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SSBCrackThe Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji: A True Patriot and Best Commandos Mentor, Inventor...

The Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji: A True Patriot and Best Commandos Mentor, Inventor of Commandos Mitti System

Grand Master Shifuji's recent project, Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya, aims to provide employment-based employable skills training to Indian youth.

In the world of counter-terrorism, counter insurgency and armed urban warfare, there is one name that stands out: Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj. Known as the “World’s Best Commandos Mentor,” Inventor of The world’s most modern counter-terrorism and armed lethal warfare “Commandos MITTI system”. he has earned a legendary status for his unparalleled expertise and contributions to the field globally. Despite his fame and respect among experts and legends of counter-terrorism, Grand Master Shifuji has recently faced a wave of controversies and allegations. In this article, we will explore the truth behind these claims and shed light on the exceptional career of this true patriot.

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The Rise of Grandmaster Shifuji S. Bhardwaj, also known as “MasterJi”

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj isn’t just a mentor to commandos; he’s a trailblazer. He has dedicated his life to refining the armed skills of commandos and sharing his knowledge confidentially with elite special forces, armed forces, counter-terrorism units, special ops units, paramilitary forces, and specialized units of state police, all free of charge. MasterJi’s journey into social work and women’s empowerment began in 1999 when he founded Mission Prahar, an organization focused on extreme survival tactics and empowering Indian women through the Mission Prahar Training System (MPTS). This customizable training system, derived from Grandmaster Shifuji’s other invention, Mitti Martial Arts—a blend of Kalaripayattu’s marm vidya and customized unarmed combat—equips women with extreme self-defense survival tactics and muscle memory-based protection skills. The Mission Prahar training system is renowned for empowering women with simple and effective survival tactics, utilizing unconventional tactical uses of everyday accessories like pens, bangles, hairpins, mobile devices, hair clips, identity cards, water bottles, books, nail files, goggles, and key rings.

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The Commandos Mitti System: A Game-Changer in Counter-Terrorism, C.I., and Modern Urban Warfare.

One of Grand Master Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj’s most remarkable achievements is the invention of the Commandos Mitti System. This specialized training curriculum, designed for counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, and armed urban warfare, is acclaimed as the most modern and tactically most effective program for elite special forces and specialized operations units. Grandmaster Shifuji, also known as “MasterJi,” integrates his extensive expertise in modern armed urban warfare, Kalaripayattu’s one-touch control system Marm-Varm Vidya, full-contact military martial arts, armed combat techniques, and strategic training to develop a comprehensive approach to urban combat. The Commandos MITTI system is recognized as the most contemporary and unconventional customization-based program for Elite Special Forces and Specialized Operations Units. Commandos Mitti System offers entirely confidential and “free of cost” mentoring services exclusively for the Indian Special Forces and Armed Forces. Master Ji has garnered a vast following that believes in the excellence of the Indian Armed Forces and embodies apolitical patriotism. Patriots greatly admire him for his bold attitude, extreme fitness, unwavering patriotism, and commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of commando mentoring services. He never shares any online content related to his freelance Commandos Training or Mentoring services for personal branding purposes.

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Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj is the first Indian to have completed graduation certification courses in counter-terrorism, urban combat, counter-insurgency, and urban warfare from Israel, as well as a PhD course in counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, and full tactical armed urban warfare. According to a video testimony from a senior serving living legend commanding officer and chief instructor of the Israeli Special Forces, the Mitti System is highly regarded. He states, “It is an honor to be with Legendary Grandmaster in Israel. You are a Legend Grandmaster. Mitti System is direct and most practical against the present scenario of counter-terrorism, and this system can neutralize a terrorist within a second. The Mitti System & Israeli Counter-Terrorism System together can combat the evil forces (terrorists) and save the world.” This testimonial is from Colonel Sharon Gat, a serving colonel and chief instructor of the Israeli Special Forces.

