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How To Write Amazing PPDT Stories [Examples Included]

When you are using poor and degraded language in the screening either while writing the story or while narrating the same then you are not a deserving case for the screening.


Interpretation of the Scene and Stories Written by the Candidates in the Screening:- Screening which was introduced in 1998 has got its own philosophy but practically as the aspirant feel and confront and say it does not carry any philosophy, because neither it is full proof nor it is a scientific system of selection. Gentlemen, I am extremely sorry to write very less about screening.

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But the persistent request made by you has compelled me to write more and more about the screening. Now the issue at state is what becomes on instrumental to bounce you from the screening? Why 90% SSB aspirants are confronting this shock? Gentlemen, when you start thinking that whether I will get screened in or screened out then bouncing happens. When you do not narrate your story in front of audience that too convincingly then you are screened out.

When you are not competent enough to increase the listening degree of the audience then again you are screened out. When you are not able to maintain the pause or pitch and modulation then you are bounced from the screening. When you commit so many errors either in language or in the stuck-ups then you do not qualify the screening.

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When you do not display a humble submission to the audience then your candidature is not considered for the screening. When the story written by you conveys differently than what you want to convey then you are gone casein the screening. When the level of your thought process does not match with your academic graph then again you are a sorry case for screening.

When you are using poor and degraded language in the screening either while writing the story or while narrating the same then you are not a deserving case for the screening. If your story and your performances are not acceptable to the group members then screening goes off from your hands. Gentlemen, I am citing a picture that was shown at 2 Air Force Selection Board Mysore. It has been reported to me by a serving personnel of Air Force.

Action:- Counselling the girl to do better in studies.

In the above picture a school going girl is sitting beside her mother and a well-dressed mom aged 35 is talking with the girl soon after finishing the talk with her mother. When this picture was presented in the Mysore Board, all the group members were service personnel of Air Force as it was a service entry. This AFCAT entry is the elite entry therefore expectation was a bit higher. I am producing the example of five group members out of fifteen as it will suffice your requirement. The story written by Chest No. 1 is as hereunder.-

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Story:- Vinita a 5th class school girl was not doing well in her studies therefore her mother has requested her class teacher to counsel her there after she started doing well.

Narration by chest no. 1:- Chest No. 1 is the first candidate to undertake the narration. When he started first he looked to the assessors and during the course of narration of his written story as given above, he made stuck-ups thrice neither he was able to convince the assessors nor the audience therefore it was clear that he will not make the grade in the screening.

Commenting of the expert on the above written by Chest No. 1- Vinita’s mother invited her class teacher the counsel her daughter due to her sever failure in three consecutive weekly maths test. Her teacher along with her mother discussed about the past schedule and study hours and along with her mother rescheduled her study hours from school to the house and with sincere dedication and motivation of her mother and teacher, Vinita performed well in the next weekly test.

Comment about the story of narration- Chest No. 1 should have written a complete story which should have been able to convey what led to the situation? What is happening? And what will be the outcome of the happening? I am interpreting that how an aspirant should answer the above three questions to write a story in the screening.-


“Vinita’s mother invited her class teacher to counsel her daughter for her sever failure in three consecutive weekly maths test.” Now, this is the example of what led to the situation which is the first demand of the screening story. Now, I am coming on the second demand of the story that is what is happening? This part is known as the body part, main part or the execution part because here the execution of the work takes place or is done with the help of planning, management, resources and with the intelligent application of leadership quality. In the above story the execution part can be exampled here under. –

“Her teacher along with her mother discussed about her past schedule and study hours from school to house.” After this body part the story comes ahead to answer the third part of the story writing that is what will be the outcome of the happening? This part is being exampled as here under- With sincere dedication and motivation of her mother and teacher Vinita performed well in her next weekly test.


