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Got Indian Navy Joining Letter After 12 Attempts

He got screened out 9 times, conference ones and after two recommendations, finally on the 12th attempt got his joining letter.

My name is Rohit Pandey, a graduate in mechanical engineering from SRM IST Chennai, belonging to Ghazipur (UP 61) Uttar Pradesh. I belong to an army family and my father is an ex- serviceman who retired in 2012 with HAV rank and my mother is a housewife.

I have my younger brother studying in school. When I was in college, I joined NCC to explore myself more and inculcate Officer qualities like speaking, management skills, being fit, etc. I enjoyed college life with my friends – completing assignments, night rides, loitering in college, and spending time in the college canteen. It was all going great.

Now in the final year, I realized that it’s time to think about my career and take a decision about where I want to see myself after college. In my final year, I applied for SSC Tech Army entry and got a call letter from SSB Allahabad after a few months. Since it was my first SSB, I didn’t prepare much, went casually, and got screened out. But I believed that I have it in me. I learned the hard way that while going for any exam we should do our homework and prepare properly. I also got placed in an MNC through college placement.

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12 ssb interviews 2 recommendations and finally joining the indian navy 1

For the next 3 SSB’s I went while managing my job after the college placement. But I still got screened out. Now as I went back home, I started thinking about why is it happening, I tried all the existing methods like talking to a mirror, and tried every possible method in the previous three SSBs. Now since I didn’t have an answer to my question I joined an Academy to really understand the process and other minute details about the SSB Interview. In the academy, I practiced all the SSB tests practically on ground before getting into the real test environment. After taking up the Offline SSB Course, I was more aware about the SSB and was confident about the process as I had gone through it multiple times in practice, cleared my doubts and some myths which kept circulating among the aspirants.

CDS 2023 Live Classes 3

After coming to an academy I learnt not to follow anyone for SSB advice, neither believe in any myths. Research about it from official pages or from assessors who have been a part of SSBs and the selection procedure. It will save your time and energy. While in the academy I met with amazing like-minded boys and girls who are genuine and helped me throughout the journey. I agree that I may have broken a few rules with them but it was definitely worth it now that I have so many beautiful memories.

AFCAT 2023 Live Classes 2 4

In the next attempt I was conferenced out, but this time I knew how to introspect properly and reflect on my performance. In the next few attempts, I started working on my newly discovered weaknesses while absorbing the theoretical things I have learnt and started applying it in daily life. I took help from my friends and seniors to analyze myself more and kept in touch with the assessors of from Academy. I also started enjoying my life more, spending time with family and friends. In my 10th attempt, I finally got recommended from SSB Kapurthala for NCC army entry. After getting recommended I again got screened out in my 11th attempt. But I didn’t care much and started looking towards my next attempt. And in the consequent 12th attempt, I got recommended again for NAVY TECH ENTRY from Bhopal SSB.

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12 ssb interviews 2 recommendations and finally joining the indian navy

After multiple failures and I tasted success twice with the help and effort of all those people who stayed by my side, my friends , family and the teachers and gurus who trusted me all this way. What I believe is that if I can do it, you can also do it, just follow a plan to keep improving.

ssb interview coaching 2

There are the few things which you can keep in mind before approaching for ssb-
1- Physical health (like do running ,gym ,play sone sport )
2- practice self time (meditation)
3- analyse the important decision of your life (like related to career, relationship , or any daily action your are taking and reason for it)
4- keep your life sorted ,simple and stay humble.
5- Go all in and give it all you can give for preparation for ssb.
6- Never expect anything but have faith in yourself that you are worth what u are trying for.Here is the one quote which I follow “LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WILL LIVE WHEN YOU WILL WIN.” It’s not possible to put all of my journey in words but I tried keeping it short and interesting. Feel free to reach out to me, I would be happy to help.
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Time to take your leave future GCs AND LCs. Thank you for Reading :heart_eyes::heart:

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