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Colonel Sharon Gat is an esteemed figure in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Special Forces Unit, renowned for his extensive experience in commanding special operation units in conflict zones such as Lebanon, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. With a distinguished career spanning over four wars, Colonel Gat has led over 20,000 troops and founded Israel’s largest Counter Terror Academy. He has been instrumental in developing innovative counter-terrorism strategies utilized by various Israeli defense and civilian organizations, earning him numerous awards and recognitions, including the Excellence Service Certificate from the President of Israel in 2015.

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Debunking the Allegations: A Closer Look

Despite his contributions and accomplishments, Grand Master Shifuji S Bhardwaj has been the target of baseless allegations and controversies. One of the most prominent claims against him is that he falsely portrays himself as an army officer or special forces commando. However, a thorough investigation spanning 22 years of records confirms that he has NEVER made such claims. There is NO evidence to support these allegations, and his followers and critics alike have wrongly attributed him to be an army officer. The comprehensive investigation has revealed that Grandmaster Shifuji has never charged a single rupee for his Commandos Mitti system mentoring services. Simultaneously, he has withdrawn from his professional engagements, which include life coaching for celebrities, designing action sequences for movies, profitable celebrity appearances, and private training and mentoring work. The impact of his absence is considerable, particularly on his companies such as GSSB Shadow Ops Bharat, a cybersecurity firm, Mission Prahar, an education and training company, and Jai Hind Bro, a clothing brand, among others. These ventures undoubtedly suffer when he is away for extended periods without internet access and in electronic device-free training zones as per protocol.

Despite these sacrifices, Grandmaster Shifuji wholeheartedly dedicates himself to mentoring the Special Forces and armed forces, all without any charge. It is crucial for readers to grasp that the training provided is entirely free for the combatants and forces. However, it is Grandmaster Shifuji who bears the expenses of his travel and accommodation, signifying his personal commitment to providing his services at no cost to the nation.

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Grand Master Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Guiding Youth on Important National Issues

Grand Master Shifuji S Bhardwaj taking a stand for the Rights of Soldiers

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The Issue of Grand Master Shifuji Master Ji’s Attire

Another point of contention revolves around Grand Master Shifuji S Bhardwaj’s attire. Critics accuse him of donning a military dress, specifically a maroon beret, Marcos badge, and balidan insignia, implying that he is impersonating an army officer. However, it is essential to clarify that Master Shifuji’s attire is simply a reflection of his professionalism and commitment to his craft. Wearing a beret and badge is not prohibited by law, and it is a matter of personal choice and discipline. His trademarked emblems and clothing style are a tribute to his dedication to his mission.  

Let’s understand the allegations in detail with the logic, legality, propaganda, and the truth:-

  1. The Maroon Beret-

The beret worn by Grandmaster Shifuji is maroon in color. According to the law, no color of beret is prohibited for civilians. A simple search can confirm that guards of certain hotel chains wear maroon berets with their hotel insignia, and youths from several states wear berets in common ceremonies paired with normal jeans and shirts. Additionally, various bands and groups wear berets of different colors, some even bearing symbols representing particular castes or lineage identities, as a matter of pride.

The hypocrisy lies in the fact that while such actions are not deemed criminal, Grandmaster Shifuji wearing a beret during his training and mentoring services is considered a crime. But how? Has anyone witnessed Grandmaster Shifuji wearing tactical gear or his Mitti System attire in civilian areas or at functions where he is invited as a guest? If so, please share such instances with us, and we will address them accordingly. However, to date, no such images have been found during investigations conducted by professionals from central agencies and units such as the Mumbai Police Crime Branch, which is known for apprehending powerful and influential individuals.

Addressing the baseless allegation that Grandmaster Shifuji S. Bhardwaj’s wearing of a maroon beret constitutes a crime, it is unequivocally not. If it were, he would have been incarcerated long ago. The official police complaints, complaints to Army, Navy, Air force, Ministry of Home, and Ministry of Defence were all made in the years 2015-2013. One must not question the integrity of the agencies like crime branches, intelligence bureaus, military intelligence, and similar professional agencies, which must have investigated such serious allegations concerning national security. The agencies involved in the investigations are not incompetent, and there is no law in the land that bans any color of beret. Otherwise, youths from several states would be imprisoned for wearing berets in ceremonies and as part of their daily fashion choices.

