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10 Things Everyone Can Learn From A Soldier

We often ignore our fitness, and tell ourselves lies. Starting gym from 1st of next month, and eating healthy from Monday being the topmost.

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There would barely be any heart that won’t swell with pride and patriotism on spotting an olive green, or a person sporting crisp combat. In the current scenario where we are divided in our thoughts on everything, thankfully there are a few things that still unite us, our national anthem, national flag, and country being the top amongst them. Undoubtedly our soldiers fighting through adverse situations inspire us in every way. There are thousand big and small things which we can learn from our soldiers, let us look into some of them, which we all can learn and take in our life:

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  1. Celebrate Life: It is hard to have such an unpredictable life and yet living fullest of it. They all are aware of the randomness, they are unaware of their tomorrow, yet they live to the fullest (read somewhere that very few know how it feels to be 19 and write your own will). See them any time of the day, see them in any hard task they will be doing everything with so much enthusiasm, as if they are celebrating it. So the biggest thing we can learn from them is to celebrate life.
  2. We just breath positivity: As if they are given classes for it. As if they are taught how to remain positive under any scenarios. I mean come-on, it is a rare sight, such optimism where we can barely go through a Monday in our lives! From covert operation to the mission of making their girl say yes, they will be so damn positive in everything!
  3. There is never a dull moment: Maybe their jokes are military centric, maybe sometimes the jokes are really bad (I mean REALLY bad), but they certainly know how to turn a tense situation to a rather light one. Bomb diffuser? Maybe 😉
  4. Tick Tock, let’s be punctual flock: Who else will know the importance of a second more than a person for whom it can be a life altering scenario. A second can make and break situations, and thus you can never find a soldier being late (if you do, they need more ragda in academy definitely!) Patti parades, punishments, cabin cupboard, just a few means of inculcating punctuality. So stop following the ILS (Indian Late Syndrome) and be there, on good time.
  5. Priorities, I hear Sleep: Yes, they can sleep anywhere, with open eyes, now don’t take away this quality and become lazy. Let us see it from other angle. They have their priorities sorted out. Country first, Sleep next (Adam, I forgot Adam)! This tells us that rest is important as well, for proper functioning. So no need to binge watch a series when you have office the next day (Sleep deprivation is killing CEO’s, no kidding).
  6. Fit body, Thug life: We often ignore our fitness, and tell ourselves lies. Starting gym from 1st of next month, and eating healthy from Monday being the topmost. For military ,fitness is very senti, sadly for all sectors of other jobs it isn’t. Trust me if you want time, you can find it. All it will take is getting up half an hour than usual, and running for 20 minutes, or swapping diet coke with fresh juice.
  7. Brothers in Arms, above everything: Great examples of friendships can be quoted from our soldiers. We can take away this feeling of camaraderie as probably the greatest learning from them. Maybe it is the training, or maybe it is the feeling when your life depends on someone else, but the sights of bromance here is supreme to any friendship existing. When we struggle to stay in touch with our old friends, their friendship is something which can inspire us probably to finally call our long lost friend.
  8. Keep it simple, silly: We are so convoluted in our life these days. We want this, and maybe that. Maybe this car, no maybe that phone. Did I say they have their priorities sorted? Country, sleep, food(yes adam fit morale high). White shirt and blue jeans for kinda formal places, black polos for everywhere else. Casio watch, Bullet (Harley’s maybe), aviators (Old Monk for regulars, single malt for specials). Good to go!
  9. Perfection, isn’t just another word: Ever left something midway, ever did something with half heart? They do everything with so much devotion. Right from flying the same sortie every day, to fitting the gun barrels, PT’s, mandir parade, arranging ladies meet, choosing curtains for senior’s wife, tambola, everything! It is like they put in their heart in everything they do.
  10. LOVE: With thousands of intricate definitions of love, if you want to understand this dense concept, just look at a soldier. You’ll get your answer of what is love, when he adorns that uniform, each morning, one after the other, leaving the yesterday in the past. No matter if it was his daughter’s birthday yesterday, no matter if his sister got married, no matter if a loved one died, no matter if the operation for which he is going doesn’t guarantee his life, no matter if he has not seen his family in a year, no matter if he is uncertain whether he’ll be able to see them ever again. He will still wear that uniform every day, with pride, put those stars with a shine in his eye, and you’ll know what love means 

Jai Hind

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