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Monday, June 14, 2021

Lt Gen Yogendra Dimri Visited Shatrujeet Brigade

The 50th Parachute Brigade is a brigade-sized formation of the Indian Army. Its main force is formed of battalions of the Parachute Regiment. It consists of 2 Airborne Special Forces battalions, supported by units of the Regiment of Artillery, the Corps of Engineers and a Para field hospital.

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Lt Gen Yogendra Dimri, GOC-in-C, Central Command visited Shatrujeet Brigade on 5th June and reviewed the operational preparedness. He complimented the paratroopers for their excellent standard of training and motivation.

The 50th Parachute Brigade comprises the following units:

  • 1 Para Special Forces battalion and 2 regular parachute battalions
  • 1 Parachute Field Regiment (Artillery) (9 and 17 Parachute Field Regiments in rotation)
  • 60 Parachute Field Hospital (AMC)
  • 411 (Independent) Parachute Field Company (Bombay Sappers)
  • 622 Parachute Composite Company (ASC)
  • 50th (Independent) Parachute Brigade OFP (Ordnance)
  • 50th (Independent) Parachute Brigade Signal Company (Signals)
  • 2 (Independent) Parachute Field Workshop Company (EME)
  • 252 (Parachute) Air Defence Battery (AAD)
  • 50th (Independent) Parachute Brigade Provost Section (CMP)

The President’s Bodyguard also forms part of the brigade as the pathfinder company.

The Airborne Special Forces Battalions of the Parachute Regiment rotate to form part of the brigade, alternatively serving their field tenures in counter-insurgency/high altitude areas. One of the two field regiments (9 (Parachute) Field Regiment and 17 (Parachute) Field Regiment (Zojila & Poongali Bridge)) also forms part of the brigade while the other serves out its field tenure on rotation.

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