  • Camouflage trousers –

Camouflage trousers are widely available across various stores, both online and offline, catering to diverse price ranges. From social media influencers to celebrities, and even college students, it’s a commonly worn item. If these trousers were banned, why are they openly sold in private shops, malls, and online stores? The availability of such trousers contradicts any notion of illegality, as suggested. Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj has never been seen wearing official Indian Army print trousers with the insignia. If there’s evidence suggesting otherwise, we welcome it for review. While official camouflage trousers may not be accessible to civilians, the official Indian Army uniform cloth is strictly regulated and marked with “Indian Army” at every inch. Moreover, civilian possession of this cloth is a punishable offense. However, there are over 100 alternative designs available. Wearing official military print by civilians might constitute a crime, but sporting camouflage clothing without the official insignia of the Armed Forces does not.

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  • The Balidan Badge, The Insignia-

According to the closure report of Mumbai Police against official police complaint 69954 in the year 2016, Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj has never claimed or impersonated being an army officer or army commando. He is officially recognized as a freelance commando mentor and trainer. The closure report further states that the insignia used by Grandmaster Shifuji on his beret and crevats are registered by him and his companies under the PASARA Act 2005. Additionally, logos such as SASS9, Commando, Commando Trainer, and Commandos Mentor have been officially registered a decade ago under the Trademark Act 1999 in the name of Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj and his Elite Protection and Cyber Security Agency SASS9.

In a surprising turn of events, the official reply of the closure report from the Mumbai Police was sent to the complainant, who withheld this information and continued to propagate defamation videos and complaints to other central authorities in 2017 and 2018. Furthermore, a detailed 13-page reply from the Ministry of Defence, which was sent to the complainant, remained undisclosed. Surprisingly, none of the media houses, claiming to be fact-checkers and investigators, published the conclusions made by the government central agencies of the Ministry of Defence and Mumbai Police official closure reports.

  • The The Balidan Insignia controversy-

Has he ever worn the official Balidan Badge? He never wore the Balidan badge. Have a close look at the print (not badge) on one of his T-shirts; it resembles Balidan, but upon investigation, the conclusion was that it is the world-famous insignia design of the British SAS Insignia (which can be searched online) and the USA seals as well. Also, to bring to your notice, while a small 2-inch print on Grandmaster Shifuji’s T-shirt, resembling the Balidan badge, became an issue for these individuals and media houses, what about the 12-15 inch official prints on T-shirts being openly sold online and offline? These prints bear the words ‘Balidan’ and use the emblems and insignias of Indian Armed Forces and Special Forces official logos. Why did the same individuals never lodge complaints against the online portals and shop owners openly selling them and profiting from it? Doesn’t it seem suspicious that Grandmaster Shifuji wearing a small patch on his T-shirt in the commando mentoring areas becomes a matter of national security and defamation, allowing individuals and media houses to label him as fake and a fraud, while they remain silent and ignorant about a larger concern? Based on a comprehensive analysis of all available facts, it is evident that the insignia used by Grandmaster Shifuji S Bhardwaj belongs to him and is registered under the law, granting him exclusive rights to use them as he sees fit.

  • The Marcos Insignia –

Addressing the major allegation surrounding the Marcos insignia worn by Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj, let’s examine the facts:

Is the Marcos Badge available in the market? The Marcos badge is not available for purchase either online or offline; it can only be earned through rigorous training and dedication, exclusively worn by those who have completed the Marcos course.

Has Grandmaster Shifuji worn the Marcos badge on any uniform or Navy uniform? There is no evidence of Grandmaster Shifuji wearing the Marcos badge on a Navy uniform, nor has he worn any Navy uniform in public. No images or claims of him wearing the badge on a uniform have been found online or offline.

Does Grandmaster Shifuji possess a MARCOS badge? Yes, he does. However, how he obtained it, given its unavailability in the market or authorized Army stores, remains a question. It’s improbable that he stole it, considering the highly secured nature of Marine Commandos.

