50 SSB Interview Group Discussion Topics 2020

Self-confidence and communication skills are a part of OLQs that are considered in the SSB. The quality to put up your point in front of others is checked in SSB during GTO tasks. GD is a part of it and is conducted on the GTO 1 day. In this task, 2 Group discussions are conducted. In the first one 2 topics were given and candidates have to select any one. And in the second GD, the GTO gives a topic of his own choice. The candidates have to discuss on the topic and are not instructed to come to any conclusion.


Tips to perform well in the GD

  • Give out your point in a crisp short manner.
  • Give productive points rather than just speaking irrelevant thing.
  • Mind your actions and postures.
  • Listen to others and respond as per their comments.

Some of the topics related to the current event that can be a topic of GD in SSB are given below

  1. Frauds by established Indian firms
  2. HIB visa
  3. India’s NSG membership
  4. South china sea
  5. Use of Renewable energy in India
  6. Social media – bringing change in society, making people edict, misguiding people
  7. Use of war machines in battles
  8. Is it better to put women in fighting role in Indian armed forces
  9. How pollution level in metro cities can be controlled
  10. Demonetization
  11. How lack of efficient teachers in government school effecting he education system
  12. Use of the Internet to support anti-social activities
  13. How Cashless economy is a better way to support development
  14. Agitation related to the reservation
  15. Is cricket suppressing other sports in India
  16. Low performance of Indian players in Olympics 2016
  17. Naxalisam – shrinking or swallowing
  18. Women security and crime against women
  19. Nuclear energy and its use as weapon
  20. Immigration restrictions by U.S. government
  21. Drug smuggling and human trafficking across the border
  22. Which should be preferred – Indigenisation, Foreign Procurement, Private Firms In Defense Manufacturing
  23. Which should be focused first – infrastructure, health or education
  24. Black money and laundering
  25. India’s performance in ease of doing business
  26. Financial inclusion – a social initiative, a bottleneck for demonetization or a step to modernize India
  27. E-education – will widen the education reach, reduces practical knowledge, only affordable to middle and upper class
  28. Effect of television and social media on new generation
  29. Future of robotics and artificial intelligence
  30. Effect of western culture on India
  31. NGO freedom and functioning in India
  32. Bad air quality of metro cities
  33. Atrocities against animals in religious games
  34. Glacier melting and sea level rising, climate change
  35. Maritime issues and Indian ocean possession issues
  36. Autonomy to sports body
  37. Derailment incidents in Indian
  38. Wireless telecommunication – effect on health, high connectivity, prone to data leakage
  39. Banking can be accelerated by – financial inclusion, using postal service as bank , initiating payment banks
  40. Combat role of women in Indian armed forces
  41. Space exploration by ISRO
  42. China Pakistan partnership replacing Indian economy
  43. Which is a better way to drive the economy to a cashless phase
  44. Censorship on movies and cyber contents
  45. Elections reforms – NOTA, educational qualification for politicians, more transparent election procedure
  46. Cause of agitation among people – religion, reservation, human rights
  47. Dependency on technology
  48. Terrorism and infiltration
  49. Hurdles in sports fields in India
  50. Which is the top health hazard – junk food, pollution, drug resistant pathogens

Conclusion – GD topics are related to the social issues and the candidates have to give productive points to drive the discussion in a right direction. Pay attention to what others are speaking and be more polite and straight forward in giving out your point. The discussion etiquette are only learnt by practicing in social groups. So start preparation and give your best thins time.

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