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ScreeningPPDTHow to Tackle the Group Discussion in PPDT SSB Interview

How to Tackle the Group Discussion in PPDT SSB Interview

The Group Discussion warrants and invites your arguments. The assessors would like to see as to how much mentally cool and composed are you.

The Group Discussion in PPDT is same as that of the ones in GTO series. We have observed every time, even in our day to day lives, that whenever we start a discussion something with someone, disagreement and conflicts hound to appear.   Disagreement causes dissatisfaction, disapproval and emotional disorder. Disagreement further means disapproval. To handle this, you need skill. How you react to a contradiction, as everyone is in a competitive mood is the plot of interest for the assessors. The System wants to see your reaction against contradiction. Whether are you able to be emotionally stable? Or are you able to maintain the degree of patient listening?


Differences are ought and bound to happen and one should have the emotional stability to resolve the emotional disturbances and emotional disorders.

What is required to be done?

The Group Discussion warrants and invites your arguments. The assessors would like to see as to how much mentally cool and composed are you. The moment you speak — your tone, your selection of words, your gesture come which further create your acceptability in the group. Please do not seek an opportunity to stop the discussion. Qualities will come when the discussion ¡s alive. If you are able to draw the discussion in your favour, taking the consideration and the interest of your fellow members, that too with acceptable gesture and emotional order, you would hold a high chance to sail ahead.

  • Managing the contradiction is more important rather than entering into contradiction. Being mentally composed means to remain cool, calm, balanced and lively to maintain the harmony.
  • Body language is an indication of your intention and mental language. Body language should not overpower your words. Without body language, you become neutral. The combination of speed and accuracy makes you sharp, intelligent and speedy.
  • The existence of Leadership is to manage the Crisis. The Crisis may be of any nature or at any place.
  • The role and responsibility of the basic intelligence is to decide and enhance your predictive value. Power is one of the psychological needs. Power is balanced by power. The structure of the society requires power and our very existence is to manage crisis.
oir test and ppdt

The main thing that will get you recommended in the Stage I is whether you speak or not. It is generally seen that aspirants with good stories, being rejected, and equally with normal stories being selected. The person who speaks considering the interests of the group gets recommended to stage II testing. They are interested in those aspirants, who will show their qualities in the next 5 days and not the ones who do not have enough confidence to do so. Find it useful ? Please do share and like it, post your comments in the comment box below. 

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  1. tell me one thing frnd , they give option for both the language english as well as hindi. bt they prefer only english, n reject hindi totally.. why ?? can any1 tell me some moreinfo abt it .plz guys………

  2. ramesh is 21 year old student studying in the final year of the graduation staying in the hostel of his college and just completed his placement coaching, he was well good in eng comm on the fine morning day he got some news that an open campus is going to be held outside the town which is far from his college around 50 kms and decided to go with roommate and on his bike,after half of the journey bike started giving some problem and stops working,he became nervous but his friend said to him to cool down and try to remember sweet memories spending with your parents.After sometime he was relaxed and coincidently bike started and ramesh reached on time,coming onto this campus was a fruitfull event to ramesh since he got placed with a handsome amount of salary…

  3. i have attended first ssb 4 years back and i am not having any doxuments of that ssb.When I was filling my cds form,it was not getting submitted without those details and so I selected the option that this is my first attempt.Now ssb has come and what should I do?Do they have all earlier records.

  4. sir,
    i am confrence out on 11 aug 2012 for ssc 39 fro bhopal.
    and screend out on 18 nov 2012 for tgc 116 fro allahabad.
    while i think that my performance in screening was much better in tgc116 than ssc39.
    so please tell me that how can we will prepare for our screening.

    • same case conf out frm banglore on may tgc115 and screened out in tgc116 at bhopal on sep..actually form my experiene its totally depends upon the current status and ur performance at the time of gd with ur group will be considered.and i think ur first ssb is ssc39 where ur in freshers batch and in tgc116 u will be in the repeater group.so u will be compared wth that reapeaters… and also check your both story according to the picture given and what u made..

  5. its urjent sir kindly help:
    i have following doubts:
    1) in pgt if every one is shouting to implement his idea when im also trying idea what should be done?
    2)what does leadrer ship means in pgt ? to first reach every obstacle and implement idea to rescue group? or better to give ideas from back and go at last.
    3)in command task if commander is not getting idea . isn’t our resonsibilty as a subordinate or as a human being to help him to get idea directly or indirectly? will gto tolerate that?
    4)in gd if we have put a valid point and other person has also put some point but bit diffreing form mine .then should we stick to our point our derive a common point.
    5)when no body is listening to any one and is busy giving his point what can be done as a leader.should i shout and stand up and ask them to quit.
    6)whats the best way to behave in a pgt so that gto clear me in tasks.

  6. sir, i recently went for ssb, was screened out. during PPDT i wrote a good story was confident about it. i narrated it really well and also took part in discussion..one boy also wrote the same story as i wrote and was equally participating in discussion ,but our story was not the group story.. i thought i could be screened in.. but the boy with the same story was screened in and he was he only one from whole group. i couldnt know why was not i.. please tell me what should i do another time to get in,.

  7. i read the all comments above..please help me to break the PPDT round tommorow sir.. although i have good thinking and narrating capability. i afraid of the crowd and i don’t have excellent English knowledge as the students i faced there. u can mail me ur suggestions and tips at [email protected]

  8. sir,(during ppdt)is ths fact true dat we shdnt speak whn every membr of d grp is shoutng/raising his voice?If not,,,thn hw will we b abl 2 state our points in d discussion n xplore our qualities?I myself hav xperiencd dat during discussion,if noise increases,whole grp suffers n in ths case, if we attempt 2 put our points without evn raisng our voice,thn too we r kiccked out wid d majority of d grp!OR in a similar case,very few who do not eve speak in dis quarrelling situation,,they get screened in!!wats d solution 4 dis?plz sir,,let all of us knw abt it!!?
    thanq!Jai Hind!

  9. Ruling government started to deliver their promises.MLA along with sarpanch discussing the development activities with the people. The medical camps being arranged. Government schools are being renovated…..

  10. @Raj SSB challan is available, just take the printout of pay slip and go to any SBI branch.

    You can also pay from SBI debit or credit card.

    @raj if you are a fresher then join any coaching academy

    • help me out with a story please. the scene is like this.
      two men and one bike in the picture. one men looks well dressed and standing beside the bike. other men is fixing some problem in the bike.
      please tell a story on this


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