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20 Tricky Current Affairs Questions In SSB Interview


If you good at answering current affairs question during your personal interview, it surely adds more points in your SSB mark sheet, all the defence aspirants must read day to day happenings around the world and keep themselves aware of what is going on in their surroundings, you can not simply neglect such questions just by saying that you are not interested in news, politics etc etc. In SSB, assessors are assessing the personality of a candidate through various techniques. Though the IO might ask one question, he would be looking for a certain quality through that question. Many such questions are asked to candidates, which they feel is irrelevant and become casual in their approach to answering that.

Here we bring you 20 such tricky questions you might be asked in your upcoming SSB Interview. Be careful while answering them and be very logical and reasonable in your responses:

Note: The answers given below are the sample answers, you may answer based on your perspective and knowledge.

  1. Do you think Rohingya refugees be allowed to take shelter in India? Why/Why not?

Yes sir, they should be allowed on humanitarian grounds but should be kept on probation until proven loyal to this country.

  1. What do you think should be done to resolve Kashmir issue?

The solution to Kashmir demands more of administrative interference than military powers. There should be more strict vigilance on cross-borders passages and education should be made compulsory for every Kashmiri under 25 in Indian schools/colleges.

  1. What are your opinions on President Trump’s wall plan at Mexico and US border? Do you think similar idea could be adopted at the LoC?

It is a very childish idea considering the cost, manpower and maintenance involved. Practically it will be impossible to construct a wall at the hilly areas of the LoC. At the LoC, our soldiers have been our walls for a long time and will continue to do so for their motherland.

  1. Don’t you think India should also legalize recreational use of marijuana, just like Canada did recently?

Sir, medically marijuana has benefits that could cure certain ailments. It should only be administered to patients admitted in the hospitals under medical supervisor. If made common, then it would lead to its exploitation.

  1. What are your views on the US banning immigration to certain section of people?

I personally feel that this is not a good idea. Just because a few people from that section are causing nuisance, does not mean the whole sect has to suffer from it. It shows their inability to control the situation and handle it.

  1. What could be done to eradicate global terrorism?

Whole world should unite against terrorism, irrespective of language, culture, region, religion, etc. There should be an anti-terror organization like the UN Peacekeeping force which exclusively fights terrorism.

  1. What are your views on live-in relationships as in recent case of Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu?

In the view of our culture, I personally feel live-in relationships are good for our society, though, it widely depends on mutual consent of both partners and their families. We might be ‘open minded’ on a personal level, but at the social level, we are still Indians and we are not yet there.

  1. What could be done to solve global hunger crisis as it is rising day by day?

Unfortunately, there is not enough awareness about global hunger among general public today. The first step in this regard is to create awareness among people. Individuals, companies and groups who waste food must be fined.

  1. Don’t you think US did a right thing pulling itself out of the UN Human Rights Council? It will save it millions in aid.

From US point of view, it was correct. From everyone else’s point of view, US is just being an arrogant bully who wants everything they say, to be done. If the US felt that the UNHRC is a self-serving organization, then why did no other country shared the same thoughts?

  1. According to you, what should be North Korea’s stand on the possession of nukes, given the sanctions and bans on that country?

I strongly feel that a country has all the rights to do everything in their control to step up their defences. We cannot say a country – “you leave your country defence-less, we will not do anything to you.” If that were so, then there would have been no armies in the world. Unless one stands up for themselves, no one will stand up for them. Only strength respects strength.

  1. What should be India’s stand on tackling China for getting permanent seat at UN security council?

India has a huge support of most of the countries for a permanent seat, except for countries including China and Pakistan. China’s ‘yes’ matter because it is holding a permanent seat in the UNSC. Diplomatic channels should be improved between India and China.

  1. With the recent triple-talaq ban, withdrawal of Hajj subsidy and banning cow sales, what are your views on the actions of current government towards minorities?

I feel it is a very controversial issue. However, I support the decisions that the government make because it is already thought over by dozens of people. Still if there is something that needs to be addressed, one can always move to the supreme court.

  1. What are your views on the Sahayak system in the Indian Amy?

Soldiers are recruited in the army to fight wars, not to help with officers’ wives’ daily chores. I feel that the Sahayak system should be abolished in the army, taking example of Air Force and Navy.

  1. Should women be allowed in combat roles, considering men are stronger than women and men would see this as a slap on their manhood?

In today’s world, we are more open to giving equal opportunities to women. But with equal rights, come equal responsibilities. And if women are ready to take up these responsibilities without any conditions, then they should definitely be allowed in combat roles.

  1. Don’t you think India should stop giving pensions to retired soldiers and invest that money in modernizing instead?

Sir, India is the largest voluntary army. One of the reason being – pension after retirement. The government could also impose compulsory military service for everyone aged 18-20, in-line with the Israeli system. But we are a huge country with a large cultural differences. It will be practically impossible to do so in this case. Also, if pension is withdrawn, Army might lose its numbers. Instead, focus should be on indigenous development of weapons with transfer of technology.

  1. Should caste system be continued to give more opportunities to poor and economically backward people?

Caste system gives equal opportunities to under privileged section of the society. I fell that the caste system should be there only until the graduation of a reserved person. Thereafter, it is fair competition among everyone and everyone should be treated as general.

  1. Being a Hindu/Muslim, what are your views on Babri Masjid-Ayodhya issue?

I feel that it is much of a political issue than that of a religious one. As a Muslim, I feel Muslims have many holy places around the world but for Hindus, there is only one Ram janmbhoomi. I feel Muslims should support making of Ram mandir in Ayodhya and spread the message of communal harmony.

  1. What do you think is the impact of Brexit on India?

After losing access to EU single market, the UK would want to develop trade relations with emerging markets from around the world. India, with its strong economic fundamentals and a large domestic market, is in a better negotiating position. India’s high proportion of skilled working-age population and high growth rate will be of particular interest for the UK.

  1. What are your views on premarital sex in India?

Sex before marriage is something that our society and culture disapprove of. Again, it solely depends on the mutual consent of the partners, but in a general term, it is not acceptable in Indian society.

  1. Don’t you think the law gives more power to women over men? What could be done to resolve it?

The law does give more power to women in terms of gender specific laws. It is time that we start identifying crimes as crimes irrespective of gender, religion and caste. For example, if there is a law that protects women from rape, there should also be a law that protects men from rape.


The question might come from any angle, for example, by asking your daily routine, the IO is looking for what responsibilities you take as a member of your home or how you manage and organize your time throughout the day. For another instance, the IO might ask you to give solutions to resolve Rohingya Muslim crisis, which will bring out your secularism and your views on that religion, people and nationality. Be reasonable in each of your response.

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