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National Defence Academy Passing Out Parade POP 30 May 2022

The Passing out Parade of the cadets of the 142nd course of the National Defence Academy (NDA) took place on Monday morning in Pune, Maharashtra.

Following the convocation ceremony of the cadets of the 142nd course of the National Defence Academy (NDA) on Sunday, the Passing out Parade took place in Pune on Monday morning. This comes as a mark of completion of the professional training of the cadets at the academy after three years of tough training. 


The Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari also reviewed the parade on the ground following which he addressed the cadets. Notably, the parade was held at the Khetrapal Ground in Pune. A proud moment for the passing cadets and their parents, the cadets were seen in their white summer uniforms displaying an immaculate parade. 

After three years of gruelling training, the cadets of the 142nd course of the National Defence Academy (NDA) are all set to pass out from the academy, following the Passing out Parade (POP) which is taking place in Pune on Monday morning.


The parade which usually culminates with a final slow march also witnesses the presence of the trainers as well as the faculty members who share their pride moment on the passing out of the cadets. Also, fresh cadets can be seen cheering for the seniors. 

Notably, two batches of cadets pass every year from the military academy based at Khadakwasla in Pune and further continue with another year of re-commissioning training at the academies of their respective forces. 

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