SSB Recommended For Indian Army NCC Special Entry

I got recommended for the mighty Indian ARMY through NCC special entry 40th course and i thought i will share my experience with you all so that you might get benefited from it. It was my 3rd attempt and i was overconfident in both my last attempts and use to care about people way too much. For ex: i use to think what people will say about me when i speak. So during my 3rd attempt , i focussed on myself rather than on others. I prepared hard for GK, psych and others but this time i was prepared and not overconfident. So these two factors helped me a lot during my stay at the centre.

SSB at Bangalore: Around 130 reported at SSB centre of 24 SSB board and 5-10 were not allowed to attend because of document problems. I was given chest no 91.After verification the next day i had screening test.

1st day (23rd  July , 2016):   After breakfast intelligence tests started which was very simple. OIR consists of very simple questions and no preparation is required for that.

PPDT: A picture was shown in which there was a boat in a river with the boatman and 2 other persons formally dressed. I made the story as Ram was fond of photography and he goes to riverside with his uncle takes photograph with boatman’s help and wrote an article on it which was selected for The Hindu newspaper. After sometime discussion started, everyone started shouting and GTO warned us once. Again we started the discussion and this time i opened up and took control of group and again it was fish market. So, i told everyone guys please cooperate we need to come to a common group story and then we discussed well gave a common group story. Just because of cooperation 9 of us were screened in only from my group. After results 22 of us were screened in. We completed documentation and the day was over. Made new friends . 17 were form Karnataka , 4 from kerala and i was the only one from Uttar Pradesh. I was given chest no 12.

Imp. Point: Narration plays a major role so please don’t screw it up, narrate well and regarding discussion discuss don’t fight, cooperate well and try to reach a consensus.

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2nd day(24th July): PSYCHOLOGY TESTS

TAT:  You know the drill, 11+1 pictures and stories based on that. For blank slide i wrote the story which i have already prepared for it.

WAT: 60 words shown and the words were very  familiar as i have practised WAT before from SSBCRACK app which you can download from playstore, so i wrote 57 out of 60.

SRT: 60 SRTS out of which i could do only 42. The one thing about SRT is quality matters not quantity so read carefully and then react to the situation.

SD:  I had my self description prepared in advance so i completed every section without wasting time.

Imp. Point: Don’t write stories in TAT with preconceived ideas and don’t try to fit any story which you have prepared and prepare blank story in advance so that you don’t loose your time because after writing 11 stories your mind will shutdown. Give original response. WAT requires practise as you will run out of time in SSB if you don’t practise it well and SRTS don’t run for maximum numbers do the best you can, give your natural response. Prepare self description well in advance. After psychological tests, i  went out with friends , saw the city and  came back.


3rd day (24th July): GTO DAY 1

Group discussion: We were given 2 topics: (1) Role of NCC in society and (2): Sports development.

We discussed and came to a consensus that we will discuss on sports development. Discussion went on for around 20 minutes and then GTO gave us 2nd topic Road safety and awareness. While discussing give everyone a chance to speak and cooperate among the group. You are appearing for SSB so consider yourself as an officer and either lead the team or support the team. Just don’t interrupt others for the sake of speaking, it will only lend you in trouble.

Group planning exercise: GTO briefed us about the situation and problems in the plan and then asked us to write solution for it individually and then took our notepads and told us to discuss. We discussed and then i presented the final group plan. Before giving group plan i asked my group members whether they have a doubt, they said no. But when GTO asked the same then they raised their hands and gave suggestions. When group plan has been given you are not supposed to raise hands for suggestions. Even if you have any problem with the final plan give your views before the final plan and not after the plan has been given.

Progressive group task: Everyone started in a hurry started fighting for helping materials, by that time i figured out how to cross the obstacle. Others got helping materials and i was empty handed but i had the ideas so i turned the table on them and gave the ideas and made them follow my words and took my team to the others side of obstacle. The point here is don’t fight for materials instead find out ideas to cross the obstacle and complete the task. Helping materials are of no use until you don’t know how to use them.

