What Is Indian Army 3 Years Tour Of Duty For Civilian

In a significant move, the Indian Army is considering a proposal under which personnel from paramilitary forces would be allowed to serve in the force for a short duration. “The Indian Army is considering a proposal called ‘Inverse Induction Model’ under which there may be an opportunity for personnel from central paramilitary forces to serve in the Army for a short duration,” Indian Army sources told ANI.

The sources said the Army Headquarters is also mulling terms of engagement to be attractive to individuals from the paramilitary forces as well as the force. A number of proposals are being considered by the Army Headquarters for improving its pool of human resources.

The Army is also considering a proposal to give a three-year tour of duty to common citizens in the service who want to work for a brief period for the force in places where they can be of great use to the service. This would also help the force to attract the best of talent from across the country and help it in a big way.

Sources told ANI that the top brass in the Army is also reviewing the Short Service Commission to make it more attractive for the youth. Initially, the Short Service Commission was started with five years minimum service but later it was extended to 10 years.

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