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PsychologyWord Association TestHow To Tackle Word Association Test In Psychology Test

How To Tackle Word Association Test [WAT] In Psychology Test

This test aims at judging the personality traits and basic psychology of a candidate. It brings out attitudes, thoughts, desires, feelings and even negative aspects of one’s personality.For testing the word association, candidates are shown a word of common usage for about 15 seconds, during which time candidates are supposed to write a sentence. After 15 seconds are over, another word is exposed for 15 seconds, the process continues and candidates are asked to write 60 sentences.


The words are easy and of day-to-day usage. Time given to the candidates is so short that they have to write down the very first thought that comes after seeing the word. The psychologists analyse the personality traits, attitudes and feelings on the basis of these natural reactions of the candidates to specific words.

There can be no ready made solutions to the word association test. However, with a little bit of practice the candidates can choose correct sentence. The pessimistic, negative, pervert and counter-productive feelings must be avoided whereas positive feelings of success, honesty, respectfulness, uprightness, optimism, humanism, etc should be highlighted. For example, the word “failure”, can be used as “Failure cannot always be avoided”, or “Failures are the pillars of success”. Whereas the former sentence depicts pessimism and defeat, the latter sentence shows how a negative word can also be used in a positive manner. On similar lines the candidates must prepare himself beforehand for words like defeat, death, disease wrong, etc. It must be ensured that the sentences used are small and convey some positive aspect of one’s psyche. Due care must be taken to ensure that the sentences do not depict the feeling of fear, insecurity, anxiety, cowardice, etc. To do well in this test the candidates must practice with several sets of words and do the self appraisal.



Candidates reactions: a) Peace overcomes war

b) War is destruction

c) I hate war

d) War means bloodshed

Suggestion: Love Peace, but be prepared for war


Candidate: a) Every one loves peace (Acceptable)

b) I love peace

c) Peace brings Progress ( Very Good)


Candidate: a) work is worship

b) Hard work pays (Acceptable)

c) Hardwork leads to success (Very Good)

d) Work while you work play while you play (Avoid using proverbs)


Candidate a) Defeat the enemy

b) Defeat the defeat

c) Defeat -dont get upset

d) Dont get depressed by defeats (Acceptable)

Suggestion: a) Defeat teaches us lessons.

b) Analyse causes of defeat to succeed


Candidate: a) I Love my Country (Good)

b) Serving our country is Nobel (Acceptable)

c) Its our duty to safeguard our country (A)

d) Country first self next

6.HOME Suggestion:. Home teaches us Manners

Few More..


oir test and ppdt

7 . Luck plus hardwork leads to success

8 . Ghost stories are famous in England

9 . Always trust your leader

10 . Enjoy good company of friends

11 . Playground teaches us many lessons

12 . Character is a virtue

13 . A part from studies involve in sports

14 . Happiness overcomes sadness

15 . Dont worry about failures

16 . success is the fruit of hardwork

17 . My garden has many kinds of flowers

18 . Indian army is known for its patriotism

19 .Music can cure diseases

20 . India won the kargil war

21 . Jogging keeps us in good health

22 . Its our custom to respect elders

23 . I have great affection towards my parents

24 . Fortune and hardwork makes one succeed

25 . Engineers are capable of rectifying faults

26 . Snakes poison is used as medicine

27 . ALways help others

28 . Co-operate with your neighbours

29 . I am a responsible person

30 . Yesterday I withdrew my savings to help the poor

31 . When intrested in work one feels seldom tired

32 . Soldiers risk their life for their motherland

33 . Boats are used to cross dangerous rivers

34 . Fail;ure is steeping stone for success

35 . Fight for a noble cause

36 . Every problem has a solution

37 . Machine is backbone of industry.

