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AFCAT 1 2019 Question Paper -Questions and Answer [ORIGINAL]

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AFCAT 1 2019 was conducted online conducted on 16th and 17th Feb in shift 1 and 2. We have collected a few questions from AFCAT 1 2019 question paper and we thank all the aspirants and our readers who have taken time to submit these AFCAT 1 2019 Questions. Candidates can go through AFCAT 1 2019 questions and answers, we will keep updating this post as and when we get more questions from AFCAT 1 2019. We request aspirants to submit the questions in the comment section below. You will find AFCAT 1 2019 English Maths GK and Aptitude Question Papers and answer from them from shit-1 and shit-2.



AFCAT 1 2019 Questions and Answer Key (Updating): Questions are collected from the aspirants and these are memory based questions from AFCAT 1 2019  Maths, English, GK and Reasoning.

  • Golden boot of FIFA 2018
  • First woman to hold the office as defence minister
  • Summer Olympics 2k16 host city
  • Capital of nigeria
  • Founder of satvahna dynasty
  • 1st recipient of bharat ratna
  • total bouncers allowed in an over in t20
  • UN kb established hua tha
  • First Indian to win the all England badminton championship
  • t-20 me kitne breaks hote h
  • players in a team of basketball on court
  • Which state celebrates thr Hornbill Festival
  • PM of UK
  • Nawab of awadh?
  • 1st women speaker of loksabh
  • First indian who won england badminton championship
  • Who formed swatantra party
  • Myanmar capital
  • First woman minister of defence
  • Who wrote Arthshastra
  • cathedral city of India
  • kakrapar Dam on which river
  • which two cities fall under doctine of lapse in 1948
  • Myanmar captital shifted from
  • sound made by cow
  • derby cup associated with
  • founder of tuluva dynasty
  • who led Mughal in battle of hsldighati
  • material used in. Oscillation in watches
  • natural rubber is ploymer of
  • smallest unit to measure longitude
  • First CM of Bangal state
  • Chairman of Drafting committee
  • where is gobi desert
  • swimming world record holder
  • capital of Chile
  • full form of LCA
  • founder of Agra
  • first cm of madras
  • Writer of book Death of a city
  • First 3 fighter pilot of Indian airforce
  • founder of pullavas
  • Which country set world record in 4× 100m race
  • Who was first bharat ratan
  • No of drink breaks in T20
  • Chairman of first drafting committee of indian constitution?
  • Mahendragiri hills location
  • Chile capital
  • How many players in basketball?
  • Where is Sathish dhawana space centre ?
  • Father indian space program?
  • FIFA 2018 golden ball ?
  • Geet Sethi related to which sport?
  • First Bharata Ratna awardee?
  • Nigeria captial ?
  • How many bouncers allowed in a over in T20?
  • King Ashoka’s regime language?
  • Maldives president ?
  • 1 ques related longitude & latitude?
  • 4×100m gold medal won by which country?
  • The golden threshold written by?
  • Shathavana dynasty founder?
  • Maximum rainfull due to which monsoon?
  • Modern Olympics hosted by which country?
  • Longest coast line continent ?
  • Hardest substance?
  • Who started suddi movement?
  • First women fighter pilots ?
  • Constitution adopted on?
  • The golden threshold written by whom
  • when did UN celebrated it’s 50th anniversary
  • Republic day chief guest from Israel
  • President of Maldives
  • which dynasty ruled magadh during alexender’s invesion?
  • Currency of Australia
  • Author of “death of city”
  • Founder of swatantra party
  • who holds the record of consecutive Wimbledon victory
  • first indian to win all world badminton championship?
  • First woman defence minister of india? 9.who is known as female Don bradman in international women cricket tournament?
  • Sultan azaln shah tropy is related to?
  • Derby racing is for? Who led mughals in battle of haldighati?
  • Hornbill is celebrated in which NE-state of india?
  • scripts written in Ashoka’s period
  • Who wrote book ” a bunch of old letter”?
  • UNO was established on
  • which dynasty ruled north India ?
  • Founder of Awadh
  • Geeth sethi related to.
  • No of players in basketball
  • where were the first modern Olympics played
  • Satish Dhawan space centre is in which state
  • language during Ashoka 7) capital of Nigeria
  • Maldives president
  • Founder of Satvahna dynasty
  • How many bouncers in T-20
  • FIFA best player title
  • Which country set world record in 4x100m race.
  • 1st recipient of Bharat Ratna
  • First 3 fighter pilots of IAF
  • when was the Constitution of India first adopted on
  • Writer of Golden Threshold.
  • maximum rain fall due to which moonsoon
  • Continent having longest coastline
  • Shuddhi movement Started by
  • Bradman of women cricket
  • Who led the mughals during battle of haldighati in 1576??
  • Muzzle is related to which sport?
  • Serge bubuka related to which game
  • 1st loksabha speaker
  • 2016 summer Olympics held in which city
  • Highest Ozone present in which layer


