20 Latest Lecturette Topics From Recent SSB Interviews

Hello Aspirants, As the world keeps changing so are the topics for the SSB lecturette. Below are few topics from the recent SSBs. These can easily be answered if you follow current affairs and have a fair amount of general knowledge. Do prepare well and excel in your lecturette.


  1.  Media Manipulation
  2.  India- A sleeping giant awakens
  3.  Start-up India
  4.  India’s growing economy
  5.  Water Management In India
  6.  South China Sea
  7.  Missile development in India
  8.  Reviewing Reservation
  9.  ISRO achievements
  10.  Sectors contributing to Indian GDP
  11.  India and NSG
  12.  Refugee crisis management
  13.  Disaster Preparedness In India
  14.  Recent State Elections
  15.  Make In India
  16.  Media – eye of the world
  17.  Recent Defence procurement
  18.  Health Hazards
  19.  CPEC and Its impact
  20.  Sports and mental health
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