How I Cracked My NDA SSB Interview In 2nd Attempt

Hello everyone, I’m ABHISHEK DHAUNDIYAL and I feel very proud to write about my success story and hope that it will motivate many.

Having got screened out from 33 SSB Bhopal, I had got another opportunity this time at 12 SSB Bangalore. Our reporting was scheduled on 20th of August and around 80 candidates reported. On the same day, we were allotted chest numbers and were divided into different groups. After that, we had our dinner and slept.

The next day was our screening day. In the morning we were told to report at 06:00 hrs with our luggage and after that we had our intelligence tests which are quite easy but just need some practice and proper time management.

After that we had our PPDT test, we were shown a picture which had a fire type of scene, so I made a story around Uttarakhand forest fires and then we were taken for discussion.

In my group there were 16 candidates and the main tip for group discussion is the narration part. If your narration part is good then you are in. After narration ended my group discussion hardly lasted for around 1 min as it was a fish market.

After that, we were collected for the announcement of results. From a batch of around 80 candidates 30 candidates got screened in and among those 30 I was also there and my new chest no was 20. We were briefed, filled our PIQ and after that allotted new rooms.

The next day was psych day. Our tests started early in the morning. For TAT observe the picture carefully in 30 secs and then write a sensible story around it, and write in good handwriting. For WAT reading newspaper would help for sure and for SRT write the first correct thing that comes in your mind and the next thing is that write your SELF-DESCRIPTION in such a manner that it’s similar to your PIQ form.

I attempted all the questions in psych and practice would help for sure. The next day GTO started with two group discussion in which I was able to give 4-5 points. After that, we had our GPE in which I could give 4 good suggestions and then after that our PGT started in which I think I dominated a bit my points were good enough and the same happened in HGT. Lecturette and individual obstacles went good and I could speak on Right To Education and could do 11 obstacles.

The next day we started with command task and I think I was given a normal command task but before that the GTO had drilled me on some questions about my family and on navy. I was happy that I could answer all the questions properly.

After that, we had our FGT and then I was told that my interview was scheduled at 13:00hrs. I reached the waiting room at 12:30hrs but the IO came at 15:30hrs and my interview started at 15:45hrs and it lasted for around 1 hour and 10mins in which the IO asked me questions from science to sports and about navy and the current affairs and even about south china sea.NDA SSB Interview

To be honest, after my interview I was quite sure that I would get recommended but still hoped for the best.

The main tip for the ssb interview is to never bluff; no one is a master of anything so answer sensibly.

The next my conference lasted for about 2 mins in which I was asked about my stay and If had any suggestions to give.

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The main tip here is to dress neatly, remember the first impression is the last impression.

After that, the technical officer came and it was the time of results and then he started calling out the chest no’s. Chest no 1, 4,8,12,9,19 and then he called out chest number 20. I stood up and shouted my name and spelled out my name.

Out of 30 candidates, 15 candidates got recommended and it was a very happy moment for me.

So guys, the main thing when you all are going for SSB is that that enjoy it and think that you have come for a picnic and try to participate thoroughly.

And at the end, I would like to only say.


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