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Golden Tips for Lecturette

Lecturette is a task from the Group Testing/GTO series. In this a candidate is asked to deliver a short talk on any one of the topic given to him/her out of the four topics. The GTO has as much number of cards as there are candidates in a group. Each card has four topics written on it. Each candidate is expected to pick up one card and give a short talk of about 3 minutes on any one of the given topics.

The first candidate as per numerical sequence will come and pick up one card, go a little away from the group, prepare for a maximum time of 3 minutes or less and when ready can come back and return the card to the GTO and speak for maximum three minutes. As soon as the first candidate is ready the second one can come pick up the card and start preparing.
As soon as two and half minutes are over the GTO will a ring a bell. This indicates that the candidate must wind up soon. After three minutes GTO rings two bells, with this the first candidate sits down and second stands up.
Golden Tips for Lecturette

What is seen through Lecturette

  •  Self Confidence.
  • Ability to influence group.
  • Power of expression.
  • Clarity of thoughts.
  • Determination to deliver under stress.
  • General Awareness.
  • Courage to speak in front of people.
  • Command and power in your speaking style.

Tips for Lecturette Preparation

  • Start practicing to speak in English.
  • Speak with your friends, family members in English or talk to yourself only!
  • Read newspapers and increase your general awareness about the most common things which could be asked also which are of national and international importance.
  • Take sample topics like UNO, Indo-Pak relations etc. and give yourself a preparation time of three minutes, then mark with a clock or take anybody’s help to monitor three minutes time and give a lecture on your chosen topic.
  • If you feel shy in giving lecture in front of any family member, then simply stand in front of the mirror and speak, trust me that help a lot!
  • The topics given will be of different levels, like one will be of really high level, the other being slightly lower and so on. So choose your topic wisely.
  • Choose only the topic you are well aware and conversant with, choosing a high level topic will not impress anybody if you’ll not speak well on it.
  • Maintain a good posture while speaking, do not slouch or lean on the podium.
  • Do not look unduly worried; remember it is only three minutes it will pass away 😉
  • While lecturette the allotted three minutes seem to be the longest three minutes of our life, so speak slowly and clearly.
  • Never look at the GTO while speaking.
  • Make an eye contact with your friends sitting there; speak as if you are teaching them some topic.
  • Divide your content so you’ll find easy to speak, keep your mind running all the time you are speaking.
  • Do not use your hands while speaking.
  • Do not exceed your time and also do not finish very fast.


Lecturette is a test of your expressions and whether you are good in public speaking or not. Of course you’ll speak well only if you know about a certain topic. So improve your English, improve your General Awareness and you’ll feel lecturette a cakewalk.
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  1. Well my idea behind it is to prepare a topic a day
    And speak up
    But some times it seems like I only memorised it and diliver it.
    Does it okay or should I have to start delivering a topic without any help of memories or just frankly diliver the topic


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