How to face Interviewing Officer in SSB Personal Interview

Personal Interview is a key factor which decides your recommendation in the SSB Interview, SSB Interview questions and answers play vital role in the assessment of the candidate. How to face the IO[ Interviewing officer]  in the SSB PI[ SSB Personal Interview] is the major concern here, one wrong move can tarnish your image and reduce your chances to get recommend.

One must not take the PI as a formality , SSB Interview questions and answers sounds very informal when compare to any other interview but they are designed to access your overall quality as a person and helps to judge your suitability to become an Officer in Indian Defence Forces . We will discuss the points you should keep in your mind to get the best impression in SSB Interview .

First Impression is the last Impression :

Let’s follow this saying in SSB Interview also, yes the first impression plays a vital role in the personal interview, it may do good or bad for you. To get the first impression as a good impression try to follow belowbmentioned points:

  • Dress neatly, wear formals for Personal Interview, avoided wearing something which makes you uncomfortable, if you find yourself smart in front of the mirror other will also find the same so have a comfortable outfit.
  • Look out for the best color combination, wear light color clothes , do not wear a tie if you are not habitual to it , wearing a tie won’t put any additional impression  but if you love to wear it then must have it.
  • Enter into the room showing all teeth, I mean to say go with a decent smile and wish the Interviewing officer, do not ask for permission to go inside, already you have been called inside .
  • IO will ask you to sit, if he won’t then after waiting for 5secs you can sit on your own, it will show your confidence to take the action and self-decisions.

Body Language:

Once again, a very important point to keep in mind is to have a decent body language during the whole ssb personal interviewinterviewing process. Most of us forget about our body movements and postures while talking with someone; especially here the IO will have a total look at your body because he will be sitting 3-4 meters away from you, so avoid doing unnecessary yoga postures during PI.

  • Sit straight and lean backward, utilize the chair to relax not to become panic. Avoid leaning forward while answering to questions or putting some stress on a particular answer, it also shows you’re not confident but nervous. You might have seen during the PPDT most of the candidates start leaning forward and sits on the edge of the chair, it shows your confidence level is less.
  • You can use your hand while answering but make sure that hands should not start flying here and there , use them gently like a gentleman.
  • Look at the IO while answering , he was also a candidate like you , why to become nervous in front of him , think as if your are talking to a friend who is interested to know about you to make friendship . Please avoid watching here and there, talk to the person sitting in front of you, take it as a challenge  and say yes I am ready to face you.

Communication  :

We know the importance of communication skills, here communication means the way you pass your answers to the IO, if you are very good at speaking English but whatever you said goes above the head of the IO then it is of no use on the other hand if you are not so fluent but the way you speak is convincing and shows that you are confident while answering then you hit the target . Candidate from cities are supposed to speak well in English, candidates from the rural area are also supposed to speak in English but IO may overlook their mistakes.

  • Listen to the question first, think the answer for 2-3 secs and then say it, yes you can wait for some time to think before answering, no one asked you to speak as soon as IO stops. Think for 2-3 secs how and what you are going to say, it will help you to deliver the answer in a proper way with fewer mistakes.
  • Being a repeater, you must know the common questions which are asked by the IO every time, do prepare them well before the PI. You can check SSB Interview questions and answers here.
  • Speak softly and calmly, keep your voice  audible to the IO, do not raise the voice suddenly, try to speak normally with expression. Have you seen how  officers use to talk, yes, you got it now, follow that.

Listen First:

Yes dear aspirants , being a young blood we have decided not to listen  anyone and do our own, NOT HERE, listen to the IO carefully , do not assume a question like the way you want it to be or faced earlier. You may be answering the East when asked for West, just think how badly it will create your  impression in PI.

  • Listen to the question properly, wait for the IO to stop and then think and speak.
  • Do not start thinking about an answer when the IO is asking questions, it won’t let you listen to the question properly and you will end up with saying the different answer.  Let the IO complete his words so that you won’t interfere in between.
  • Ask IO to repeat the question if you missed it, and then answer it properly.

Be Open; But in a Limit:

IO wants to know about your personality and your personal life, for that you may come across few questions which you would like to hide just because you think that it will create a negative impact on your PI. This thing is correct up to some limit, but you should be careful in choosing what to hide or what not to hide. IO is a well-experienced person sitting over there so be careful while holding a mask or trying to hide, you must be a genius in this.