38 . Leaders always leads

39 .Education system in india is good

40 . Dont be afraid of obstacles

41 . Take things seriously and work

42 . Child was saved when he was drowned in the river

43 . Analyse the situation and jump into action

44 . Opinions always differ

45 . Exercise protects us from diseases

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The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

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  1. 1)Accomplish: Proper team work accomplish any milestone
    2)Bribe: taken and given bribe is a punishable offence
    3)Against: Bcci is against the review system
    4) obtain; Success obtained from hardwork and luck
    5)Capacity: makes good use of capacity to achive the target
    6)cash; the use of smart card avoid cash transaction.
    7)give: never give up your dream
    8)knowledge : knowledge overcome ignorance
    9)alert : alert mind make use of every opportunity
    10)enemy : Enemy is afraid of our strength
    11)great : hardwork help to achive great hight
    12)everest: ice mountain everest look beautiful
    13) health : exercise keep us in good health
    14)attack : attack is best defence of safty
    15)risk : high risk always pay high

  2. Sir,
    It is said that we should not use words like NOT, NEVER,DO NOT type of word in making sentences in WAT.
    Does it creates a bad impression in using such words?
    And 2nd thing I want to ask is that should we remark ourself in front of the IO when he ask us to rank our performance in GTO or when they ask this question in Conference?

  3. money- time is money
    danger-fire brigade prevented further danger
    slip-walk slowly otherwise you will slip
    fatal-doctor cured a fatal desease
    shy-he is not shy but confident
    leg-he ate leg piece of chicken
    murder-God saved him from a murder
    punish-teacher pardoned the child
    blunder-don’t make a blunder,be calm
    edge-ball touched the edge of the bat
    ugly-my friends are not ugly
    admin please point out my mistakes.

  4. Admin sir please check my response
    Forgive – Army officer made an enemy a good citizens
    Foemal- in our formal meeting we decided for blood donation.
    Help- he is popular due to his helping nature.
    Incidents- Incidents gives experience in life.
    Honesty- Honesty is always praised.
    Joy – Operation rhino brought joy for us.
    Key- Hard work is the key of success.
    Step- Taking logicals steps reach the destination.

  5. sir,
    i have heard that writing a factual sentence is given good grade…..
    i M GIVINNG few examples….

    Bomb: america dropped two bombs little man and fat boy on japan.

    brave : ashok chakra is highest bravery award for civilian.

    Nobel: R tagore got 1st nobel peace award.

    day : 21st july is the biggest day on earth.

    night: 22nd dec has smallest night on earth.

    history : history of india is divided in to three parts.
    Holiday : there are 17 national holiday in india.

    and ane more thing i want to ask is it is easier to make sentence on positive word than negative word…..hence with factual words it become easy to make sentence

    death: good health facility has decreased the death rate.

    birth: infant birth rate of india has decreased since last few decades.

    attack : japan attacked on pearl harbor in 2nd world war

    these statements are in my mind, i just want a confirmation that this approach is correct or not.

  6. Sir what wud b more perfect if v include d word in r sentences in WAT or if v write directly without including d word???
    for eg. if d wrd is CRITICISM..
    criticism: accept for improvement


    criticism brings d best out of brave..
    sir please share your view on this!!!!!

  7. a)Frank – Frank person admits mistakes
    b)Hard – Hard is analyzed and solved
    c)history – gave ideas for modernization
    d)Hurdle – crossed with self motivation
    e)impossible- India eradicates polio in 2012 with good campaign
    f)intelligence- solve problems logically
    g)irritate – irritation is controlled by patience
    h)lead – leader clears objectives
    i)light – CFL curbs pollution
    j)life – is with purpose
    k)love – generates care
    l) mad – winning gives excitement
    m)mix – adaptable person get mixed with new people
    n)money – satisfaction is first in job
    o)mother – is supportive
    p)nation – defence serves the nation in best way
    q) night – hard work pays
    r)merit – knowledge is an advantage

  8. co ooperation–co operation in the group always lead to success.
    understanding–proper understanding among the group
    members leads to success.
    critisicm–criticism leads to improvement
    argument–healthy arguments in group sort out the problem.
    goal–achieve ur goal by hardwork and dedication.
    order–always follow the orders set on you.
    idea–solve the problem in group by sharing ur ideas.
    praise–praising to god gives positive energy.
    motivate–leaders always motivate their followers
    share–solve the problem in group by sharing ur ideas
    unity–work done in unity always results in success–hard work & dedication result in succes
    team–work done in team always results in success.
    youth–youth will bring positve change in society
    force–indian defence force is best in the world.
    save–soldiers saves the life.
    money–hardwork results in earning good money.
    attack-attack enemy bravely.
    kill–kill enemy bravely.
    sick-regular exercises avoid sickness
    love–we all love our country.
    open–harwork opens the door of success
    communicate–communicate with ur team member and solve the problem
    command–complete ur command task with ur team work.
    produce-hardwork produce good results.
    improve-self inspection results in inprovement
    mother–we all love our motherland.
    loyal–leaders are always loyal towards their followers.

