Do We Need SSB Interview Coaching

This is something which most of the defence aspirants ask, we are getting lots of queries on which SSB coaching academy to join or which is the best SSB Interview coaching academy etc. But, sometimes candidates ask whether SSB interview coaching is required or can we pass SSB Interview without any professional coaching.

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Now answering something like this is a difficult job, there are candidates who took SSB coaching and cleared the interview, also there are candidates who took SSB interview coaching two times and still trying to clear the SSB Interview. Candidates who never took any professional SSB interview coaching or neither joined any SSB coaching institute also got recommend from SSB. So what is the point here ?

To be very clear, no SSB interview coaching institute guarantee 100% success rate, if you think merely joining any SSB Coaching will make sure you clear your next SSB Interview, you are in dark. But that doesn’t mean it will not help you, if you join any good SSB coaching institute you will definitely double your chances of clearing  SSB Interview.

You may find candidates including recommended candidates, saying that there is no need of joining any SSB coaching and you can clear the SSB interview without any professional guidance. There are candidates who cleared it without any SSB coaching but what is the %age of them out of total candidates who applies for a particular entry and how many of them cleared it in first go without any coaching. I agree, that repeaters can clear it without any SSB coaching but only if they have ability to learn and improve. If you are a repeater and do not want to join any professional coaching institute then you have to learn it from yourself, you need to analyze your performance and have to improve it.

SSB Interview Coaching SSMentors

Now enough said, I tried to get some feedback from experts who produced many officers from their guidance. Lets see what experts say about the importance of SSB Interview Coaching.

Experts Say

Col. Devgan (group testing officer), SSB Universal Counseling , Ex Group Testing Officer

The selection is very competitive as everyone is fully prepared. Just imagine you go for exam without preparation; drive a vehicle without practice, get well without medicine, take GATE or IAS without lifting a book, is it possible, answer is big NO.
When it comes to seek job in armed forces you say you have it without preparation for SSB, is ridiculous. Why you want to play with your career looks astonishing. The GTO is trained, IO is trained, psychologist is trained through DIPR sister org of DRDO. Request all of you to prepare at your level or otherwise, is not an issue but take chances with your career, god bless
Col. Nikhil Diwanji, Niks Academy, Director Niks Academy
Any and every coaching is counter productive.. don’t join it despite discounts.  training is the key to succeed .. defence services and NIKS ACADEMY trains… results are evident.
Col. Kataria, SSMentors, Delhi, Ex. Psychologist 14 SSB Allahabad, Instructor at IMA

You learn the art of expressing or projecting your qualities through – verbal expression, body language and actions. And also nature of various tests is such that you do not come to know about your performance. So it’s important that you should follow right approach for right test which can be learned through training.

So if you think you are not confident and fully prepared for your SSB Interview, then you must join any good coaching academy without any second thought, remember your aim is to clear SSB Interview, you do it with or without coaching, it doesn’t matter.

Now ReadDo we need SSB Coaching Part II

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  • What is the best SSB/AFSB coaching center in Kolkata???/ ADMIN plz reply…

  • Sir,
    I am currently undergraduate guy, I will be passing out when I will be 24 years. What are the possible opportunities for me to join Indian Army for the infantry or armoured corps?

    Please also tell whether guy can join armoured corps by getting trained @ OTA Chennai via CDSE?
    Please do reply my query.

  • wen should we join coaching?
    Just before the ssb or we can join anytime it doesnt matter to the actual performance.?

  • is there any type of concession for freshers wrt repeaters
    plz do reply admin

  • one Sir has said that its a very competetive process of selection but we have already learnt that its on individual basis and competition doesnt take place… yes in Merit it s der but for selection if one is up to the mark he will get selected… his selection wont b affected by the others…

  • all coaching are bakawas..those who are with natural responce get selected..all the best…

    • Coaching and guidance are two diffrent things.

  • “Lets see what experts say about the importance of SSB Interview Coaching.”
    These experts run coaching institute, so definitely there will be a big YES from them 😛

    • I consider them experts here because these experts have helped thousands of aspirants and now they are officers in Defence, so that is what matters in the end :).

  • For FREE SSB guidance contact Sqn Ldr JK Sharma (Retd) on 9748478812.

  • BEST SSB/ NDA/ CDS Coaching : General Ranjit Academy Gurgaon

    BEST SSB/ NDA/ CDS Coaching : General Ranjit Academy Gurgaon
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    General Ranjit SSB Academy is a premier SSB Coaching Academy and one of the best for SSB Interview Coaching, NDA Coaching, SSB Training, Soldier Recruitment and SSB Guidance. The Academy aims to provide training in a manner which makes an excellent platform for nurturing students for Defence forces (Army, Airforce and Navy). This in turn helps students perform well in SSB Interview.
    General Ranjit SSB Coaching Academy provides the best facilities needed in SSB preparation, in turn resulting in an excellent SSB Interview. Guidance on each technique by the experts for NDA, IMA, OTA, ACC, SCO, TA, Coast Guard, PCSL, Indian Airforce, Indian Navy all the entries in defence forces.
    NDA/ CDS WRITTEN/ SSB Coaching classes

    Latest Screening Tests
    Extensive Psychology Tests as per SSB
    GTO Tasks Available
    Special Attention to Repeaters

    • Guidance on each technique by the experts for all the entries in defence forces.
    • New Batch will start on 1st, 11th and 21st of every month.
    • Aims at all round development of personality.
    • Special attention on communication skill and general awareness.
    • Focus on Guidance and Counselling rather than Tutored Coaching.
    • Free to join course any time.
    • Personal attention on developing creativity and stress management.
    • Exposure in Yoga, Lawn Tennis and Golf.
    • Concession to Sainik School, Military School, KVs, APS, ACC ENTRY and wards of Defence Personnel.
    • Hostel (Boys and Girls) Facilities Available.

    ACHIEVEMENTS of Major General(Dr) Ranjit singh AVSM,VSM (Retd.)
    He is a meritorious all rounder, has quite a few academic laurels up his sleeve. A post graduate in Geography and an M Ed, he is a Doctorate in Geography and Diploma holder in French. He passed out from IMA with Silver Medal for standing first in Order of Merit in Technicals.He also happens to be the only AEC officer who was decorated concurrently with the Para Medal for being the toughest cadet of 63 Regular & 46 Technicals. He has had instructional appointments at AEC Trg College & Centre, Pachmarhi (MP). NDA Khadakwasla, IMA Dehradun, and short tenures as a Psychologist at SSBs at selection Centres : Bangalore & Allahabad (twice).
    For his outstanding contribution in upgradation of IMA Museum, he was awarded the COAS Commendation Card in 1998. He was awarded VCOAS Commendation Card on 15 Jan 2007 for training 90,000 people in yoga including officers, families, Jawans and their children and brought down ‘the stress level’ in an important Corps zone. The General was a key player in compiling the history of a Corps. He was awarded VISHISHT SEVA MEDAL on 26th Jan. 2011 for his outstanding contribution as Inspecting Officer Sainik School Society, Ministry of Defence, where the Officer revamped the entire trg spectrum and institutionalized training and specialized SSB guidance for the young aspiring cadets which resulted in the drastic increase in NDA intake. As the commandant of AEC Training College and Centre, he brought in unprecedented changes in the functioning of the Centre for which he was awarded the ATI VISHISHT SEVA MEDAL, on 26th Jan, 2012 . The officer has compiled “UNIQUE HELPBOOK ON SSB INTERVIEWS & PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT” which is already available in the market.