The psychological part of the screening is being conducted, looked after, evaluated and controlled by Psychologist or Scientist of the Board. Psychologist expects that any educated person will have or should have the average level of thought process or a certain level of contents or the ideas according to his educational level and upbringing which is being contributed by socioeconomic background and the developmental history of the candidate. When you narrate the story then it is always in the mind of the psychologist and the board that this batch is for this particular entry and it is also in their mind about the minimum qualification required for this entry. During the course of the narration, the SSB aspirants should perform according to his education and the kind of entry for which he is in the board when narration does not reach or does not touch the expectation level of the qualification level and the entry then from the Psychologist side there is no. When your narration is not qualitative, not audience catching, not able to increase the listening degree of the audience them from the G.T.O. side there is again no. If your contents are not in sequence and you are not able to maintain and retain the confidence and even if you are not self-motivated and at the same time you are not able to motivate the audience then from the I.O.’s side there is again no.

oir test and ppdt

Due to several contributory reason for example; lack of confidence, over dominating voice, ridiculing habit, closing the eyes;  looking up and down, broken narration in either languages, shivering of legs, body, hands and head, despite looking at the audience if you kept on looking at the assessors then you are not recommended in the screening. Group is the formation of the aspirants from different strata, different states and from different languages. Before the test of narration you already interacted with the boys of your group and you know their level also. If you are not adaptable with the changing situation for example – if you fail to maintain the level of narration considering the level of your group members having the above differences then you are gain bounced. If you have a phobia whether I will clear the screening or not then this phobia may not allow you to clear the screening. If the level of your thought process is not matching the theme or the plot of the story then you are again bounced from the screening when at the time of narration you are not able to project the submissive narration with a humble voice while maintaining the eye contact and the coordinative behavioural interaction then you are again screened out. To clear your doubts and to make you understand I am facilitating you with many kinds of stories being written by candidates of different strata, states and the languages.

Story written by chest no. 2 on the same scene being reported as here under


Action:- Being counselled to upgrade the academic.

General description of chest No. 2:- From the basic language, body gesture, food habit, facial index and behavioural pattern it is sure that chest No. 2 belongs to south, therefore it can be expected that this story will have some flavour of south. The story he has written is being quoted as hereunder.

Story written by chest No. 2:- Due to language phobia, Radhika a class fifth student studying in Kerala Convent returned third day at her house after the interval alleging that she is neither able to understand nor write or speak Malayalam. She immediately requested her class teacher to commence her Malayalam class to the subjective courses at the house. With rigorous joint effort she was able to grasp Malayalam cope with class boys and was able to mix and continued her classes progressively.

General Description of Chest NO. 2:- From the general appearance, language, behavioural pattern it is presumed that the candidate is from the eastern area of U.P. and received education from village school that too from state boards.


Story written by chest No. 3

Action:- Mother and teacher both encouraging her to work hard.

Story:- Vinita a class fourth student was not going to school was not attending the classes, her mother got annoyed. She requested her class teacher to come to her house. She asked her daughter to sit beside her. School teacher got annoyed. Vinita went to school.

Note:- No amendment has been done in the story of the candidate for its true evaluation.

Comment:-The story does not contain a required sequence and even it has not been plotted well and it is without thought process and even the story is not in the sequence. Again I am telling a good perception and good observation will lead to good thought process, what this particular story is lacking. Even it is not expected from a boy who has written this story.

Case history of this boy:- This boy has been called for TES Navy entry and has more than 85% marks. This is his academic profile but not the personality profile. For the purpose of selection the academic profile and personality profile both should match together. If it does not match then 2% to 5% maximum fluctuation is negotiable. But seeing the ability and competence of the candidate his personality profile is below 30% to 40%. If we minus 30% from 85%, the calculation will result in 55%. This aspirant has a difference of 55% in his academic and personality profile. Therefore his case is not the case of recommendation either in screening or in final round.

Narration by chest No. 3:- When he started the narration he was not able to speak his story. He was continuously hesitating and was not able to maintain the eye contact with the group members. His confidence was also deteriorating; in the meantime one of the assessors spoke on gentleman next.

Story narrated by chest No. 4 as per the story written by him:-


Case history of chest No. 4:- This aspirant belongs to Bihar, educated from Bihar State Board and hails from rural area. The candidate is rich in academic profile but weak in personality profile on the basis of expression and knowledge.

Narration :- Gentleman I have perceived three characters from this picture. One is male age 30 and mood is positive. The second character is female aged 35 and mood is positive. Third one is also female aged 11 and mood is positive.

Comment:- The aspirant is from Bihar state board and was not fluent in his narration. He stuck up after pronouncing the word ‘gentlemen’ but did not say sorry. Further when he started that “I have perceived one male character”. During his conversation he fumbled again on the word perceive and further when he spoke ‘the male’ then again he fumbled for the third time, not a single time he apologised. One of the assessors spoke on gentlemen next. When the result was declared his name did not appear under the qualified candidates.


