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10 Controversial GD Topics for SSB interview

A brief introduction
Group discussion is one of the most crucial tasks given to candidates appearing for SSB interviews.GD is the first test of the GTO series, usually held on the 3rd day as a group test. Here two topics of common interest: social issues and current events are discussed. It might be a daunting task for some, but with systematic preparation and ample reading, anyone can easily sail through GD sessions.

Qualities that are seen by GTO
a) Confidence to face a group of people and present own views
b) Ability to tackle the rising temperament of the group members and influence others in the group
c) Ability to communicate their ideas effectively
d) Presenting progressive and positive views

*Form your own opinions after reading the for and against about the topics

Topics from Current Events & Social Issues:

  1. The Recent rise in terrorism- what do you think is the reason – religious fanaticism, Illiteracy, unemployment.
    Causes (give examples for each)
    a) Lack of education and poverty forces youth to take up arms
    b) Religious fanatics try to instigate violence for their own benefits
    c) Terrorism is funded by political partiesSolution (give examples for each)
    a) Education and employment should be provided in abundance
    b) Religious fanatics should be banned
    c) Funding has to be stopped by certain policies
  2. Trump and his policies – Is he a threat to India
    For( Give examples)
    a) He is inexperienced; might take rash decisions
    b) He is against Indians working in America against(Give examples)
    a) He has always been welcoming of Indian PM
    b) He keeps an eye on Pakistan and China
  3. Demonetisation – Is it justified, which sector was the most affected
    For (Give Examples)
    a) Curbed terrorism funding in Kashmir
    b) Bought digitizationAgainst(Give Examples)
    a) People went through a lot of trouble
  4. Should India sign the CTBT?
    a) Will provide India with stronger position in UN
    a) Vulnerable to attacks as sandwiched between China and Pakistan
    b) India should instead focus on ‘No First Use’
  5. Present Syria crisis and India’s role
    Arguments should be based on facts here:
    India’s stance is neutral as Syria is not of Geological interest to us. In fact, when the United Nations General Assembly proposed a resolution of ceasefire between the conflicting groups in Syria, India abstained from voting.The Indian Embassy in Damascus has remained open and has even organized Yoga classes in the country.

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  6. Juvenile Rapists should be treated same as adults
    For(Give more examples)
    a) In the light of recent events, they should be punished for such heinous crimes
    b) Today a child matures faster than a child 10 years ago
    Against(Give more examples)
    a) Should be a given chance to learn
    b) Other laws have to be changed in accordance with this law
  7. Should Agricultural subsidies be stopped?
    For(Give more examples)
    a) Does not reach the intended people
    b) Grains produced are not reaching the masses and are going waste
    c) Money should be spent on getting the farmers out of labor market
    Against(Give more examples)
    a) Helps them in procuring materials
    b) If it reaches the correct farmers, it helps in productivity
  8. Do you think capital punishment should be abolished?
    For(Give more examples)
    a) Life imprisonment should be given instead
    b) Criminals can use the time to reform themselves
    Against(Give more examples)
    a) Gives ample justice to those affected
    b) Instills fear in those who might think of committing a heinous crime
  9. How does ‘paid media’ affect the election process?
    Paid media can sway the mindset of people by promoting a certain political party. But people should not believe in fake news. They should clarify facts and then make an informed decision.
  10. Foreign Direct Investment in retail sector
    For(Give more examples)
    a) Will enable proper tax collection
    b) More jobs for middle class
    Against(Give more examples)
    a) Local producers will suffer
    b) Concentration of resources with few retailers and local merchants

How To Prepare for SSB Interview:

Megha Singh
Megha Singh
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