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Can I lie In SSB Interview ?

If you will face something very personal then you may directly tell the IO that you are not comfortable talking about such personal matters.

They say everything is fair in love and war, SSB interviews are also like a war for most of us, everyone wants to get recommended by hook or by crook. But, sometimes when we do not get recommended, we start recalling our performance and go into flashbacks, just to analyze whether we have lied somewhere or not.

If you have lied at any point time during SSB testing, then you might take it as a reason for not getting recommended, but if you have not lied at any point in time, then you might think that you have done a mistake by telling everything correct about you which may include some negative qualities also.

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But the question still remains the same, can we lie in an SSB interview? Let’s say there is something you don’t like to talk about or don’t feel comfortable about, so there is no need to talk much about that in the SSB interview, try to divert (cleverly) from such topics even if it is asked by interviewing officer. Personal interview in SSB depends on the aspirants, he/she can take it towards any direction, but it is advised to take it towards your strong points rather than talking more about something negative or sad.

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How to create a good impression in a personal interview?

  • Be mature and talk sense, but don’t be very serious or nervous, be joyful, and try to be funnier even though you are bored in real life, you should be happy that you are attending an SSB interview which is still a dream for many.
  • Be confident, whatever you have done in your life, have a supporting answer for that. Make sure that you support yourself in whatever you have faced in your life, take accountability for failures, and never blame someone else.
  • Talk as if you have to impress a girl sitting in front of you, show liveliness, and do not bore IO with your lies of self-boasting.
  • Listen first, even though you have got the gist of the question before IO has finished, give a pause between the question and your answer, and show that you think before you speak, it’s great quality. On the whole, it helps you to think of better answers and counter answers.
  • Try to show OLQs indirectly, everything will get noted down, so try to show as many as qualities you can put forward.

How to get rid of difficult/unwanted questions?

  • Difficult questions don’t mean GK questions, it is something you don’t want to talk more about.
  • Though it is not correct to ignore questions directly you can ignore them indirectly or decrease the counter questions. Suppose you are not much in sports, you may feel insecure with more sports questions, then have a reason for why you are not much in sports ( as said earlier,  Be confident, whatever you have done in your life, have a supporting answer for that). Always cut a negative quality with a positive quality, and tell about something else you are good at.
  • If you will face something very personal then you may directly tell the IO that you are not comfortable talking about such personal matters. Sometimes, IO may check how long you can hold a secret, no one feels secure in discussing the very personal things related to his/her family or relatives. And it is totally fine not to share such things if you are not comfortable, if it goes with your personality then act in the same way.
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Shall I tell you something very negative about me?

  • No, never talk negative things about you, apart from some basic negative qualities, never ever say something so bad or negative about you. Try to hide such things as much as possible, again, be smart.
  • Don’t be emotional, don’t think by telling your sad story you will gain some sympathy, IO is there to judge your suitability for the armed forces, he has no feeling for you, he may laugh in front of you but he never takes rest, he keeps on writing whatever you portrait about yourself. So be clever and go with proper planning.

So, what do you think, have you ever lied in SSB interview ??

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.
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  1. Admin can u plzz guide me for the IO..i feel little bit underconfident after thinking of PI…i have an ssb on 5 aug 2013 of AFCATnd then after for IMA in sep or oct…

  2. @admin .. what i feel in shruti case .. accepting mistake is good … she can say .. yes its a not a proper dicision .. but she is learning from her mistake … and give the proper reason behind that ….. Regretting is different from accepting mistakes ….. which also goes in her favour …. What did you say ??

  3. @admin
    Hi, I was in OTA in 2009 and after joining received a ssb call from air force. It was my dream to join air force so applied for leave at OTA to appear in SSB but the leave was declined by my company commander and he asked me to resign and then go for SSB interview. I thought to give a try and resigned from the academy. I didn’t clear it and regret my decision.

    Now I am appearing for SSBs but I don’t want to tell this case to my interviewer as they don’t feel confident selecting me. I was recommended twice for different services before.

    I want to know sir that what else can I give as answer to their question ”why did I left academy?”

    Can I hide the fact that I didn’t go to academy?

    • Few of the interviewers felt that its not true and I left coz of rigorous training which is not true as I have done NCC and I was quite comfortable with the training. and few of them felt that that if there is a better opportunity after joining is available then I can resign.

      So I am finding it very difficult to speak truth in the interview. . I want to know that can I lie that I didn’t go to academy?

      Do you have any suggestions?

    • It was a tough decision for you after joining OTA, also it was something without proper guidance. You should only leave an academy if you have passed SSB and medicals for another. Just on the basis of SSB call letter, you shouldn’t have taken that step. I must say it was an immature step by you. You can not hide that you have left academy, it will be a big lie. I have seen people getting recommended even after leaving the academy. So just tell the truth and the actual reason for doing so.

    • Allahabad I meet a person last year ,He was drop out of IMA and he said with dignity “I left academy IMA becaause I found it very hard that time physically” and now train myself for it mentally and physically
      He was not selected that time but he was truthful to himself and board.

      So say truth because you can’t hide your image in mirror.

    • Just tell them whatever you did shruti.. you have already done it and you can do it again. if the assessors have any doubt in you they will confirm themselves and then take the correct decision.. so you be prepared and tell them the truth…


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