  • Narcissist


  • Placidity
  • Incandescent
  • Dwindled


  • clock and dagger
  • grow grass under the feet
  • cross purposes
  • Cross purposes,
  • Bells and whistles
  • cross purposes


(Venn diagram )

  • Brick ,house, bridge
  • student of law ,student of science, men
  • antisocial, pickpockets, kidnappers


Diamond: baseball:: court:?

Veet: Path :: ?: subject ?


Odd one

  • sub lieutenant, lieutenant, major, colonel

1st Shift 17th Feb

  1. Tulava dynasty founder
  2. who is known as lady don bradman of cricket
  3. Frst modern olympics held at which country
  4. Material used in oscillator of watch
  5. which is frst country to impose carbon tax.
  6. founder of swatantra movement.
  7. Ryder cup associated with which sport?
  8. who led mughals for the battle of haldighati against rajputs?
  9. 1st speaker of LS
  10. 1st women defence minister of India
  11. Hornbill is festival of which state.

max rainfall in which area in India

suddhi movement was started by

where is ISRO

Father of Indian space research

which have the longest coast line in world

Hardest founded substance on earth

Modern Olympic hosted by which country

Who is founder of swatantra party

Which gas gives highest heat when reacting with oxygen during welding?

Which continent has longest coastline?

How many members in a basketball team?

Author of a better India a better world

Which of the following does not contain silver? (a) lunar caustic (b) Germany silver (c) horn silver (d) ruby silver

First person to win all England Badminton championship

Who was the first Minister of information and broadcasting of independent India?

Writer of ‘Death of the city’

Princely states annexed under Doctrine of lapse in 1849 ?

Largest producer of rice in world

Michael Phelps stroke record in 100m a)100m butterfly b)100m breaststroke

secretary of DRDO serves as scientific advisor to whom? ans-defence minister

Who wrote the book “Better India better world”

Who is the first woman cricketer to receive lifetime achievement award from BCCI?

oldest hills in India

When does Financial year of GOI begin?

Visible part of the sun is called

Lightest metal a)lithium b) aluminium c) bronze d) cadmium ans. Lithium



  • A travelling a car @ 60 kmph towards northwest creating an angle 42 to north and B travelling a car towards South West @80 kmph creating angle 48 degree to South. Find distance between A&B?
  • X sells A & B @1200rs(approx. & not exact value), he has profit of 23% on A and loss of 23% on B. Find the overall p/L% ?
  • Average age of n students who promoted in class VIII is Y years. Three more students included in class whose age are Y-1, Y-2 and Y+3 years. Find their average age when they promoted in class Xth.
  • Difference between two platforms x and y is 500km one train starting from x move toward y with 20 km/h and another train move toward x from y with the speed 30km/h what is the distance of the point where both train cross each other from point x.
  • The average monthly rainfall is 2.7inch, the average of first 7 months rainfall is 1.1 less than the average of yearly rainfall and average rainfall of other four month is 20.3 what is the average rainfall of the last month?
  • X n Y have some monkey in the ratio 4:3:8 if 2 monkey run away from X than the ratio become 1:1:2 how many monkey they initially had?
  • Average of n numbers is x, 3 numbers:- y-1, y-2, y+3 added, new average?
  • Distance 78km time 45 minutes, speed is x kmph for first 15 minutes, 2x for next 20minutes and x for remaining time then value of x?
  • A is 5 time efficient as of B. A completes a piece of work in 60 days less than B, how many time will they take individually?
  • watch and pendrive bought at 1564 each. And one sold for 23% profit and other sold for 23% loss. What is overall profit or loss?


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