  9. hard-hardwork always results in success.
    medicines-regular exercises avoids medicine.
    open-hardwork opens the door to success
    communicate-communicate with team members and solve the problem
    cheat-honest person are always auccesfull in life
    light-always read in proper light.
    beat-beat ur opponent by ur teamwork.
    lady-always respect ladies
    drink-drink plenty of water to remain healthy
    honest-honest person are always successful in life
    sacrifice-soldiers sacrifice there life for the country
    attack-attack the enemy bravely .
    kill-kill the enemy bravely
    sleep-proper sleep removes tiredness
    duty-do ur duty with full dedication
    demand-engineers from india are in great demand by the world
    fear-we ssb candidates are fearless
    alone-work done in team always results in success
    lose-gain ur lost thing by consistent hardwork
    subordinate-leaders always motivate there subordinates
    cut-plant more tress & save enviornment.
    plan-proper plannig always results in success
    motive-achieve ur motive by hardwork and dedication

    respected sir whats ur opinion about the responses of mine in this wat exercise

  10. Dear admin,
    I got a confusion. In one of the ssb preparing material they have mentioned that using proverb is wt d physiologist expecting.plz clarify my doubt..

    • In some case it works , for few words the fist thing comes in your mind might be proverb only, in such case you can use proverb. But using more proverb shows other thinking not yours, you are just telling a proverb which everyone knows , how can the psych will judge you on the basis of proverbs which is not by you.

  11. HARD- Regular hardwork gives success.
    MEDICINES- india donated medicines to pak in floods.
    OPEN- Djokovik won Wimbledon open.
    COMMUNICATE- Optical fiber cable is faster means of communication.
    CHEAT- Pak cheated India in 1947.
    LIGHT- India ordered light combat aircrafts to Russia.
    BEAT- India beat England 4-0
    LADY- Women infanticide regularly decreasing in India
    DRINK- Juice gives energy to body.
    HONEST- Honest persons are always loyal.
    SACRIFICE- Soldiers sacrificed themselves to save our countryin wars
    CHANGE- Planting trees will bring change in climate.
    ATTACK- India attacked pak in kargil war and won.
    SLEEP- Sleep at night gives refreshment to perform in morning.
    DUTY-Soldiers always do their duty at front.
    DEMAND- UN demanded India’s help in peacekeeping works.
    ALONE- Along with other countries global warming will decrease.
    LOSE-India won world cup after 23 years.
    SUBORDINATE-All team members performed together and won world cup.
    CUT- Sachin’s record was broken by Sehwag 219.
    PLAN- India planned its literacy rate 85% in 2015.
    MOTIVATE- Captain motivates teamplayers to perform more well.

  12. Co-opertion- co-opertrion makes the work done easily.
    Understanding- Understanding makes the relationship stronger.
    Criticism- Criticism can result in improvement.
    Treat- Treat your guests as god.
    Arguments- Arguments gives us good results.
    Goal- Always keep focus to achieve your goal.
    Orders- Soldiers follow the orders of their commander
    Idea- Implimentation of good ideas in work is important.
    Praise- Manager praised his team for their good work.
    Motivate- Self motivation is a key to success.
    Share- Share your thougts and ideas.
    Unity- Unity keeps the team together.

    Please give your feedback sir

  13. 1.team- team spirit is important to win .
    2.youth- youth are the future of the country.
    3.force- Indian Air Force has one of the best pilots.
    4.safe- Drive safely to prevent accident.
    5.money- Satisfaction is important than money.
    6.attack- Planned attack make you win.
    7.kill- kill your bad habits.
    8.sick- Healthy food prevent sickness.
    9love- Trust is necessary in love.

