Recommended from 33 SSB Bhopal for Indian Navy (SSC GS (X))

This is Kushal Dhayal here, recommended from 33 SSB Bhopal for Indian Navy (SSC GS (X)). Your blog has played an important role in my recommendation. Especially in getting motivation by reading experiences of different lads for going for more and going hard. Another person was there for helping me (Major Sukesh Choudhary), a person who guided me as my elder brother, he plays basketball with me. A great, simple, genuine and down to earth personality. This time it was my 6th attempt. ” वो कहते हैं ना, (दिल से) कोशिश करने वालों कि हार नहीं होती। ” Two people made in this entry (including me).

Day 1: We reported at Bhopal station at 1430 hours at the station, the bus arrived. I made a few good friends at the station itself. Reached SSB centre, felt nostalgia(this was my second time at Bhopal). Did all documentation, got our accommodation.

Day 2: I woke up on time made my mind for the tests. I did very well in my OIRs. Then came ppdt, after seeing the picture I understood it and wrote a simple story. Then I narrated it in an easy and slow manner. In GD I kept 2-3 points easily and also let others speak. My story was selected as a common story. I made it in, felt low for my friends. But it was part of the process so I moved on and made some more new friends.

Day 3: Woke up on time, ready for psych. I’ve practised for them to be very honest. Wrote psych tests well and on time (did only 42 SRTs). My interview was scheduled on that day itself at around 1730 hours with the president. I was nervous before. But thanks to my batchmates and some people like (Rahul, Pushpraj and specially Pandey). They made my mind very free and I did well in my interview. Though I was not able to answer many questions regarding tech, I handled my piq well. And remember one thing people, BE HONEST. It’ll help you a lot. After my interview, I played basketball with one of my good friends (Tyagi).

Day 4: My favourite tests start today, I woke up on time, got ready for it. We reached the ground. Our GTO came on a camouflage coloured bullet. We briefed us for tests and tipped us to be normal and not act smart. We did the same, my group was good and we did well in all the tasks. 2-3 people from my group got injured in individual tasks. We gave an equal chance to each other in other group tasks like PGT and HGT. And the GTO day 1 went smooth. In the evening I played basketball with others.

Day 5: GTO day 2 went well too. My command task was a little challenging and out of three paths in command task, GTO only gave me two paths to choose from. I chose the one I was sure, he still creates some challenges like making some obstacles blue and asking for new paths, but still, I did it well. Then we all performed well in FGT too. This concluded our GTO. In the evening we went outside with other recommended candidates. We became good friends there, shared good memories. At night also we created a lot of memories, if my batchmates are reading this they’ll recall it definitely and will laugh for sure (Pranay, Jeet, Pandey, Tyagi, Rohit).
Day 6: It was the mayday for us. We all woke up a little late, did our breakfast. We packed our luggage with heavy hearts and got ready for the conference. Our conference started. My chest number was 7.

I waited outside for almost 15 mins. Heartbeats were touching the sky, I made myself calm and went inside after the buzzer. Greeted president sir (who took my interview), I got my answer from deputy president (sitting beside him). He asked me some questions I missed in my Interview, I replied to him with my answers. Then he gave me a few SRTs and I answered them all accordingly. My conference went around for 15 mins. I came out and breathed out loudly (pheww). My batchmates were sure, I’ll make through. After lunch, we assembled for results. My chest number was first, I spelt my name and tears came running out from my eyes and everyone started clapping. Me and chest no. 15 (Shubham) made it that day. I felt seriously low for my buddies who made me laugh, annoy(sometimes). But as I said before, it is a part of the process and I told them that “this recommendation is because of such good batchmates and I dedicate my recommendation to my grandparents, parents, my sisters, friends (my basketball team, Vedant, Mishra) and my batchmates.

That’s all about my SSB. At last I want to just say that don’t worry about results and do your best, I still remember the poem one of my batchmates (Rahul) said to me and it goes like this.मैं शून्य पे सवार हूँबेअदब सा मैं खुमार हूँअब मुश्किलों से क्या डरूंमैं खुद कहर हज़ार हूँमैं शून्य पे सवार हूँमैं शून्य पे सवार हूँ
So I will end here! Thank you, SSBCrack again for giving me a chance to write.

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