This Indian Naval Academy Training Video Will Motivate You To Join Them

The principal role of the Indian Naval Academy is to impart basic and orientation training to all officer entrants of the Navy and Coast Guard, other than Special Duties List officers. The aim is to develop the trainees morally, mentally and physically and to imbibe in them the high ideals of loyalty, valour and patriotism in order to provide the service with officers who are dedicated to a career of Naval Service and have potential for future development to assume the highest responsibility of leadership.

Vision of Indian Naval Academy

The Indian Naval Academy has been developed as a national prestigious project and is the ‘Cradle for Leadership’ in the Indian Navy.  It is unique in concept and design and stands out as an outstanding monument.

The ab-initio training imparted at the academy will ensure that every officer who passes out through its portals will be leaders worthy of trust and confidence that the nation has reposed in them. It will also establish bridges of friendship across the ocean by training personnel from friendly foreign countries.

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