Expansion of NCC Activities to Schools and Colleges

ncc cadets 2019There has been a significant increase in the spectrum of activities undertaken by NCC especially in the field of social service and community development.  NCC is actively participating in Swachhta Abhiyan, AIDS Awareness, Digital Literacy, Immunization, Tree Plantation, Anti-Drug Campaign, Water Conservation measures, etc. The expansion of NCC has been planned from 13 lakh to 15 lakh cadets in a phased manner from 2014-15 to 2020-21 period.  Full NCC coverage of all the Government schools and colleges will require substantial commitment in terms of manpower, finance, infrastructure, etc.  There is therefore no proposal to make NCC compulsory for the students of schools and colleges in the country.

Details of National Cadet Corps (NCC) in the country is as below:

Institutions Government Private Total
Schools 9340 3205 12545
Colleges 3906 923 4829
Total: 13246 4128 17374

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