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Recommended To Join The Officers Training Academy Chennai

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Handsome is he who handsome does. Indian Army has given me the opportunity to become a Handsome person in my life. Hi,  My name is Pronoy Das (B.Tech in Electrical Engineering). I recently got recommended for SSC(Tech)-56 entry for Army. I would like to share my success story with you guys because I want to shatter the myth that only ‘talented’ people get in. The journey started 2 years back, in the year 2019, when I got to know that there’s an entry called SSC(Tech) through which an engineering graduate can join armed forces as an officer. In my first three attempts, I took a lot of pressure and went for my respective SSBs. At those times I was confident enough but my desperation to join armed forces didn’t allow me to get through. So one thing I would like to suggest to everyone that Be Eager to achieve it, don’t be desperate for that.

Believe me, friends, If you have qualities then SSB will definitely select you. And you can easily develop your qualities by helping others in real life or by doing some good works. Don’t follow your regular life schedule friends, always do some work which will make you different from others.

In this way you can develop your qualities. Talking about my SSB, amongst 179 candidates 24 got screened in and 3 got recommended. On the screen in test the picture was on social gathering and my story was also on following the rules and regulations of Covid-19. You have to keep in mind that for direct entries you have to make good stories and as well as your narration should be perfect.

In the PSYCHOLOGY test I wrote 12/12 stories; 60/60 WATs and 60/60 SRTs.

For the psychology test, I only downloaded the TAT, WAT and SRT sheets from SSBCRACK.COM and practised those to improve my HANDWRITING SPEED only.

I have seen most of my friends practised those psychology papers to improve their stories, WATs and responses in SRT. But you have to understand that psychology is a constant thing and varies from person to person. So don’t copy it from others. Always give your original response which will match with your answers in PI and as well as with your performance in GTO.

For the GTO, rather than giving my own points, I gave the first priority to the group. I understood that to become a good Speaker I have to be a good Listener. For this, I carefully listened to others points and appreciated them for their participation also. In-ground tasks I kept myself calm and helped my group when the faced difficulties.

Because of the Pandemic Situation I wasn’t able to complete the individual obstacles. I only completed 8 obstacles out of 10.  But I was good in Command Task and Final Group Task.

My Personal Interview was conducted on DAY-4. In the interview you have to focus on 3 things (1) About yourself ; (2) Your General Knowledge  ; (3) Your Technical Knowledge. ( for tech entries)

Everyone knows about their own life so I haven’t faced any difficulties over there.. Even my general knowledge was little good. But my best part was my Technical Knowledge.

One thing you have to show them on which no one can stand beside you. That means you have to tell them why you are worthy for armed forces.

As I was good in all three parts my interview also went good.

On the day-5 my conference went approx. 30 seconds and the Interviewing officer asked  me that if there will be only one vacancy and amongst 24 whom do you like to select.

Now at that point after giving a perfect performance everyone should definitely nominate their own name. But I didn’t. I nominated the name of the person who’s chest number was next to me.

Although we both performed really well and we both deserved that one vacancy. But I nominated him because  that was his 11 th attempt and mine was 4 th. We both were same and eligible for that post but his dedication beat me somewhere somehow, that I felt. Then after an hour the result announced and we both got recommended. When I asked him about his conference then I shocked, because the interviewing officer asked him the same question and he nominated my name rather than taking his own name.

Army wants Sacrifice. Army wants best. That I learnt on that day.

When I started the journey I was nothing. Zero English, Zero Knowledge, technically poor. But I had three important qualities, those are Dedication, Hardwork and Never Give Up attitude.

If you will think to achieve then no one can stop you.

Its not depend upon your condition or family background or environment,  It totally depends upon you for which after 1 year I will become the first Army officer in my Village.

“When the going gets tough,

The tough get going”.

-Jai Hind.

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