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Indian ArmyIndian Army Fake Uniform Seller Caught By Military Intelligence

Indian Army Fake Uniform Seller Caught By Military Intelligence

The revelation of this racket underscores the critical threat posed by the illegal sale of military uniforms.

In a significant breakthrough, a joint operation by the Maharashtra Police and Military Intelligence has exposed a Delhi-based syndicate involved in the illegal manufacture and distribution of counterfeit Indian Army uniforms.

The operation, conducted on Friday, shed light on the burgeoning market for fake military attire, raising concerns over national security.

The crackdown began with the apprehension of Suresh Khatri, a resident of Anand Nagar, Nashik, by the Bhingar police in Ahmednagar. Khatri was caught red-handed with 40 units of the Indian Army’s newly designed combat uniforms, which were found to be counterfeit.

These uniforms were in the latest Digital Pattern Combat Uniform style, which has been recently introduced by the Indian Army. Khatri is believed to have distributed these fake uniforms in Nashik and Ahmednagar, falsely claiming they were procured from the Canteen Stores Department for Army personnel.

This arrest was made possible through precise intelligence provided by the Military Intelligence, Pune, under the Southern Command. The investigation revealed that Khatri was part of a larger network operating out of New Delhi and Rajasthan, involved in the widespread illegal sale of the combat pattern uniforms.

The Indian Army had recently updated its combat uniforms with a new camouflage pattern and secured the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for the design and pattern for a decade, with an additional five-year extension.

This measure was taken to curb the unauthorized production and sale of these uniforms, which pose a severe security risk. The exclusive rights ensure that the combat uniform can only be legally sold in Unit Run Canteens of the Indian Army, making any unauthorized replication a violation of the Army’s IPR.

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The revelation of this racket underscores the critical threat posed by the illegal sale of military uniforms. Such activities not only infringe upon the Intellectual Property Rights of the Indian Army but also pose a grave security risk by potentially allowing unauthorized individuals access to restricted military areas.

The ongoing investigation aims to dismantle this network and prevent further compromise of national security. Authorities are on high alert, especially in sensitive regions adjacent to Aurangabad and Pune, to thwart any attempts by individuals to infiltrate restricted army zones under the guise of fake army uniforms.

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