Shameless Ajaz Ashraf Of Caravan Insulted Martyrs By Dividing Them Based On Caste

caravan insulted martyrsWe all know that Indian armed forces are above religion and caste and soldier’s first religion is Indian. All the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty are Indian first, every true Indian respect them as an Indian soldier before religion and cast. But a cheap propaganda magazine named “The Caravan”  has insulted our martyrs by dividing them in caste, the same magazine has a history of spreading fake news to divide Indian has claimed that the 49 CRPF Jawas who got martyred are majorly from low-castes and the upper-caste Hindus doesn’t have the right to display their nationalism. Surprisingly, the Caravan will never tell you the religion of terrorism.

In a article tiled “Urban upper-castes driving Hindutva nationalism have little representation among Pulwama’s slain jawans” the propaganda website The Caravan speaks of the 40 of the 49 Jawans who got martyred initially and says “19 jawans from Other Backward Classes (or backward castes), seven from Scheduled Castes, five from Scheduled Tribes, four from upper-caste backgrounds, one high-caste Bengali, three Jat Sikhs, and one Muslim. So, only five out of the 40 jawans, or 12.5 percent, came from Hindu upper-caste backgrounds”.

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