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Inside Indian Naval Academy

The principal role of the Indian Naval Academy is to impart basic and orientation training to all officer entrants of the Navy and Coast Guard, other than Special Duties List officers. The aim is to develop the trainees morally, mentally, physically and to imbibe in them the high ideals of loyalty, valour and patriotism in order to provide the service with officers who are dedicated to a career of Naval Service and have potential for future development to assume the highest responsibility of leadership. The Indian Naval Academy has been developed as a national prestigious project and is the ‘Cradle for Leadership’ in the Indian Navy.

It is unique in concept and design which stands out as an outstanding monument. The ab-initio training imparted at the Academy will ensure that every officer who passes out through its portals will be leaders worthy of trust and confidence that the nation has reposed in them. It will also establish bridges of friendship across the ocean by training personnel from friendly foreign countries.

The aim of the Indian Naval Academy is to prepare young men and women to be a professional officer in the navy by providing them sound education supplemented with the required professional naval training. It is intended that all officers joining the Navy will pass through this academy so that the entire officer cadre is suitably initiated into the naval way of life starting with a common controlled foundation. The academic curriculum is tailored to keep pace with the demands of modern technology. In addition, the Academy will condition the young men and women who have chosen the navy as a career with the mental and physical attributes to be able to exercise self-discipline, to perform efficiently under stress, to think and react quickly.

The Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala is Asia’s largest Naval Academy. The Indian Naval Academy is situated in Kerala. It is situated at a distance of 35 kms from the historic city of Kannur and 135 kms from city of Mangalore. The Academy is surrounded by Mount Dilli, the serene Kavvayi backwaters and the majestic Arabian Sea. The campus occupies an area of 2452 acres, with a total perimeter of 22 kms. The Academy also includes a beach stretch of 7 kms. It also has a large area with a variety of flora and fauna. The important landmark of INA campus are the Headquarters, Parade Ground, Chola stadium, cadet squadrons, Katari Cadets’ Mess, aquatic complex, sports fields, officer residential area, naval sailors accommodation and civilian employees residential area.

The campus provides facilities for training cadets in all aspects such as swimming and diving at Mulla Aquatic complex, Pereira Drill and Discipline complex to imbibe discipline among cadets, Angre Physical Training and Sports complex for developing team spirits and physical fitness and Marakkar Watermanship Training centre for yachting and rowing skills. The academy has world class library named as ‘Panini’ which is a five storied building with all facilities and training aids like internet and digital library. The campus is also nested with OOW/ROR simulator and Catspaw which help the cadets to learn seamanship activities and basic Rules of the Road and Ship Handling. The campus also provides auditorium facilities like Ramanujan and Orion where movies are screened every week. The campus has basic facilities for cadets like ATMs, stationary shops, tailor, cafeteria, canteen etc.

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