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How I Prepared For Territorial Army Written Exam and PIB Interview

I am writing to you to share my strategy for the written exam and experience of TA PIB at Chandigarh for the Territorial army. I started my preparation when the admit card was released so I approximately had 14 days in hand. The first thing I did was to buy a book dedicated to TA written exam preparation to have a clear understanding of questions that come. I found the Territorial Army eBook on the SSBCrack website and decided to make the most out of the remaining time by dedicating myself to the topics which I knew rather than learning new things. 

How I Prepared for TA Written Exam

Maths: It was one of the most challenging subject for me and I decided to focus on the easier topics rather than trying to understand difficult topics like Trigno and Algebra. I started with practising questions from speed distance time, trains, boats, men at work etc and almost did all the questions provided in the TA pdf booklet. I also solved the previous exam papers given in the pdf. In the exam, the maths section was difficult but I managed to clear the cutoff 🙂 My only suggestion for the aspirants would be just doing the bare minimum with high accuracy.  Not all the questions are difficult and smart selection can help clearing the section.  I attempted around 28 questions and yes with full accuracy.

English: I have a habit of reading novels so this section was doable for me.  But I didn’t do any guesswork and left the tricky questions like synonyms antonyms.  This section is scoring as the RCs and Idioms are on the easy side.  I attempted 35 questions in this section.

Reasoning: One of the best sections. I literally did every question from the book and am sure I scored above 45. This can be the deciding section between clearing the cut-off or not. Just practice as much as possible and one can score definitely 47-48 marks.


GK: This section contains questions from varying topics but if one is well equipped with current affairs one can score enough to clear the 20% minimum cut off for this section. I would mention that Just going through one-liners from apps is not enough as the questions asked were from between the lines and One MUST INCORPORATE NEWSPAPER READING on a daily basis.  I did approximately 25-26 questions in this section.  Mostly related to current affairs.


Territorial Army PIB Interview Experience

  • So overall I cleared the written and was called for PIB on 21 Sept, Saturday at territorial army headquarter western command. The process was smooth and the army personnel were cooperative.
  • All the selected candidates were required to report at 7 am. After an hour of document verification,  we filled a biodata form 5 times as there were 5 people taking interview.
  • We had to fill out current employment status, hobbies, achievements in sports. It was a shorter version of the PIQ form which we fill for SSB interviews.
  • My turn for the interview came around 10 am. After 5- 6 minutes of stand by period I was called inside the PI room. There were 4 people sitting in front of me, 2 to my right 2 to my left. The PO chair was empty. ( the centre chair). 
  • There were 3 people sitting behind my back too. I guess they were psychologists (I am not sure). The person sitting to my left started by asking me a question based on my graduation then why did I want to join TA and a few other questions regarding the hobbies I had filled in the biodata. 
  • One question was asked by the person sitting to my right regarding my profession and extracurricular that I had mentioned in my biodata form. My interview lasted for approximately  4 mins. (Like conference round) and after that, we were told that we can go.
  • The result will probably come in the next 20 days. I can say that the overall experience was quite pleasant and I am hopeful that I’ll get through. 

Special thanks to the SSBCrack website for clearing my doubts regarding documents we needed to carry as I had no one else to ask and clear my confusion.  I wish all the best to all the aspirants. Thank you.

Sargam Sharma


The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.
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