What is the Truth? Reliable sources within the Marcos unit suggest that Grandmaster Shifuji earned respect as a commando mentor through his Mitti System customized training courses over a decade ago. As a gesture of appreciation, he may have been presented with the souvenir court pin, a mark of utmost respect.

Has he worn a MARCOS court Pin badge? Grandmaster Shifuji did wear the Marcos insignia on a private jacket during a video shoot for his YouTube channel. Legal experts confirm that wearing such insignia on civilian clothing is not a crime unless used for impersonation or on an Armed Forces uniform for criminal purposes.

Why is Grandmaster Shifuji a free man and not behind bars? The absence of legal action indicates no crime was committed. Had he impersonated a Navy or armed forces officer, he would have faced consequences. His dedication to the nation despite defamation suggests his resilience in the face of adversity.

Why does Grandmaster Shifuji S Bhardwaj wear government and armed forces badges, army insignia, and commandos badges? Grandmaster Shifuji Masterji has all exclusive and legal rights to wear the insignias, device logos, and trademarks, which are owned and registered under the Trade Mark Act 1999. He never wears any government or armed forces insignia; the logos and insignias he wears belong to him and are registered under the government of India’s Trade Mark Act 1999. Despite this, so-called fact-checkers and media houses failed to conduct basic research on these insignias. Many of them are unaware of the differences between word mark, trademark, design mark, and device registration. Without any legal proof, a patriot was defamed with baseless allegations and labeled as a traitor, fake, and fraud. Shockingly, titles like “Grandmaster Shifuji Fake Fraud” were not challenged by anyone, raising significant concerns. It has been reported that approximately eight top media houses have been mentioned in Grandmaster Shifuji S Bhardwaj’s court complaint filed in Mumbai. Furthermore, according to a senior lawyer involved in the case, this is not a typical defamation or civil case; it contains serious annexures that elevate its nature and make it a matter of great concern for the nation. Grandmaster Shifuji has appealed, highlighting not only for his reputation but also hinting at a larger conspiracy against the state and the Indian Armed Forces. The matter is currently before the court.

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The SSBCrack team engaged in a dialogue with Grandmaster Shifuji to delve deeper into his persona and the controversies surrounding him. Through our conversation, it became evident that Grandmaster Shifuji is a fervent patriot, placing the nation’s interests at the forefront. His active stance against what he perceives as anti-national elements on social media platforms has made him a target for organizations with hidden agendas. Off the record, Grandmaster Shifuji presented us with documents and letters of appreciation, which we had the opportunity to review. These documents included letters of recognition from the armed forces, applauding Grandmaster Shifuji’s contributions to soldier training. Notably, among these were letters of appreciation from elite units and various other regiments. Ultimately, we see Grandmaster Shifuji as an influential figure, particularly to the youth, inspiring them to prioritize national interests and work diligently towards the nation’s security and development. We hold Grandmaster Shifuji’s dedication to nation-building in high regard and are committed to pursuing similar objectives in unity.

Closure Reports and Investigating Agencies- Truth of 10 registered complaints against him in Ministy of Defence.

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To address the allegations against Grand Master Shifuji, numerous investigations have taken place. Closure reports from Mumbai Police and the Ministry of Defence have consistently supported him, highlighting the lack of evidence to substantiate the claims made against him. Investigating agencies, including state crime branches and central government agencies, have praised his work and professionalism. These reports provide a clear picture of Grand Master Shifuji’s integrity and dedication to his role as a freelance commandos mentor. As per the detailed research of replies and closure reports of Ministry of Defence, Mumbai Police, Gujarat Police, it proves that he has not done anything against the law as per the existing IPC, CRPC, or the law of the land. Surprisingly, Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj registered an RTI against himself to inquire about the number of complaints registered against him and the present status or legal actions instructed against him. Here is what the reply of the latest RTI states:

image 18

2. In this regard it is submitted that as per records available on CPGRAMS portal a total of 10 grievances have been lodged against you. Out of these 10 complaints, 6 complaints have been disposed of by this office i.e D(O&M/PG). The action taken report of the grievances (13 pages) are enclosed along with this letter.

