CDS 2 2016 SSB Interview Dates

After the result of CDS 2 2016 written exam many candidates are asking us about the next procedure, infact the procedure is the same and nothing has changed. For the aspirants who are new and do not have sufficient knowledge about the CDS SSB interview, in this article we are going to cover the details of CDS 2 2016 SSB Dates for IMA, AFA, NA and OTA.

Do you need to register to get SSB Date?

As per the official statement by which is an official website of Indian army “FOR OFFICER CANDIDATES : CDSE (II) 2016 – Registration on Rtg Dte website by candidates passing UPSC written exam presently not required. Candidates will receive SSB call from SSB centre on Email registered with UPSC.|

  • For IMA Candidates: You will get the call letter in the email and will also publish the list of centre allotment and list of SSB dates for IMA 143 course.
  • For AFA Candidates: will publish the date of AFSB Interview for CDS 2 2016 Flying Course 202/18 F/PC Course AFA (CDSE)
  • For NA Candidates: nausenabharti will publish the date of SSB interview for naval SSB.
  • For OTA Candidates: It will take few months and they will not get the SSB dates soon, OTA SSB interview will be conducted after the IMA interview because the OTA 106th and 20 SSC course commencement is very far.

What should I do for CDS 2 2016 SSB Interview?

Instead of waiting for your call letter which you are going to get anyway, you must focus on SSB interview preparation, there are many different sources for SSB interview preparation check which is best for you and go ahead. You will hardly have one month before you face the SSB Interview. 

Note: DO NOT SEND QUERY TO JOININDIANARMY regarding CDS SSB Dates as they have already mentioned it on their website.

CDS 2 2016 SSB Dates

  • IMA 143 FOR OFFICER CANDIDATES : CDSE (II) 2016 (IMA- 143) Registration by the candidates on Army website, who have passed the written exam conducted by UPSC, is not required to be done. candidates will receive SSB call letter directly from SSB centre on their Registered E-Mail Id.
  • Flying Course 202/18 F/PC Course AFA (CDSE)
  • Flying Course 202/18 F/PC Course AFA (NCC)
  • 106th SSC Men OTA
  • 20 SSC Women OTA
  • INA Executive (Hydro/ General Service) INA

Date will be linked soon in few weeks

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