Story narration by chest No. 5:-  The aspirant is from Lucknow and his way of speaking appears that he is convent educated and knows how to speak, mix and interact with the group.

Action:- Veena undertakes the challenge to hit the merit.

Narration of the story by chest No. 5:- Gentlemen I have perceived two female characters one is aged 36 with negative mood and another is aged 12 with positive mood and the another a male character aged 38 and mood is positive. The action of my story is that Veena undertakes the challenge to hit the merit and my story is as under. Veena’s parents have recently shifted Lucknow from South. Due to language problem she is not able to clear either the weekly test or the monthly one. After her five consecutive failures her parents started quarrelling. Veena stood from her chair and assured her parents to improve in her next test and asked for a month’s time. She started taking help from her teachers after rescheduling her time table and even she started seeking the guidance from her seniors and within a month of hard work she passed her monthly test with high marks.

Comment:- Right from beginning to the end this aspirant did not look towards the assessors and was able to maintain the eye contact from one corner to another being at the position of chest No. 5. He did not made any stickups and was speaking so slowly so everyone was able to understand it which increased the listening degree of the candidates and the assessors both whatever body language, gesture and facial index he was using all were in his control and were supporting his narration. One special thing which he did was that when chest No. 1, 2, 3 and 4 narrated their story then he was listening to them sincerely and was further motivating them by his gesture. When he started his narration then all these four chest nos. right from one to four were giving him sincere listening and were supporting him from their gesture. Seeing the process of his content giving the remaining group members also started sincere listening. When the result was declared chest No. 5 was in the list of successful candidates.

GD & PPDT:- (Interpretation) – Gentlemen, now a days or even in most of the batches G.D. is not considered as deciding factor . This is because of the following reasons-

1 The G.D conducted in screening includes or consists of 15 to 20 members. Therefore, when G.D. is commenced, most of the group members or majority start speaking together which is not audible. As a result either of the two subgroups is made or G.D. is terminated.

The status of the performances when two subgroups are made:-

Performance of the first subgroup:- The  group is divided into two groups.  The first group has 9 candidates. G.T.O. allows them to commence the G.D. As soon as the G.D. starts, all the 9 members start fighting over age, sex and mood of the character. Then chest no. 9 loudly speaks in between and says ‘gentlemen let us stop fighting over age, sex and mood’. Then chest no. 5 says ‘gentlemen let us decide the age of the girl at 12 and her mother at 40 and her father being third person at 35. Let us come forward to decide the action’. When the discussion to decide the action comes up, the conflict again starts among the members, no consensus is drawn. The chest no. 5 plunges in between and says,’ gentlemen, let us decide an action to motivate the girl to hit the merit’. Gentlemen, in any kind of discussion when you want to resolve an issue then it can be possible only when you come up with the common interest or common issue.

After deciding the action the situation comes to draw the consensus about the common or the group story.

Again most of the group members start suggesting their story or the story written by others to be accepted as a common story to present or submit to the G.T.O. or to audience. Then chest no. 9 and chest no. 7 plunge in between and say,’ gentlemen, I am with chest no. 9 and I would like to suggest when you have accepted the action of particular story then nothing alternate is left to accept the same story. On the logic of chest no. 7 and with the consent of chest no. 9 the entire group members speak in a single voice to present the same story as a common story and nominate chest no. 5 to present the common story in front of the mini board. Now chest no. 5 stands up and presents the common story or the group story as hereunder.

Interpretation of gesture while presenting the group story:- Chest no. 5 who is nominated to submit the group story makes an eye contact with the assessors mainly with the G.T.O. and the entire group members also starts looking towards chest no. 5 and simultaneously he also looks to the G.T.O.


Now chest no. 5 starts submitting the group story as here under.

Action:- Veena undertakes the challenge to hit the merit.

Sir, our group story is as hereunder – We have perceived three characters from this picture one is male aged 33 and mood is positive, second one is female aged 36 and the mood is negative and third one is also female aged 12 and mood positive the action of our story is –

Veena undertakes the challenge to hit the merit and sir, according to us our story goes hereunder –

Veena’s parents have recently shifted Lucknow from South. Due to language problem she was not able to pass either weekly test or monthly one. After five times failure her parents were annoyed. Veena stood from the chair and assured her parents and asked for a month. She took help of her teacher. After rescheduling she started seeking the guidance from the seniors and within a month of hard work she passed the test with high marks.

When the result is declared only chest no. 5 was recommended in the screening test.

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.
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