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SSBCrackFunny Rumors About SSB Interview

Funny Rumors About SSB Interview

SSB interview is actually a fun of 5 days and may be more if everything goes fine, since you have heard about SSB interview you must have come across few rumors/jokes about SSB interview which made you laugh or scared you. There are few top rumors/joke related to SSB Interview based on the comments published on SSBCrack Facebook Page on March 26th 2012.


This post is just to make you relax and remove the unnecessary fear of SSB Interview.


  • I have added the name of the person who commented.
  • I have selected few rumors/jokes, got more likes compare to others. 
  • Just enjoy. 

Top SSB Interview Rumors/Jokes

  1. Nachiket Barve: the mess boys also watch you and report back to the officers 😛
  2. Meghaneel Bora: The funniest one I have encountered is…. They make you run forty. kilometers on empty stomach with a load of 60 kilos on your back. 😉
  3. Naren Man U Shekhawat: ki yaar MCO par pahunchte hi woh aapki har activicty watch karne lag jaate h…lol.
  4. Purohit Pinak: GD main woh hi select hote hain jo sabse jor se bolta hai & jyada se jyada derr tak!
  5. Sudip Kumar: They start tracking you as soon as you land on the city in which ssb is..
  6. Himanshu Negi: one more i thing i heard dat,, mess wale bhi ssb officers se mile hue hote hai.
  7. Ssbcrack: One boy from 10th class told me that Ragu and Rajiv (Roadies) come in SSB conference. 
  8. Amit Vyas: The funniest one, When we were walking at platform of Allahabad Railway station, a Beautiful Hot girl was passing from near by. Me and two friends were gazing her, then suddenly one guy said, DON’T LOOK AT HER. SSB officials has sent this Girl to know our true behavior and she will now give our reports to SSB. Then even in waiting room that guy was terrifying us by pointing onto other passengers, Look at that person, he can be G.T.O, look at that lady she can be psychologist’. LoL that guy has made us laugh like hell, though he was damn serious on his points. I have not seen him next day, probably he was screened out’ 😀
  9. Amit Vyas: Out of context, but Have anyone heard this Joke? RAJNIKANT WENT TO SSB….AND THE SSB WAS CONFERENCED OUT 😀
  10. Anurag Kaushik: this is hilarious.medical examination me ek larke ki butt chek ho rahi thi and the person checking it asked, ” cigarette peete ho ?”boy: kyu sirjee piche se dhua nikal raha h kya ?
Have you every heard of any  SSB Interview related joke or rumor,Yes? please share it with us in the comment section below. 
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  1. I got this another one..
    Last year a guy who was son of a senior army officer came to Allahabad for SSB. He was given that bomb diffusal scenario in the command task. The time started and the guy just started gazing at the obstacles. His subordinates were waiting that their commander will give them something to work upon but nothing happened. After few minutes, GTO said, Gentleman time is passing. You are left with 10 minutes. He just changed his position. But did not utter a single word. After a short while GTO said Gentleman do you have any idea?? Time is passing you are left with 5 minutes.
    GTO knew he would do nothing so he shortened time frame now. He shortly said Gentleman 2 minutes left.
    Guy said: Yes sir. I will do it.
    after a short while: GTO: Gentleman hurry! 1 minute.
    Gentleman 30 seconds.
    When it were just some 15 – 12 seconds left. GTO asked What do you wanna do?? 10 seconds left only!
    The guy shouted to his subordinates: friends run, GTO run and himself jumped over that bomb thing and himself shouted BOOOOM!!!
    hahahhahha.. 😀

  2. I partially agree with abhishek.
    in my batch two boys created nuisance in mess, and there chest numbers were reported because DSO came in evening call up and told the same thing and catch those guys out. Those guys were asked same question in conference also.

    But it’s not like that everyone’s feedback is reported, it’s just those guys who cross limits and creates too much nuisance.

    Rajat Sharma

  3. Maine Suna hai ki officers kuch ladko ke Stomach mein punch bhi maarte hai. To check their physical strength and they even give electric shock to some, to check their mental strength 😛

  4. nachiket barve wali jo pehli joke admin ne quote kari hai wo drasal joke nahi hakikat hai

    may be it has nothing to do with the real evaluation thing of SSB but they do report back to officials n also keep noticing candidates’ behaviour n too very keenly…i my self have seen them writing down the chest numbers of miscreants.


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