Recommended For Indian Military Academy From SSB Bangalore

Hello Aspirants, I hope you are doing great. I am Arvind Kaushik from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. I am a student of Army Institute of Technology Pune. I got recommended for CDS(IMA)-DE-147 course in my 2nd attempt from 17SSB Banglore. It was my mother’s last wish to see me serve in the Indian Army. I am very glad that I could fulfill her last wish. In my 1st attempt, I got screened out from 2AFSB Mysore (AFCAT) entry. I was not well prepared. I took precautions and started my preparation through SSB Crack. Talking about this attempt. REPORTING: We were asked to report at KSR Bangalore station at 2:00 pm on 21st March. A bus brought us to the SSB and verification started after that. About 53 candidates reported. After completing verification we were allotted chest numbers and accommodation. My chest number was 13. I being interactive made many friends. This played a vital role in my recommendation. DAY1: -SCREENING: We were briefed by the psychologist and the OIR test started. I attempted 45 odd questions in both the booklets. Then came PPDT. I observed the picture carefully and made a decent story in the given timeframe.
My narration was not up to the mark as I got stuck multiple times. In group discussion our group was divided into two groups. Two common stories came up. The group nominated me to give the common story. I thanked the group for their trust and ensured that I included the stories of both the groups in the final common story. I made it through. 24 got screened in out of 53 reporting candidates. In the afternoon we were briefed about the procedure ahead. We had our lunch and went back to our accommodation.

ssb interview book
5 Days SSB Interview

On the psych day morning, we had our batch photoshoot. After getting clicked we moved on to the hall. A Lady briefed us and the tests started.
TAT :-
I completed all my TAT stories in the given timeframe. I made stories on the things I have done in life and also on the things mentioned in my  PIQ form.  Valuable suggestions from seniors worked well for me in TAT.
WAT :-
I did all 60 WATs. I ensured that I kept it short, meaningful and it expressed my point of view and psychology. Doing written practice with time limit prior to SSB helped me. I regularly consulted seniors regarding my responses and their suggestions helped in refining my responses.
SRT :-
I did 57 SRTs. The written practice helped in increasing speed in SRTs.
I was very honest in SD and wrote the genuine opinion of my parents, teachers, friends. After that, we filled our PIQ form. We were informed about the interviews on that day. My interview was on the same day. I didn’t get the opportunity to change clothes, immediately we were ushered into a waiting room.
My interview was taken by the Deputy President of the board. I greeted him, shook hands and the interview started. He asked personal questions and I answered them well. (In my opinion*).
There were some questions which I believe, turned the game into my favour.

IO (Interviewing Officer) :- Why do you take tuitions? How do you manage between academics and teaching?
Sir in 2017, my mom passed away. At that time the financial situation of the family was not that good. I didn’t deem it to be fair to take large pocket money from my father. I decided to assist him and started talking tuitions. I did hard work and balanced both.
IO (Interviewing Officer) :- Why do you want to join Indian Army?
1. ) My father served in the Indian Army for 22 years. His personality has influenced and motivated me.
2.) In 2017, when my mom passed away, army stood by us and helped us until the last moment. For that I am indebted to the organisation and want to serve in it. Secondly, my mom, being a soldier’s wife desired to see her son in uniform. That motivated me, even more, to work harder.
*He asked me about my Guinness world record. I answered all his questions regarding that.
He grilled me with technical questions. Example GSM, CDMA, Mobile antenna and RADAR. I answered as much as I knew and for the ones I didn’t know the answer , I promised to find the answer and let him know later. He asked questions on athletes of the sports I mentioned in the PIQ form. I answered them properly. He asked about the places I have been to Pune. *As I am currently staying in Pune. Failed to answer many questions, but promised him to find out the answer and let him know later. There were many questions I couldn’t answer, I kept my calm and answered the other well. He wished me all the best for the next stage of testing and I left.

SSB Psychology Tests

DAY3 :- GTO-1.
On the previous night the whole group discussed and came to a conclusion to cooperate with each other in the GD and the subsequent tasks.
The First GD started . Everyone got the opportunity to speak. No one was cut in between. I added 6 to 7 points properly supported with facts in the group discussion. We had a very healthy GD. Same was the case with other GD. The other GD not being a vast topic involved only opinions of the group members rather than facts &figures. I contributed with 4 to 5 points. We moved on to the GPE. GPE did not go well. As I was trying to summarise and priortise the problems and the group directly jumped to the solution. I went with the flow. Our group reached a common solution to the problems.
The subsequent tasks went on well. I gave ideas in the PGT. We could complete only 3 obstacles out of the given 4.
Then We had the GOR . Our group’s war cry was “ Vande Mataram “. Our group won the GOR. We were very excited and filled with Josh.
Then we moved on to lecturette. I had prepared very hard for the lecturette by studying international relations and major happenings . But the topic I got was “ India in sports”. My lecturette did not go well.
The final task was HGT. Chest no 5,6,7 and me were team in HGT. We had a very good compatability and coordination. The task was done in 2 to 3 minutes.
DAY4:- GTO-2.
The day started with Individual obstacles and I did 9 Obstacles.
Then was Command task. I was called by 3 group mates for help. My task was very tough. There were 3 rows and 3 structures in each row. GTO asked for the solution through all 3 lanes.
I failed to give one solution and rest of the task was good.
FGT was very easy. We performed as a group and did well.
DAY 5:- Conference.
We were briefed by the Deputy President. My conference was very short . About 40-50 seconds. The Deputy president asked about the places I have been to in Banglore, about stay at ssb and to rate my performance.
I answered  the questions and left.
The psychologist came up with results. He announced my chest number. I was elated, happy that I finally made my dream as well as mom’s and family’s dream come true. I remembered the tough times. I was an unplaced student until then. Regardless of my situation , I continued working hard and kept studying things related to SSBs.
I was blessed enough to be a part of such a nice group. I miss my group a lot.
Such jovial ,energetic , compassionate and talented people. I wish so hard to live the moments again. The 4 days with them.
I give the credit of my recommendation to my Parents, teachers, friends, and my group.

5 of us made it through. Chest no 6, 10, 16,18 and me (Chest no 8). I feel that all 4 of them deserve their recommendation. They might not feel the same about me (Humour intended). It was a life changing experience. I thank SSB Crack for being a continuous source of motivation. Aspirants, If any help needed, feel free to contact me on facebook. I am always ready to help and contribute. All the best.

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