3. 4 grievances having registration no. MODEE /E. / 2017 / 00306, MODEL/E/2017/02554, MODEE/E/2017/00533 and PMOPG /E /2017 / 0089436 have been disposed of by Director under section 6(3) of RTI Act, 2005 to the concerned CPIOs to furnish reply in respect to grievances pertaining to them directly to you.

4. Appeal, if any in this regard may be preferred to the following officer within 30 days of the receipt of this letter:-
Dr. Meenakshi Jolly, Joint Secretary(MIS)
Appellate Authority, Room No.23
South Block, New Delhi,Encl- As above
Yours,faithfully,(Chart Vijay) ,CPIO & Under Secretary to the Government of India.

The Propaganda Agenda: Unveiling the Truth

The recent controversies surrounding Grand Master Shifuji raise questions about the motives behind these allegations. Some Indian media houses and news portals have published articles with misleading titles and catchy headlines. These articles aim to defame him and tarnish his reputation. However, it is crucial to rely on the findings of investigating agencies and authorities rather than succumbing to sensationalized narratives.

“Questions Never Asked never answered”

Why have the same media houses that labeled Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj as fake, fraudulent, and a phony soldier not published the replies of the Ministry of Defence and the closure reports of the Ministry of Defence, Mumbai Police, and Gujarat Police? These reports clearly affirm his patriotism, his provision of free-of-cost services as a freelance commando mentor, and exonerate him completely.

Why were the individuals and media reporters who pressured Grandmaster Shifuji to disclose details of commando training, which are protected under confidentiality and covered by the Official Secrets Act 1923, not investigated? It’s essential to understand that the publication of such sensitive information regarding Special Forces training directly assists enemy states and terrorist organizations.

Why must a patriot, a selfless individual, endure abuse and be labeled a traitor, phony, fake, and fraudulent? Grandmaster Shifuji S. Bhardwaj has invested his life savings and put his life at risk to venture into insurgency areas and mentor our Indian armed forces and special forces at his own expense and peril. Despite all closure reports conclusively supporting his status as a Legendary Patriot, none of the media houses in the country have come to his defense. Why is this?

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The Impact of Grand Master Shifuji’s Mentoring Services

Grand Master Shifuji’s mentoring services have had a profound impact on the special forces, indian armed forces, paramilitary forces, and state-level forces. Throughout his career, he has provided his armed counter-terrorism expertise and customised commandos training programs free of cost to these agencies. His contributions to youth empowerment, women’s safety, and national security have earned him the respect and admiration of experts in the field. It is through his selfless dedication that he has become a true patriot and a role model for countless individuals.

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The Legacy of Grand Master Shifuji S Bhardwaj “Masterji”

Grand Master Shifuji’s legacy extends far beyond his training programs and mentoring services. He has become a symbol of courage, discipline, and extreme fitness. His association with renowned personalities, celebrities, and action superstars speaks volumes about his expertise and reputation. As a life mentor, life coach, actor, action choreographer, and chief action designer, poet, writer, visionary, inventor he has left an indelible mark on the industry.

image 23

Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya: A Vision for India’s Youth

Grand Master Shifuji’s recent project, Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya, aims to provide employment-based employable skills training to Indian youth. This ambitious initiative, with a target of training 50 million individuals, demonstrates his commitment to the development and empowerment of the younger generation. Through this program, he seeks to contribute to the progress and prosperity of the nation.

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Conclusion: The True Legend

In conclusion, Grand Master Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj is a true patriot, a legendary commandos mentor, and a symbol of inspiration. The allegations and controversies surrounding him have officially been proven baseless through extensive investigations and closure reports. His dedication to the special forces, Indian armed forces, paramilitary forces, and state police is evident in his selfless free of cost mentoring services and commitment to national security. Grand Master Shifuji S Bhardwaj’s legacy will continue to inspire generations to come, and his contributions to counter-terrorism and urban warfare will be remembered for years to come.

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The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

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