5 Books Every Defence Aspirant Must Read

5 books Every Defence Aspirant Must ReadToday is the day when the entire world celebrates World Book Day in order to recognise and expand the scope of books. The books are seen as an important linkage between the past and the future, or more often a bridge between the diverse cultures and generations of the world. On this day, UNESCO and related organisations that represent the publishers, booksellers and libraries select a World Book Capital for a year to maintain the joy and celebrations of books and reading. For the year 2019, Sharjah, UAE has been declared as the World Book Capital. It will be preceded by Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the year 2020. Let’s have a look at the list of books that you should read in order to see through the ways of armed forces personnel. These books will definitely help you in understanding the armed forces and the lives of our soldiers as they were written by some of the esteemed writers in the field of literature with the single aim of educating the youth of the country. These books will make you aware and will increase your knowledge about the armed forces and at the same time, you will feel the goosebumps as well as adrenaline rush as you will read them.



This book Shoot, Dive and Fly was penned down by Mrs Rachna Bisht Rawat and most of you must be aware of her as she had written quite a few good books about the lives and stories of soldiers in the armed forces of India. This book targets the youth of this country who want to get introduced to the exceptional and adrenaline filled lifestyle of a soldier. The author elaborate about the constant dangers, the rigours, perks, thrills, an extraordinary set of adventures and challenges that will surely give you goose bumps in every line. She has described the extraordinary lifestyle of a few soldiers that have been in uniform and have served their country. She has also written about the soldiers whose daily jobs revolved around flying fighter jets, detonating the bombs, skydiving from a helicopter, surviving in the wild and between these stories she has almost covered everything that our soldiers can do. These 21 stories presented in a well-crafted manner will make you bite your nails as you will go through the daring accounts of the soldiers in their workspace. These stories tell exceptional deeds of men and women in uniform and what the armed forces have taught them during their career. These stories will make your mind regarding donning the uniform as you won’t be able to resist going through the SSB once to see if it is in you to be a soldier.


  1. The Brave: Param Vir Chakra Stories:

Who among you isn’t aware of India’s most coveted and prestigious wartime gallantry award, Param Veer Chakra. Many of you aspire to get this medal and want to sport this on your chest by doing the extraordinary feat of bravery in the war zone. We have seen the TV serial based on this award and now it’s time to read about these heroes. The 21 fascinating stories from the operational battlefield about how India’s highest military gallantry honour was won by a few soldiers in their individual act of bravery that was rarely seen before. This book was also authored by Mrs Rachna Bisht Rawat and takes you to the enthralling stories of India’s bravest soldiers who were awarded this military honour. The author went to a lot of places such as to the families and brothers-in-arms of the soldiers along with the permission to have access to the army records. She beautifully describes the persona and the vivid characters of these brave men and their gallant actions that made them heroes of India. Some questions that will intrigue your mind are answered very well in this book. How tough is it to fight in a war zone at 20,000 feet in sub-zero temperatures? Why did Captain Vikram Batra say ‘Yeh dil maange more’ and how did he gain the name “Shershah”? How the wives and girlfriends of soldiers who didn’t return back home to cope with their loss and moved ahead in life or not? What happens when the enemy is someone that you have trained and been friends with in the past? How did the Charlie Company push back the marauding Chinese with almost next to nil ammunitions and rations? How did an ordinary villager from Uttar Pradesh become a specialist in destroying specialised tanks of the USA?
These stories are both gripping and inspiring, and the book The Brave is the ultimate book that anyone can aspire to read about the Param Vir Chakras of India.


  1. The love story of a Commando:

This book was written by Mrs Swapnil Pandey who has penned down her thoughts in a though gripping manner like never before. You will be taken into the world of a commando and will get a chance to take a peek into the life and emotions of a Commando through the eyes of a girl who has fallen madly in love with him. This book is perfect for girls and boys who always want some extraordinary romance in their life but with a tinge of armed forces. Riya, the main lead of the book is a millennial who watches Splitsvilla, worships David Guetta and sways to Ed Sheeran tunes in her life. She believes that Fifty Shades of Grey is the greatest love story ever written, and is completely unfamiliar from the world of passion, agony, gallantry, supreme sacrifices and ‘Love’ until the day she meets Captain Virat, who is a ‘Black Cat Commando’. You will have to read the book to live through the adventure-filled romantic love story of a commando.


  1. Let’s Crack SSB interview:

This SSB Interview preparation book by the SSBCrack.com is an insight into the procedures that are adapted at Service Selection Boards (SSBs), for the recommendation into the Indian Armed Forces. This is the complete new edition of Let’s Crack SSB interview, the bestselling SSB interview book for written exams like NDA, AFCAT, CDSE and covers the aspects of all other Army, Navy and Air Force SSB and AFSB interviews. Certainly, if you are reading this, you, or somebody you know, are an Armed Forces aspirant. If you will pick this book then it is ensured that you will get the complete insight of the SSB. This book is distinctive and matchless to its counterparts in many extraordinary ways. Right from describing the procedure of SSB interview in a diverse manner, to having elite level articles, contents and points related to the deep knowledge about the Armed Forces. The book will in all possible ways, guide you in the right direction of getting a recommendation in the SSB.


  1. The One Thing:

The ONE Thing: The surprisingly simple truth behind the extraordinary results is a 2013 book written by authors Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. The book assists the readers in reducing their daily life stress, triggers their motivation to get inspired in their engagements targeted on their goals, overcome the feeling of tiredness caused by overwhelming events and achieve better results in an operational time period. This book explains how the habit to succeed can be amalgamated in our life to overcome the hurdles like the lies that will block our success, the thieves that will steal our time and increase our concentration in the purpose, the way we prioritize and the productivity of our business. The book comes in handy for people indulged in business and helps them increase the efficiency of their work and remove the hindering factors. The book is easy to read and substantial in the ideas it conveys. The book says that one wants fewer distractions in their daily life, be it professional or personal, so that the most important thing can be heeded.

These are some books that you can start with to get inspired for joining the armed forces. Do order them right away and let me know how much you like them.

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