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10 Latest GD Topics For Upcoming SSB Interviews

Hello Aspirants, As we all know it is important to keep ourselves updated on current issues so as to do well in the GD during SSB. In the recent times, there has ben a lot of activity in the nation and around the world giving us a lot to study about we narrow down to few important topics so that it eases with the preparation.


  1. Recently many states in India were affected by droughts and lot of people suffered. Whom do you think is to be blamed
    • The authorities/ bureaucrats who handle these villages
    • Political parties/member who are governing the states
    • No one, This is just a natural calamity
  2.  The Indo-US relationship in the recent times has peaked. What do you think is the reason
    • India’s rapid growth to become on of the world power
    • Pakistan-China relationship
    • unites states own intention to keep its presence in Asia
  3. Indian armed forces are in dire need of modernisation to dominate its enemies. What do you think is the best possible way to speed up this
    •  Use of Local vendors/ MSME for production
    • Buy more Ready to use machinery from already developed countries
    • Privatise defence sector and improve FDI cap
  4. NEET, national eligibility cum entrance test phased out all other medical examinations in the country. What is your point of view in this aspect?
    • The decision is correct, as it gives a single platform for competition
    • No, State syllabus students are not equipped for this
    •  Let all medical colleges decide upon the admission only through +2 marks
  5.  Migration of people from the rural to urban has peaked in the recent time. The main reason being a better state of life or job. What do you think is the best way to control this situation
    •  Educate people of rural about their need to stay.
    • Improve standard of living in rural areas on par with urban
    • Change social mindset the no job is higher or there is no higher state of living
  6. with 2 years almost up which of the following has proven to be the bedrock for the Indian growth in future
    •  Make in India campaign
    • Improvement in foreign relations
  7. India has a high percentage of engineering graduate but not all are engineers. Which of these you think attributes to this scenario
    •  The education system/  poor syllabus of the degree
    • Social stigma ie mindset of people
    • lack of options for students in school level
  8. Women safety has become a concern in India with a number of rape cases going up constantly. Best way to control this and improve women safety is
    • High-degree of punishment for criminals
    • More patrolling of police and security personals
    • Other methods such as special transport for women, before dusk work hours etc
  9.  Terrorism is a growing menace for the world nation. What do you think is fuelling its growth
    • weak political situations or governments of nations
    • division of people based on religion or ethnicity
    • Unwillingness of world powers to resolve the issue
  10. To become world power India should first concentrate on being the best in Asia. In order to be the best in India:
    • It should improve relations with SAARC nations.
    • Invest in the growth of the neighbouring nations.
    • Focus on its own economy growth and eventually get to the top
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These are some of the topics that we have for the week, in the coming days we will get back to you with more topics so that you can prepare and excel. If you have more topics that you think can help aspirants do let us know in the comment section.

Keep preparing, Good Luck!

Vignesh Krishnan
Vignesh Krishnan
A Happy go lucky engineering grad currently working as a freelancer and preparing for defense exams. Apart from that am an avid trekker, marathon runner and a patriot.
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