Indian Airforce Warrant Officer Beaten Up By Some People In Delhi

A shameful sight on the streets of Delhi. This video was shared on Twitter some time ago. A Warrant Officer of the Indian Air Force is seen as beaten up by some people on the road. If you have any further information on this video, please share here on the comments section.

This is a shameful incident happened in Delhi where few people are thrashing an IAF warrant officer who can be seen in the uniform. Hope the authority will take serious action against them. 
In a shameful incident today, An IAF Warrant Officer in Uniform was dragged from his bike and assaulted by youth in #NewDelhi.
The details are being investigated, but nothing justifies assaulting a person in uniform.
This shows what kind of upbringing that some youth have got.

SHAME: Indian Airforce warrant officer beaten up on road by some people in Delhi. #indianarmy

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