7 Lessons The Army Teaches Us About Succeeding in Life

It is a well-known fact that the army training prepares you for the victory on the battlefield. But the experiences in the military teach you what no other organizations can. Here we look at 7 life lessons that we could imbibe from the military life.

  • Resilience
    Sometimes it takes a hard fall to know where you really stand. It would be ignorant to think that one will succeed in all that he/she does. Failures are a part of your journey to success and the ability to cope with them is necessary. The army toughens you not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.
  • Deferentiality
    Through resilience, you achieve success. But it is necessary that you stay humble and not let the success get to your head. No matter how much you climb the ladders of success, the army teaches you to stay true to your roots.
  • Responsibility
    This is a major requirement and necessity in the army. You are accountable to anything you are responsible for. Responsibility is among the first values taught during your initial training. You could be leading a section or a command, but your dedication to fulfilling the responsibility is of utmost importance.

    Indian army
    Indian Army at Line of Control (LoC)
  • Contentment and Minimalism
    What use is the castle you built if your mind still wanders in the countryside cottage! The army is not like every other typical 9-5 job. You improvise, adapt and learn to live with minimal resources. The results of this is a contented life wherein you have no time to whine about the tiny little things. Rather you appreciate what you have and live a happy life.
  • Leadership
    Leaders are never born, they’re made.The ultimate goal of the army is to transform you into an effective leader. And make you a person who regards his team, his workplace and his duty before himself.
  • Amiability
    This article would be incomplete without mentioning this major perk of being in the army. Back in school, you wished your teacher punished your friend along with you. But here it goes by the “one for all” policy, you mess up, get ready to be punished, but along with your entire batch. This instills a quality most people lack: the ability to befriend literally anyone. This also makes you realise the importance of teamwork.

    indian army flood
    Indian Army During Flood Rescue Mission
  • Preparedness
    To put it in other words, situational awareness. In the army, this could mean observing and identifying potential threats to your territory. But this is a quality that sticks with the soldiers forever. You see a person scanning the surroundings even while at a party? That’s just a soldier being a soldier. In life, it is necessary to be ready for any obstacle that could head your way and the army does the job for you.

To conclude, your career in the forces may or may not give you a high salary and a luxury life but it prepares you for what we call “Life”.

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