  • Try to speak what is asked by IO, do not put additional information, be to the point or else the IO will sleep off.
  • Again I say think before answering, it will help you to decide what to say or what not to say.

Take the opportunity to ask Him :

Many IO provides you an opportunity to ask something, it could be anything. Take the chance and ask him something but make sure that you should not ask something very personal or irrelevant to SBB or Defence. Keep in mind that whatever you ask him also shows your own character and quality, IO may pick something from that too, so be sensible while asking something.

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  1. · Permalink

    thank you sir ..
    but is there any negative impact of candidate if he took some kind of coaching for ssb on interview officer.

  2. · Permalink

    if the one belongs to working class , then some time I.O. question about how to manage ur salary then whats our answer ?

    • · Permalink

      Then you must say where do you spend your money, answer must be matured one and sensible too.

  3. · Permalink

    Sir wat does io expects 4rm a repeater…Is der any line of perception 4 freshers nd repeaters 2 him…

  4. · Permalink

    it creates a wrong impression if we asked for permission to go inside the room???

    at the time of interview i usually speak in a loud voice is this thing can create a wrong impression????

    kindly rreply


    • · Permalink

      1. It won’t create any wrong impression , but mostly the door is open and its only for you to go inside not any other.

      2. It may because it shows nervousness, it happens sometime when we try to speak fast before thinking. Try to be calm , first think and then say it in a normal way.

  5. · Permalink

    sir, my sentence formation is not good and i am working on it.
    sometimes i beacame so fluent and sometimes fumbgle.
    tell me some better tips.

    • · Permalink

      Again it happens when you try to speak fast or fluently, try to speak in a normal pace with decent smile. Do take proper pause in between, mix some expression while saying something and most importantly be calm and cool.

  6. · Permalink

    sir i have not received my call letter for ssb on 27th may..i got a mail and a meesage on my cell from them about the ssb..what should i do now..?

  7. · Permalink

    i am a btech completed student with a low aggregate of 54%. am i eligible for navy and airforce besides army.
    kindly reply me sir.
    thank you.

  8. · Permalink

    and does my aggregate gives any bad impression, for the io before i get to face the interview.

    • · Permalink

      No, but you will be asked why you got less %, so you must have a good answer for that which should convince you first and IO also.

  9. · Permalink

    my aggregate is 71, which is very low compared to my 10th and inter percentages.. so what should i answer them if they ask my poor perfomance in

  10. · Permalink

    good evening sir i would like to know how to answer the rapid fire questions correctly can we give it in random order or in the order io sir asks? jai hind!

    • · Permalink

      Rapid fire questions are in chronological order, they never ask randomly, so just keep in mind that you also have to answer in a chronological way, first 10th then 11th 12th likewise. If you keep that in mind then you can easily answer. If you have missed something, you can answer is later also.

  11. · Permalink

    Sir, i have a very low score of 57.4% in 12th. I have no other reason that i was weak in physics.Will it be ok.

    • · Permalink

      It will be perfectly ok if you can convince the IO that it is okay.All you need is confidence and how do you think about your low percentage, if you can give answers which are convincing enough then there is no need of worrying.

  12. · Permalink

    Am applying for JAG woman entry.. will gd topics be law related ?

  13. · Permalink

    is it necessary to wear a suite in interview during winters…my ssb is in dehradun in DEC…
    can i just wear an inner n shirt??
    or may put on a half-sweater?? if yes, what sort(color n design)
    please guide sir??

  14. · Permalink

    Sir I Hv passed my 10th in 2003… And 12th in 2007. there is a large gap… Is it going to create negative. .. Impact. . On my interview… After this there is no gap. .. N Hv good score in b tech. ..

  15. krishna sharma

    · Permalink

    anyone going for bhopal ssb from jaipur reporting on 2 june..ssc ota contact me krishna 7877688592..

  16. vikram singh

    · Permalink

    there is no negative about it , you should show confidence and your acknowledgment about the same is enough.
    i have seen my friend with 11 backs in b.e getting recommended !!
    dream on

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