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5 Common Lies Candidates Say In The SSB Interview

No matter how desperate you might be to clear the SSB interview and join the defence forces, telling lies to the interviewing officer during your SSB interview won’t get you anywhere. Few candidates think that it is fine to say some lies or not so correct facts about them but, your game will be over if the IO finds you lying and you won’t even you where he caught you.

Here is a list of typical lies that SSB candidates commonly tell during their personal interviews. Take a look through them and make sure you don’t make the same mistake:

  1. Hiding Previous SSB attempts: Few candidates think that more SSB interview attempts will hinder their chances at SSB which is absolutely not true. They hide their SSB attempts which sometimes cause more damage. ReadDoes SSB Keep A Record Of Past Attempts?
  2. Wrong Skills: Few candidates boast about things/skills they do no have any idea of just thinking that it will impress the interviewing officer but, they failed to answer the basic questions about the same which goes against the candidates.
  3. Sports: Most of the candidates think playing sports is important and especially when you want to join defence forces, yes it is important but it doesn’t mean that you need to a pro player. Few candidates write things on their PIQ form that they have played this and that but, they do not have certificates to prove the same. Remember, if you have played some kind of sport and you want to mention it in SSB interview, unless you don’t have a certificate to prove the same, do not mention it or at least have enough knowledge to face the counter questions.
  4. PIQ form lies: 30 out of 50 candidates, mention that they were the head of something, or a class monitor, or a captain of the college team so on and so forth. Do you think it is possible that all talented people are coming to attend the SSB. This mistake is done by candidates who are not confident enough of themselves and they think they have nothing to impress the Interviewing officer through your PIQ form, but they failed to understand that whatever wrong/false you write on your PIQ form, it will backfire on you. There is nothing wrong in keeping a PIQ form simple and clean with no extraordinary positions or work, be true to yourself. If you are writing a PIQ form which means you are eligible to join the Indian armed forces, and PIQ form is the base of your personal interview, writing anything on PIQ form doesn’t matter unless you can convince the IO on the same. Also, remember, IO is someone who reads enough PIQ forms on the daily basis, he has a complete idea of what is wrong or right on your PIQ form and he can confirm it also during face to face interview.
  5. Lying About Self: Many candidates, again those who are not confident enough to take ownership of the things they have done in their lives, they try to make false claims or claims which they think would impress the interviewing officer. Many candidates think being an extraordinary person with extraordinary skills and achievement might get them the recommendation, which can be true in some sense, but if you are not that extraordinary person, do not try to impersonate like one, be true to yourself and stop underestimating your own qualities and skills. Famous scientists, celebrities, and sportsmen might not have OLQs.

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