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How To Join Army Education Corps of Indian Army

The Army Education Corps (AEC) is a specialized branch of the Indian Army that focuses on promoting education and knowledge among army personnel. To join the AEC, one must fulfill specific eligibility criteria and follow a specific recruitment process that includes online application, written examination, interview, medical examination, training, and commissioning.


The Army Education Corps (AEC) is one of the corps of the Indian Army, responsible for providing educational and training support to soldiers, officers, and their families. It was formed on 15 September 1945, with the primary objective of fostering education and knowledge among the army personnel.

What is army education corps

The AEC is an integral part of the Indian Army and is responsible for providing educational opportunities to the soldiers and officers of the army. The corps comprises officers and soldiers who are trained in various fields such as education, psychology, and military tactics.

The role of the AEC is to provide educational support to the Indian Army personnel and their families in the form of pre-deployment, in-service, and post-service education. It plays a significant role in providing training and education to the soldiers, which helps them in their professional and personal development.

COAS visited the Army Education Corps Training College and Centre, Pachmarhi on 16 and 17 Jun 2018.

The AEC conducts various courses and programs to meet the educational requirements of the army personnel. The courses offered by the AEC are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of the soldiers in their respective fields. The courses include language training, computer courses, military psychology courses, and specialized courses in various other fields.

One of the primary objectives of the AEC is to promote education and knowledge among the soldiers and their families. It conducts various programs to encourage soldiers to pursue higher education and enhance their knowledge. The AEC also provides guidance and counseling to soldiers who wish to continue their education after retirement from the army.

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The AEC is also responsible for the establishment and management of educational institutions for the children of army personnel. These institutions include Army Public Schools, Army Institute of Technology, and Army Institute of Management. These institutions provide quality education to the children of the army personnel, and they are recognized as some of the best educational institutions in India.

The AEC also plays a crucial role in the recruitment and selection of candidates for the Indian Army. The corps conducts various tests and interviews to select the best candidates for the army, and it also provides training to the selected candidates before their induction into the army.

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The Army Education Corps is an integral part of the Indian Army, and it plays a crucial role in providing educational support to the soldiers and their families. The AEC is committed to promoting education and knowledge among the army personnel and enhancing their professional and personal development. With its extensive range of courses and programs, the AEC continues to support the Indian Army in its mission to protect the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

How to join army education corps

To join the Army Education Corps (AEC) of the Indian Army, you need to fulfill certain eligibility criteria and follow a specific recruitment process. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to join the AEC:

  1. Eligibility Criteria: The eligibility criteria to join the AEC vary depending on the rank you are applying for. Here are the basic criteria:
  • Age: The candidate should be between 23 and 27 years of age.
  • Educational Qualification: The candidate should have a master’s degree in any discipline with at least 50% marks.
  • Physical Standards: The candidate should be physically and medically fit.
  1. Apply Online: The first step is to apply online on the official website of the Indian Army. The website provides all the necessary information regarding the recruitment process and eligibility criteria.
  2. Written Examination: The candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be called for a written examination. The written examination is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge in the relevant subject areas.
  3. SSB Interview: The candidates who clear the written examination will be called for an interview. The interview is conducted to assess the candidate’s personality, communication skills, and suitability for the role.
  4. Medical Examination: The selected candidates will undergo a medical examination to ensure that they meet the physical and medical standards required for the job.
  5. Training: Once the candidate clears all the selection stages, he/she will undergo training at the Army Education Corps Training Centre in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh.
  6. Commission: After completion of the training, the candidate will be commissioned as an officer in the AEC.

Joining the Army Education Corps requires fulfilling certain eligibility criteria and following a specific recruitment process. The process involves online application, a written examination, an interview, a medical examination, training, and commissioning. If you are interested in joining the AEC, you can visit the official website of the Indian Army for more information.

Is AEC Entry Closed by Indian Army?

The Indian Army has discontinued the entry into the Army Education Corps. The last notification for AEC entry was released in 2017, and since 2018, no new entry has been announced. A committee has suggested that the AEC should be shut down as a Corps over the next five years. The existing manpower should be re-oriented and re-skilled to become part of the electronic surveillance and intelligence, cyber warfare, and electronic warfare units, or trained as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle operators.

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