  14. some more WAT:

    # Open: creativity opens way to new ideas.
    # Communicate: Better communication leads to better understanding.
    # Command: Listening to command shows respect to authority.
    # Command: Leaders guide more than command.
    # Produce: Honest heart produces honest actions.
    # Change: Improvement leads to a positive change.
    # Motivate: Self encouragement is best motivation.
    # Mother: Mother educated means country educated.
    # Loyal: Teamwork builds loyalty.
    # Improve: Self realization leads to improvement.
    # Wisdom: Abundance of common sense is wisdom.
    # Clean: Cleanliness shows discipline.
    # Religion: Religion gives sense of belonging.

    @ADMIN kindly give feedback

  15. afraid-torch shows the way in dark
    hate-good understanding nvr create hate
    girl-are also best friends
    leader-makes the objecctive clear to his men
    desire-gives strong will to succeed
    ignore-the worries,karma is important
    essential-to knw the pros and cons of problem
    end-result is either success r future
    valid-reasons are considered
    vague-discussion clear the vague ideas
    virtue-matters not caste
    urge-to learn and improve
    talk-less at work
    tact-to defend
    team-give different ideas to come to solution
    sorrow-shared with friends to eradicate
    success-comes with practice and regularity
    study-with attention
    truthful-in approach
    serious-in the work
    swim-ropes can save drowning man in pond
    rescue-reliefs the victim
    reduce-ice packs reduces the swelling
    revenge-solve with talks
    rain-eliminates the heat
    responsible-for failures
    question-clear doubts
    quick-actions in rescue
    participate-boost the confidence
    popular-jean martinet was the popular french drillmaster
    practical-enhances knowledge

    sir plz check my reponse.

  16. problem sir…
    i have praticed lot and the conclusion is within limited time period i have same sentences for those words which we are repeating if any… and sometimes it seems to me that practice has curbed my mind toward one direction only..ie same sentences..

    fruther more i tried with these words and i couldnt able to think a good one over these..

    1.unnecessary :moves results disastrous
    2.old : old people needs our help
    3.prove: yourself with practical results.
    4.torch:parent acts as a torch through lifetime.
    5.ugly: ugliest part shows second half.
    6.undesirable: sit. need to be checked.
    7.object:each object reveals identity.
    8.rest:gives energy to recharge.
    9.reduce:indulgence reduces boredom.
    10.regret:is self satisfaction in itself.
    11.normal:growth depends on equillibrium.
    12.graveyard:is the place where souls rest.
    13.local:local peoples are much aware of locality’s.
    14.leaf:has a short life span.
    15.knee:is crucial part of body.
    16.journalist:have adventures life.
    17.goat:can stand at steep slopes even.
    18.stop:every stop is sign of quitters.
    19.blessing:elders blessing motivates us.
    20.wish:wishes are to be in favour of everyone.

    SIR where i m HEADING or i need to change strategy and think more for such words…

  17. 1)Team : teamwork leads to success.
    2)YOUTH: YOUTH is the need of a country .
    3)MONEY: IS Not a every thing.
    4)FORCE: Our force is capable enough to save our country.
    5)SAFE:always think about the safety of others while driving.
    6)KILL:KILL your bad habits.
    7)SICK:TO crack ssb you have to be fit.
    8)ATTACK:Attack is one of the most important strategy of the war.
    9)lOVE: I LOVE MY parents and country both.

    sir your views please.

  18. @Vicky

    All are fine except below, nothing wrong but you could improve it .

    “dislike-being in doubt”
    “EXCITE-knowing new information”
    “ENVELOPE-online application submission is comfortable”

  19. admin sir plz check my response.
    DETERMINATION-pushing the mind and body to see the goal.
    DISCIPLINE-follow the planned work
    DIE-not to worry about
    DEFENCE-satisfaction in the profession by serving nation
    DO-respect the views of teammate.
    DIFFICULTY-analyize the problem and act accordingly.
    DULL-indulge in talk with gud friends
    dislike-being in doubt
    DEFEAT-take it from mind.
    DISPOSE-plastic bottles in dustbin.
    EXCITE-knowing new information
    EXCELLENT-work finished on planned time
    ERROR-fix it b4 it turns into a problem
    EASY-learning vedic maths makes the calculation easy
    ENVELOPE-online application submission is comfortable

  20. @Rahul all are good and shows a positive approach , but there you will get less time so short your sentences else you will mess out the things there, if you can write fast enough then its okay.