Group obstacle race: After briefing we were shown the obstacles and then we were told to choose a slogan . I came out with the slogan VANDE MATARAM and everyone agreed. I  was at front and helped tall guy of my group to climb the wall and then i climbed up and pulled everyone meanwhile only  i was shouting the slogan as my mates were exhausted. A moment came where 1 one of my mate was left behind and others started running ahead and leaving him behind. I stopped others helped my leftout mate to join the group and then we completed the task together. We got plenty of penalties for touching red mark on obstacles. Whatever may be the situation don’t leave any of your mates behind even if you loose doesn’t matter finish the obstacle together and keep shouting the slogan as loud as possible.

Half group task: Out of 7 members we were divided in 2 groups. 1st group of 4 members and 2nd group with 3 members , i was in 2nd group. My group was called for the task, GTO briefed us and gave us 15 minutes to do the task. I was the only guy who spoke and other two were silent all the time because they were clueless . GTO started talking to me, i gave 1 idea then he started asking others ideas. I along with other 2 completed the task. The tasks given are easy and  completely based on common sense. Look at the obstacles carefully , listen to the briefing very carefully and you will do it easily.

Lecturette : After the briefing 1st guy introduced himself and took 1 card and went 20ms away from the group and prepared his topic whereas others were giving their introduction. I picked a card and i got 4 topics which were:

  1. Nuclear weapons.
  2. South China dispute.
  3. Road safety.
  4. Girl in the society.

I chose the last one i.e., GIRL IN THE SOCIETY. The topic was very simple which needed no preparation. I started speaking on it started by giving examples of 1st 3 women fighter pilots and used Modi’s BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO scheme and spoke with confidence in front of my group. I heard the 1st bell and then started winding it up and finished it as soon as i heard the 2nd bell. Don’t go for major topics until you know well about it and can speak for 3 minutes. You can speak on any topic, the main aspect is the way you speak in front of your group, content of your topic, your confidence and eye contact that’s what matters.




I was called for interview soon after the GTO tasks so i went inside in the same dirty dress. The interviewer came to door and then hand shaked with me. Interview started with rapid fire round. I started replying , he stopped me and asked me about name of two of my  friends in college i told ROCKY AND JEET and then asked me to continue with the rapid round. After 40 minutes he again asked me about the name of two college friends  , i told ROCKY AND JEET. He cross checked me like i told you above 2 or 3 times. When you go for interview , be honest with the interviewer or else he will put you in pressure and you will start giving the answer which the interviewer is looking for. He/she will cross check you many times to check your honesty so fill the PIQ form honestly and remember what you have written in the PIQ. Sometimes interviewer might ask you about your parents , your friends and your teachers thinking about you to cross check you with your SELF DESCRIPTION part which he has with him. The only way to perform well is to be honest from the starting i.e., PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS. I was satisfied with my interview as i was honest with him, after which i came to room , changed my dress and went outside with friends. When you go inside the interviewing room, stay calm and don’t panic. The interviewer wants to know you that’s all. Give answers to his questions honestly and you will go through it. For performing well in the interview, note questions from books, apps etc , write their answers and sit in front of a mirror ask those questions to yourself and then reply. This will help you to control your facial expressions along with better fluency.


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4th day (25th july) : GTO DAY 2

Individual obstacles: GTO 2 started and 1st task was individual obstacle task and i was very excited about it. As it rained that day we were advised to do carefully as the obstacles were slippery. I started my task from commando walk and made a route which helped me to cover all the obstacles. I fell down from tarzan swing as the ropes were wet and again i did it the next time. I could do only 10 as the obstacles and planks were wet. The obstacles are very simple anybody who plays outdoor games can easily do it and there is no practice required for this task.

Command task: GTO started calling each candidate one by one. Out of 7 members , 5 members of my group called me during their turn. My turn came , GTO started asking about myself and then asked me to call two members and then briefed me about the obstacle and told me to start. I gave instructions to my subordinates about the task and asked them not to speak until i asked them to do so. I started the task, gave 1 idea, GTO asked me how would you cross this if you don’t have rope, i answered and showed him how to do it. Within no time i completed my task and was asked to leave. It shows your influence within the group when most of the group members are asking your help during their tasks. After getting screened in , i got to know every candidate who was screened in and i became friendly with them. This is what helped me in the GTO tasks specially THE COMMAND TASK where i was called 5 times. Socialising with others help you in many tasks so be prepared to get mingled with your fellow mates. I have seen guys reading their books during their stay in SSB whole time, which doesn’t help you because you came for SSB so you should prepare before reaching the SSB centre and not after reaching the centre. A little revision is good , but too much of it will put pressure on you. So stay calm, enjoy with friends and behave normally as you behave outside the SSB centre and this will help you to show your original self.

