guardians of GCs or GCs will not be entitled to claim compensation for any injury sustained by them during the course of their training at the IMA. Certificates to this effect as per Appendices F and G will be rendered at the time of joining for training duly executed on Non-Judicial Stamp Paper with Stamp Fee as in vogue in the State where the affidavit is executed by the father/guardian and the candidate. They will handover the certificates duly signed to their Battalion Adjutant at IMA.

All GCs undergoing training at Indian Military Academy will be insured for Rs 50 lakhs for death and Rs. 20 lakhs for 100% disability reduced up to Rs. 4 lakhs for 20% disability, as per eligibility conditions, with AGIF, New Delhi under arrangements of the Academy for their duration of training. A premium @ Rs. 5000/- PM will be deducted on monthly basis from the stipend admissible to GCs of DE/TGC/UES during training period.

source: IMA JI

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