Cracked NDA Exam and SSB Interview For National Defence Academy AIR-337

Hello Everyone, This is cadet Himanshu Bhadouria and I got recommended from 2 AFSB Mysore in my first attempt for the pilot in the 145th NDA course. I have studied at Profoundly Rashtriya Military School Bangalore and I am here to share my Journey from a Dream to getting Recommended.

I am from a humble background which belongs to a small city Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. My father is Ex-Army personnel currently serving in Defence Service Corps and has given almost 25 years to this. Being an Army brat unlike others it has given me a privilege to live in Defence Environment from an early age has brought a spark in me to join the defence forces. I was always fascinated by the discipline, uniformity, adventure, the way a soldier donned a uniform and never-ending list.

A brief description about SSB is that how much you know about yourself, your strengths so that you can polish them, your weaknesses which can be improved.

On my 4th day after completing all task our GTO officer told all of us that psychology, interview, GTO each of them matters 33% and the rest is depend on god so if You can’t able to crack SSB one shouldn’t lose hope maybe you is good at many other things and I thanks SSBCrack for continuously uploading contents and motivating all the aspirants out there.

So, starting with my experience, I was told to report on 14 December at Mysore, Candidates reported were 220. On the first day as systematic Screening in which firstly We had to give Officer intelligence rating test thereafter, PPDT is conducted in which we have a shown a picture for 30 seconds and we have given 4 minutes to write a story always remember story should not be exaggerated, it should be logical and related to your life followed by we have to narrate our story and choose a leader as I was chosen as a leader from my group and leader work is collect all points given by group during group discussion and narrate the common story to the officer at present.

After screening, 59 candidates were left for further. On the second day all of us have gone through a psychology test in which the first test was Thematic Apperception Test, It entails writing 12 stories on pictures shown to you one after the other on a screen. You will get 30 sec to view the picture and 04 min to write a story on each picture.

The second test was Word Association Test. In which 60 words will be flashed before you, each for 15 sec and you are required to write the first thought that comes to your mind after reading that word and the third test was the Situation Reaction Test in which, A total of60 situations are required to be addressed in 30 minutes and in the end Self Description

It entails writing about what your friends, teachers, parents think about you, what you think about yourself and how do you see yourself in future.

I have completed all TAT, all WAT and 46 SRT and in the end self-description. Always remember time is the most important aspect here so be focused on what task is given to you.

On the 3rd day Interview, it is just a friendly conversation with an Interviewing officer. It is totally based on the Personal Information Questionnaire form which you are allowed to fill after clearing the Screening test.

Mine interview went for 49 minutes and it was a nice experience to talk about yourself for that much time. On the 4th day GTO test, this is the one in which we show our physical and mental strengths.

It was from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon starting with two Group discussion which was conducted for around 40 minutes approx. The First Group Discussion is usually on a debatable topic and the Second Group Discussion is usually of a social issue, In the second task the Group Testing Officer will brief us about a situation that will be supported by a physical map and it would have some problem and we have to think the best possible solution to those problems firstly by narrating to group thereafter writing it, remember before writing solutions you should give a brief about priorities and resources.

After that, we were told to report at GTO Ground. Initially, in the Progressive group task, my group have completed all four obstacles, thereafter Half group task was also done without much difficulty after that command task in which a candidate is chosen as a leader and allowed to choose his subordinates usually goes with two. Out of 7 members in my group, I was chosen 4 times.

Now we were allowed to give a lecturette on a topic out of 3 given topic, my lecturette was on fundamental rights. Now comes the individual obstacles in which we were given 10 obstacles and told to complete as many as obstacles in 3 minutes, my score was 9 obstacles which were once among the highest in our whole batch. GTO was ended with a final group task. A tip to the 4th day is that you should be calm, actively participating, giving ideas and listening to all the instructions given by GTO.

On the 5th and last day which is also known as a conference day, each one of us got a chance to see all the assessors there. When I was called the first question they asked me about my performance in all the task from which I have replied that I have given all my potential, rest depends on all the assessors and the second is the things I have learnt from my school and I don’t want to bore you with my answers because it was a never-ending answer they have to stop meπŸ˜….

When the result is announced and your chest no called out by an officer like mine was 48, It is the best feeling, when you are allowed to go to the stage and you heard all the claps for you. A total of eight candidates were recommended. on the 6th day, eight of us went for Computer Pilot Selection System and in the end, Three got selected for Pilot. SSB is all about how you have enjoyed all the five days, learnt, created a bond, comrade between your group and batch.

I will sign off by saying that persistence is the key to give all your efforts to the things you dreamt and don’t stop until everyone is proud of you. Thank you, everyone.

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