Final group task: This was the final task. We were given very less time to cross the obstacle once the GTO briefed us and then i saw my members going for helping materials, i again took the opportunity and briefed my team to cross the obstacle. But , then one member of my group gave 1 perfect idea to cross over and everyone started fighting to cross the obstacle the way they want. I pacified everyone explained the importance of time and made them cross the obstacle through the shortest way shown by my group member. We reached the 2nd obstacle, i gave the idea to cross over to the 3rd obstacle and final idea was given by chest no 11 to complete the task. 3 obstacles, 3 ideas and the task was completed within the given time. Listen carefully to the briefing and find out ideas to do the task and don’t fight for helping materials as i told you before.

Imp. Point: GTO tasks are about cooperation within the group. If you want to show individually show it in individual obstacles, lecturrette, command tasks and rest other tasks are to be done with the cooperation of the group. Whenever group discussion reaches a tensed point, pacify others and let others also speak. Don’t try to dominate others in GD, GPE, GOR, etc. Cooperate well , gain support and show that either you are a team player or a leader.

5th day-D-DAY(26th july)


I woke up at 5.30 am took bath , had breakfast and was waiting for conference with others at the waiting point i.e., T-POINT , this is what we call the waiting point as in Bangalore. Conference started, i was called in and my conference was hardly 15 seconds. I went inside wished them, my interviewer asked about my stay and any suggestions i said no, then he asked me to leave that’s it. I was shocked my conference was only for 10-15 seconds whereas for others it was atleast 50 seconds – 1 minute. Anyway conference was over , we were asked to sit in a room for results. Psychologist came and motivated us to come again for the SSB for those who didn’t make it this time. He started announcing results, he called chest no.11 my buddy and then he called chest no. 12….it was me , i was shocked , he called again chest no. 12, then i realised and went near him and told him my full name. That is the best feeling for any aspirant. No words can describe that feeling. When they say you have to earn it, it means you work hard for it and earn that moment because hardwork for that moment is worth it. So warriors start working hard to earn that moment, and don’t loose hope and never ever doubt yourself. The day you stop believing yourself, you shouldn’t even appear for SSB. That’s why work hard, believe yourself, have faith in GOD, definitely you will make it. I know what it feels when you prepare for SSB, there will be times when you will feel like giving up, but what you do next determines your future. Keep pushing hard no matter how much time it takes. It you who has decided to join this honoured organisation, so atleast try your level best so that you won’t regret later that you didn’t give your best. It doesn’t matter you get screened out 5 times or conference out 6 times , what matters is your belief system. As i told you earlier, the day you stop believing yourself don’t even appear for SSB because when you don’t believe yourself , then how you expect others to believe you?!!!! Its all about your personality, OLQS etc. If you want to become an officer, start behaving like an officer, its not that difficult. Consider yourself as an officer and be a responsible person, because if you behave as an officer in real life, then you don’t have to fake when you appear for SSB. First do your homework i.e., hardwork and then expect support from GOD. Don’t just keep blaming GOD and the SSB officials for not selecting you. There isn’t a pure selecting process than SSB, so first of all you got to believe that you are going through a pure process where they will test you for your quality. Your  5 days will decide the future of million people of the country. Whenever you feel depressed, talk to parents, friends because they really are angels. Lots of inspiring videos are there in YOUTUBE, SSBCRACK watch them and get a boost and then start working towards your goal. The day you get recommended you will respect yourself for your hardwork because that’s the best feeling ever. Introspection is a must, without which it’s not possible to show your real self. Start your preparation by knowing the whole SSB process and then INTROSPECTION.

Regarding GK read newspaper daily , that is more than enough. You can follow websites such as SSBCRACK, DEFENSEUPDATE.IN, DEFENSENEWS.IN, watch TV debates on issues which you find confusing. Watching TV debates will help you learn the way to speak in a group discussion along with the knowledge. I would like to thank SSBCRACK and JAYENDRA PRATAP SINGH SIR(DO FOLLOW HIS ARTICLES) for doing such a great work, without which it wouldn’t have been possible.


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