    Also “the task has to b completed with proper safety of men.”

    Don’t use “has to be” “May be ” Should be”… it shows the uncertainty of doing something in future.

  21. 1)ARMY-sense of pride
    2)COMMANDER-the task has to b completed with proper safety of men.
    3)MACHINEGUN-john brownings models was the oldest and succesful machine guns.
    4)BLOOD-commandos gave their life to save inocent people in taj hotel attack.
    5)CHALLANGE-preparing for SSB to prove the mettle.
    6)BULLET-shot from goalkeeper gave good chance for forward player to goal
    7)TERRORIST-all crowded places in major cities are equipped with cameras and guard by police.
    8)CURE-balanced excercise and proper diet cure sickness
    9)GUN-bofors gun used in kargil war was aacurate
    sir ur comments was really booster to me.PLz comment on my words and tell me my mistakes

  22. 1)co-operation:with team members
    2)understanding:nature of the problem
    3)criticism:accept it for improvement
    4)treat:the team as family
    5)arguments-generate new ideas
    6)goal-binds the team
    7)orders-follow with proper planing
    8)idea-open new ways
    9)praise-the friend for his good work
    10)motivate-yourself for self-improvement
    11)share:experience with juniors
    12)unity- faces the problem easily
    admin sir plz comment on my above reponse

  23. Sir tell me are there any shortcomings tad u can see from my response on below words:
    1)TEAM-the surya kiran aerobatic team display motivates the youth to join air force
    2)YOUTH-can bring postive changes to the society by joining IPS,IAS and armed forces.
    3)FORCE-power of will force the man/womwan to perform
    4)SAFE-Regular use of dettol soap can keep one safe from dirt and infection
    5)money-satisfaction in work is above money
    6)ATTACK-is the best defense.
    7)KILL-a soldier never think about getting killed becz hez trained to fight
    8)sick;excercise regularly reduces the sickness from body
    9)love-trust is the important part of love

    • co-operation in team leads to succes
      indian youth has the power to change the world
      armed forces are pride of a country
      army gives feeling of safety to citizens
      paying tax money helps growing economy
      attacking players are demand cricket
      tension kills thinking power
      brisk walking removes sickness
      love boosts confidence

      admin please m waiting for ur remarks

  24. @Him_upreti

    You are quite good , I can understand your problem with WAT, all you need is practice the 20-30 words daily.

    You can download the WAT from the download section and start practicing them.

    • Teamwork won’t fail
      youth’s are growing leaders
      don’t force anybody to do anything
      driving with helmet s safe
      don’t addict for money…limit it
      defend first then attack
      cruel thing but kill the terrorist if yu get chance
      help for sick person
      love all..hate never

  25. sir please guide me about my direction in WAT..

    1.team palyers are backbone of eachother.
    2.youth needs to channelise their energy.
    3.forcefull attempt needs tacts too.
    5.spend money wisely cosidering tomorrow.
    6.impactful attack needs tactsor percise.
    7.killing innoncent is heinous crime.
    8.sickness need to be paid attention befor it getworse.
    9.being loved ir the result of love to others.

    SIR please guide me too i m having problem with wat as some times i just get blank for some words wat to write in tnose words as we have to score much in wat….

    • Here are my responses
      1)Team-Proper team work accompalish any milestone
      2)Youth-Youth is the future of a country
      3)Force-Indian army is one of the best in world
      4)Safe-safety is must while dealing with machines
      5)Money- india signed $16 billion defence deal wid russia
      6)Attack-Proper plan and timmely attack hepls winning battles
      7)Kill- kill the weaknesses
      8)Sick-Sick people needs attantion and proper care
      9)Love-Love brings happiness and prosperity

  26. Luck .. Luck is one of the spices in the dish of success
    Ghost .. great host = ghost (it just came into mind :P)

    HEY ADMIN, could u please evaluate these two sentences … can i use the secomd type ??

  27. Sir,I do not understand.In coachings we are taught not to write sentences using I,he,can,could,should,universal truths,advices and sentences like “Honesty is best policy” etc.Observative and Informative sentences are good but is it good to write a suggestion.like for..
    Money-Manage spending money.


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