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Command Task Obstacles in SSB Interview

ssb interview command task in GTO

In SSB Command Task, a leader can pick up a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 persons out of the group excluding himself. But normally 2 persons plus the leader will do. A plank and a balli is given to help out. The difficulty of your command task depends on your past performance, if you get a difficult command task, that says that you are going good in GTO.

How Command Task is Conducted

  • Group Officer will call each candidate in a random fashion.
  • He will ask few basic questions mostly based on your PIQ form, may be to cross check what you have written.
  • He can also ask you about your previous attempts and what do you feel about present attempt.
  • Then he will give instructions on your command task and ask you to call any 2 subordinate for help.
  • As soon as your subordinates report you, your Command task will begin.
  • You will get around 10 -15 mins to complete your command task, it also depends on the difficulty level of command task.
Command Task Obstacles in SSB Interview
Command Task

Tips for Command Task

  • There is always a solution, do not panic if you are not getting any idea. Just keep trying.
  • Talk loud and clear while addressing your subordinates. 
  • Don’t ask for help, use your brains.
  • Treat your subordinates well.
  • Make sure you lead from the front, don’t send your subordinates to test an unstable plank. Instead, you must take the risk.
  • Try to use all helping material wherever possible.
What kind of Command Task you have faced, do share your thoughts and tips on command task in the comment box below.
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