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Indian Navy8 Badass Pictures of MARCOS in Action

8 Badass Pictures of MARCOS in Action

MARCOS have been pivotal in numerous critical operations both within India and overseas. They have played key roles in counter-terrorism operations in Jammu & Kashmir.

The Indian Navy’s Marine Commandos, popularly known as MARCOS, represent the epitome of professionalism, bravery, and elite military training within the Indian Armed Forces. Established in 1987, this special forces unit was initially called the Indian Marine Special Force (IMSF).

The name was later changed to MARCOS to reflect their broadened scope and capabilities. They are trained to engage in all manner of operations, specializing in maritime operations, direct action, special reconnaissance, and counter-terrorism. Their motto, “The Few The Fearless,” perfectly encapsulates the essence and the ethos of these elite warriors.


Training and Selection

The selection process for becoming a MARCO is notoriously rigorous, accepting only the best of the best. Candidates undergo a grueling training regimen that spans over three years, with the first few months dedicated to basic commando training. Following this phase, the trainees are exposed to specialized training courses across the world, including high-altitude warfare, counterinsurgency, language training, and more.

The training is designed to be extremely challenging, both mentally and physically, to prepare these commandos for any conceivable scenario. They are skilled divers, parachutists, and combatants in all terrains, whether it be at sea, in the air, or on land. Their prowess in unconventional warfare tactics and operations behind enemy lines speaks volumes of their rigorous training and indomitable spirit.

Marcos drop 4

Operations and Missions

MARCOS have been pivotal in numerous critical operations both within India and overseas. They have played key roles in counter-terrorism operations in Jammu & Kashmir, protecting offshore assets in India’s vast maritime domain, and evacuating Indian citizens from conflict zones abroad.


One of their most notable operations was Operation Black Tornado in November 2008, where MARCOS, alongside other Indian Special Forces, responded to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Their swift action, precision, and bravery saved countless lives and highlighted their critical role in India’s national security architecture.


Equipped with some of the most advanced military technology in the world, MARCOS have access to specialized weapons, state-of-the-art communication gear, and cutting-edge maritime equipment. This arsenal allows them to execute a wide range of missions, from surgical strikes to reconnaissance to underwater demolition.

Indian Navy Marco

Their unique capabilities also include the ability to operate in extreme climates and under challenging conditions. MARCOS commandos are known for their ability to adapt quickly, making them highly effective in any operational environment.

International Collaboration

To enhance their skills and share knowledge, MARCOS often train with other elite special forces around the world, such as the US Navy SEALs, British Special Boat Service (SBS), and the Russian Spetsnaz. This international collaboration has not only bolstered their tactical and operational capabilities but has also helped in fostering strong defense ties with these nations.

marcos kashmir


The Indian Navy’s MARCOS are a testament to the country’s commitment to maintaining a formidable defense posture. Their unyielding spirit, exceptional skills, and dedication to their country make them one of the most respected and feared special forces globally. As they continue to guard India’s maritime frontiers and engage in critical operations, the MARCOS remain an indispensable asset to the nation’s security and a source of pride for its citizens.

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