How India Is Performing In International Groups?

These days, newspaper columns occupy bulk news related to India’s membership in various international groups and organizations. PM Narendra Modi conducted many foreign trips to clip up the relations between nations. At some places, India successfully got the position, while some plans failed to achieve this year. Being the hot topic of current affairs, it can be asked in SSB. Some basic points related to India’s initiatives, problems in these memberships and possible advantage of getting the membership are discussed below.

MTCR Membership – In a strike to the target, India got the membership of MTCR. This has been proved to be the best achievement of Indian government this year. The membership laid down the base of selling BRAHMOS missile (made by the joint venture of India and Russia) to other nation and also opened the gates for India to buy Predator drone from U.S… China is not a member of this group. India is the 35th member of this elite group. This membership will channelize weapon system to India from the developed nations and track the way toward more advanced and modern missile technologies.

SCO Membership – India and Pakistan are on the verge of joining the SCO group as permanent members. The group, which currently has 6 permanent members China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, has India and Pakistan as observer members. China again interrupted the move by reporting that the territorial disputes between nations can shift the focus toward the territorial disputes between India and Pakistan.

NSG Membership – The decision over India’s membership for 48 nation NSG was postponed. The decision was held due to China’s objection to include a non-NPT signatory country into it. China used its veto power to object India’s proposal. Pakistan also showed its concerns over it. Pakistan was reported to send letters to 17 nations to oppose Indian’s NSG membership. Recently, a U.S. official gave a statement in a discussion over India’s NSG membership that China is aiming Indian Ocean. While U.S. showed its commitment toward its support for India to join the NSG group and also ensured India to remain in power In Indian Ocean. Chinese reports also claimed that nine other nations are in opposition with India’s bid to join NSG. While Brazil, Switzerland, Ireland and New Zealand have proposed to conduct discussion over the issue.

SAARC – SAARC has also been there in news in the beginning of this year, when Pakistan opt-out of the ambitious SAARC satellite project. The project was given thrust by PM Narendra Modi in 2014, when he asked ISRO to make a satellite that can be a gift to the neighboring nations and can help them in suggestive ways including telecommunication and tele-medicine. Additionally, Pakistan will host the SAARC meet in November this year.

Conclusion – Getting into such organization and groups opens the door of international exchange for India. India’s development rate is at its peak and has also got the tag of the fastest growing economy of the Asia with GDP growth surpassing China. Continuous efforts are required to get into NSG and other respective groups and Indian government seems to be keen to join such organization to gear up the international involvement.

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